9 best Google Chrome extensions to make your life easier


One of the most useful extensions on Google Chrome, LastPass is a password manager that helps keep your accounts secure and saves time filling out endless passwords.


With this service you can find, listen to and send any composition to your friends. It works with the biggest free music libraries all over the world to serve you the best high-quality tunes.

Go F***ing Work

One of the more aggressive but efficient anti-distraction tools, this extension redirects you from unproductive sites to motivational, expletive-filled messages. For a less aggressive procrastination-beating add-on, try Simple Blocker.


Chrome extension Honey searches the internet for discount codes, free shipping deals and promotions that you can apply to purchases as you shop online. Hit the Honey button before you check out and see the price of your order drop.

Chrome Remote Desktop

One of Google’s many useful Chrome extensions, Chrome Remote Desktop lets you access your work computer when you’re at home, and vice versa. Other useful Google-made extensions include Google Mail Checker, Chrome to Mobile, Google Hangouts and Google Dictionary.


Get a helping hand with your writing from Grammarly, a dictionary plug in that claims to find and correct up to 10 times more mistakes than a normal word processor.


Text Android phone numbers from your Chrome browser with MightyText. The extension works a bit like iMessage on Mac or WhatsApp Web for Android text messages.


Update Wikipedia’s decades-old look with Wikiwand for an easier reading experience. 

Evernote Web Clipper

Send web pages to Evernote with the app’s Web Clipper. Websites, articles and notes can  be read later with its save button. 

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