save mindy

I’ve just started a cleanse

and stopped following foxtv on Twitter and Tumblr.

I’ve unsubscibed from Project FOX (after a strong worded email) and I swear on my copy of Mindy Kaling’s book I will never watch a FOX show ever again. Yes, I am THAT bitter about TMP

On the other hand, I’m pouring all my love on hulu, god and (hopefully) saviour of brilliant but neglected TV shows.


Now that foxtv is dead to us, time to commence campaigning for hulu to SAVE MINDY! Tag them on here, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, use smoke signals, morse code carrier pigeons, message in a bottle, etka, etka, etka. using hashtags like #HuluSaveMindy, #MindyOnHulu, #SaveMindy and of course, the obvious #TheMindyProject. These are some of the ones I’ve seen going around on social media, but I think it would be better if we came to a consensus on one of them at least for trending-wise. 

tinyfierceandsassy has done a great job collecting analytics and sending them to it who shall no longer be named. If you see anything Mindy/Hulu-related trending anywhere, take a screenshot and send it to Hulu on any of the above-mentioned social media accounts. 

thehastiproject has already created some awesome posters we can use too! If you possess slightly higher graphic-making skills than Dr. Dan, feel free to create more material for the campaign, preferably geared toward Hulu. They’ve been a real champion for Mindy this past season (hello, actual marketing) so let’s show them nabbing TMP is the right move.

evmlove and a few others (which I’m sorry I can’t remember who for the life of me) organized rewatches since the finale. I think those will continue, even now so let’s shift the focus of the live-tweeting to get Hulu’s attention.

I was hella inspired by Mindy’s vote of confidence and had a slew of other ideas for the campaign, but it’s late here on the east coast and it’s been an exhausting night. Feel free to jump in or message me any way(s) you can think of to help save our beloved show. 

anonymous asked:

This may sound silly and cheesy but seeing all the other cancellations come through makes me so glad to be part of a fandom for a show like ours that has so much support from Mindy to the other cast and crew to the production company and critics that they're not giving up and we'll probably get to see more of our lil show. How lucky are we?!

SO FUCKING LUCKY! And I think all of this support from the fans, media and even other celebs is not just cause Mindy K. is so likable and popular, but because this show is SO well written, acted and not like anything that’s out there right now. 

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed browsing through all the articles that came out since Wednesday and a good chunk of them even back up what we’ve known the entire time: Fox treated the show like shit. I especially love this sentence from EW’s piece: “The Mindy Project was an afterthought at Fox, but it could be Hulu’s crown jewel.” Wear it like a boss, hulu!

anonymous asked:

For some reason I'm not that worried about hulu. It seems like this leak came from someone at nbc maybe to force Fox's hand to make it official so they can finalize with hulu. If it wasn't almost a done deal I don't think the news would've come out how it did. Remember community? Nothing for a while til the last hours of their contracts. I really think we'll be ok!!

THIS was all I needed to know we’ll be okay. In Mindy we trust. Now that you mention it, it DOES sound like the leak came from NBC since we likely won’t get official word from Fox until Monday at upfronts. Plus, all the buzz on Twitter kind of forced some of the Fox execs to confirm it. 

Community’s Yahoo! announcement didn’t came out until the end of June I believe, which happens to be the same month NBCU is hosting a panel with Mindy K. Coincidence? Umm…I think not. 

anonymous asked:

I have seen a few people lamenting the fact that tmp won’t be on network tv anymore and see hulu as kind of a downgrade. But, you know what, I’m so glad TMP was canceled at fox. I think s4 at fox would have been a hideously unpleasant experience for mindy, cast/crew, and fans. Throughout s3 fox has treated the show abysmally, and I am certain things would have only gotten worse. I think Mindy and the cast/crew will be much happier at a place where they will actually be supported, and the show

[CONTINUED] …will be better off for it. Given the circumstances, a move to hulu is the best possible outcome! Tmp is one the top performers at hulu and there is nothing to suggest that won’t continue. Screw you, Fox!

Yep, I (and many of us) spent most of this past season bitching about Fox’s treatment of TMP so I can only imagine it would have only gotten worse. Knowing now that Mindy had felt the same (and that it was so clear to the rest of the cast/crew as well), it hurts/pisses me off even more. THE RAGE IS REAL YO! I also now see Mindy and co.’s social media push with a new set of eyes. They knew they were on their own and boy, did they work their asses off to get people to watch. It was a one-way street/unrequited love situation over there and I’m SOOOOOO FUCKING HAPPY Mindy is headstrong and got out of that shitty, shitty, shitty shithole. It’s a big sigh of relief actually knowing that they’ll be in much better hands and supportive environment over at Hulu.  

As for moving out of a network, I think had that happened a few years ago, it would have been considered a downgrade but now? When you have shows like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Transparent, etc. and people like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers (which btw I had no idea Ike voices a character on his show!), Jane Fonda, Stephen King and J.J. Abrams all heading to online platforms….that’s definitely not bad company to be with. Times are changing and so are the ways we watch content.