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Happy Birthday, Marimo! UwU

All of them had flowers I thought symbolized them and their colors best and then there’s these two:

Mihawk [ Anthurium : Hospitality ] & Perona [ Ghost flower ] Hehe.

“Awww, you’re so proud Mihawwkk.” “Quiet.”

Okay, but can we take a minute to talk about a Superfamily AU where Steve and Tony adopted Peter as an infant and for the first years of his life, he thinks Pepper is a superhero?  

Hear me out.  So, an offhand comment by Steve or Tony about Pepper being the real superhero for getting one of them to do…something and Peter overhears it and spends many of his formative years trying to figure out what Pepper’s powers are and to catch her in the act of using them.  Everyone thinks it’s adorable that Peter’s started following Pepper around because, “aw, kid’s got a crush,” and that is not what he’s spying on Pepper; he wants to see her fly - and if he’s good, maybe she’ll take him flying, too, since Tony is clearly “the Worst Dad In The World” and won’t take him flying in the suit.  (Sweet spiderling, how you hurt your father.  Steve spends the better part of an hour convincing Tony that he’s an awesome dad and also, their kid is so Extra, like his little four year-old ass actually stormed out of the room.  Like flung his head and stormed out because is so Tony’s kid.)

Anyway, so Peter doesn’t have a crush (he totally has a little boy crush on Pepper; it’s adorable); he’s doing recon.  He just knows Aunt Pepper is gonna pick up her car when her she drops her fancy pen and it rolls under the car.  She doesn’t.  Peter starts to think maybe she can sense when other people are near.  Maybe that’s he super power.  Maybe she can read minds.  

So, little Peter spent a lot of time thinking Pepper (and also trying to figure out her secret super hero identity because surely she had to have one.  You don’t just have powers and not use them to help people.) was a cape-wearing, car-lifting, mind-reading superhero who just happened to fly way below the radar.

Ofc, when he’s older, he gets what his dads were talking about, but he stills thinks she’s a superhero anyway when she can bully Tony out of the lab and to the dinner table when even Steve can’t manage it.  

Enter Civil War.  (I have given this A LOT of thought.)  Basically, Peter’s dads are off in another country getting a divorce and Peter is Just. Not. Having It.  He convinces Happy that he needs to go to Romania because my dads, Happy and Happy can’t help it.  He sort of agrees with the kid.  Plus, he’s always had a soft spot for Pete.  (Happy is at home with Peter because there is no one Tony trusts more to protect his kid than Happy Hogan.)  So Happy smuggles them to Romania somehow and Peter gets there just in time to see the mayhem Steve and co. unleash on Romanian rush hour.  

Happy had sort of explained what was going on, done his best not make anyone a bad guy.  Just explain that there these superhero accords and his dads were totally on different sides of the fence, and yeah, they’re fighting pretty bad this time, kiddo.  I won’t lie to you.  

So Peter shows up to all of this and his dad is arrested and so is Uncle Sam and huh, that’s this Bucky guy his dad keeps telling him about.  He doesn’t look that impress - holy shit, he’s got a metal arm!  He is totally going to be the cool uncle!  He’s not telling Uncle Sam or Uncle Rhodey that, though.  Yeah.  But that’s not the important thing right now.  The important thing is his dad is kind of a dumbass right now and he needs to got and Talk To Him.

So, he sneaks in to where Steve is (he got really got at sneaking when he was tailing Pepper all those years) and is that the weird cat guy?  That guy is so weird.  Who dresses up like a cat?  Who does that?  Peter kind of gives him a side eye and a wide berth because really.  (*Also, fuck you, too, Peter, I would totally dress up as a cat.  T’Challa and I could be cat superhero friends and it would be awesome.)  But there’s Uncle Sam, complaining about his “bird costume” (ha, a bird costume.  Peter is never letting that one go.) and there’s his dad looking stubborn and like he’s about to do something stupid.  Again.  Peter’s gotten good at reading those looks on his dad’s face because Steve does a lot of stupid shit like jumping out of planes without a parachute and jumping out of glass elevators without parachutes and also eating the whole breakfast Peter made him and Tony for Father’s Day when he was four.  Tony had eyed it skeptically and promptly distracted Peter while Steve his dumb face and ate all of it.  (Tony tried really hard to feel bad for him, but “you ate it! i can’t believe you ate it!  and also “i thought super soldiers couldn’t get food poisoning.”)

But right.  Dad’s about to do a Dumb Thing.  So Peter marches in all business, all serious and gives Steve his best Dad Face.  Or more accurately, Steve’s best I Am So Disappointed In You Dad Face.  He even crosses his arms and shakes his head a little.  Then he opens his mouth and what he says is:

“I’m calling Pepper.”

And thus, Civil War was averted because Pepper shut that shit the fuck down while she and Peter both gave everyone Very Disappointed In All Of You faces.  

I feel like this could be a 5 Times fic.  Five Times Peter Thought Pepper Had Secret Superpowers and One Time She Really Did.  

Other things to consider:

- Spider-Man was an embarrassing nickname his dads gave him when he was a baby because he crawled all over everything.  Steve used to joke that he was waiting for the door when Peter learned how to crawl onto the walls.  Oops.  Careful what you wish for.  That’s the first thing that gives his whole Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man gig away because really, Pete?  It’s like you took out a billboard ad in Times Square.  

- Tony takes Peter to his first day of school in the suit because he’s weak to those eyes.

- Steve is weirdly obsessed with his health and is always ready to take him to the doctor at a moment’s notice and “it’s just a cold, Dad.  I’m fine, oh my god.”  (Steve always sits up with him when he’s sick, though, no matter how old he is and 15 year-old Peter still secretly loves that his dad will make him soup and bring him a warm washcloth for “just a cold.”)

- Steve and Tony are absolutely those embarrassing dads who show up to every school event ever with Peter Parker Fan Club t-shirts and cheer obnoxiously loudly and yell out “that’s my son!”  They are the worst.

Basically, Superfamily and Pepper.  I have so many thoughts about superfamily.

You Saved Me - Part 3

Original request from @fandom-rpblog: Hey can I make a request? Can you write one in where after the events of winter soldier, (ignoring civil war as I haven’t seen it yet), Bucky has been re-introduced to the world and is recovering slowly and he and reader are sort of a thing as she was the one who found him after the events of winter soldier and she find out she is pregnant and fluff, and stuff. Please.

Note: There will be one more chapter after this one :)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,849

Warnings: Just some language in this chapter I believe. Nothing else to really warn you all about.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4(End)

You lifted the shirt you were wearing to expose your discreet little bump and watched as the nurse sat by the machine applied a clear liquid over it. Your nerves were consuming you already and nothing had even been done yet.

“There’s no need to worry Miss [l/n].” The young female must have noticed your unease and as she placed the scanning equipment onto your stomach she offered you a reassuring smile. “I will locate the heartbeat first and then once I have it I will be able to show you your beautiful baby.”

This was supposed to be a happy occasion, one where your smile would stretch from one ear to the other, and yet you were far from a smile… were excited to see the baby growing inside of you but the man who had helped you to create such a beautiful thing was nowhere to be seen. He hadn’t uttered a single word to you since that day in your apartment, not that you could blame him, to him everything had been a lie.

“Here we go…” As your thoughts started to head down a negative path you were brought back to reality by the sound of something beating incredibly fast. “….hold on a moment…..”

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  • <p> <b>Me:</b> *Watches the new Spider-Man*<p/><b>Me:</b> Tony is such a dad. Wow. It's so cute. Peter is so cute.<p/><b>Me:</b> *movie ends*<p/><b>Me:</b> I need more! Now!<p/><b>Friend:</b> shoo! I pick the next movie! Go back to the corner!<p/><b>Me:</b> *hisses and buries self in pile of fanfics and art I collect in the corner.<p/></p>

“Tony was a hypocrite in civil war”

Tony Stark abandoned his beliefs and the thing he’d been fighting for the entire movie because he understood that human lives were worth more than his pride and theoretical ideals when he decided to go against Ross and meet Steve in Siberia.

Steve Rogers could never.

oh i am tired of the small, desperate, sad tony begging for steve to return

no no

give me tony stark who locks the damn phone away because he is determined to prove to steve, to prove to everybody, that for once, he can do this, that he will not fuck this up

give me tony stark devoting his time to make amends with the victims of avengers’ unfortunate world-saving adventures

give me tony stark building a state-of-the-art hospital in lagos

give me tony stark funding the UN mission to help the devastated communities around what used to be sokovia

give me tony stark helping peter parker pay his student loans and upgrading his shit ass computer

and then

give me steve rogers clutching that phone to his chest every time when he wakes up from nightmares

give me steve rogers typing in the number and never pressing call because he knows, he knows that he messed up, that he betrayed tony’s trust, convinced that he doesn’t deserve his forgiveness or howard’s shield

give me steve rogers asking natasha about tony whenever they meet

give me steve rogers staring at the news feed at 3am just in case something goes horribly wrong in new york

for once give me a guilt-ridden, ruined steve rogers and a tony stark with a purpose

Long Distance (Chapter Fourteen)

Some more sweetness then some smut then (i’m sorry) just like a teaspoon of angst?
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!


Enjoy :)

“Today was so fun, Tony. Who knew doing the touristy thing in New York would be such a blast?” Bucky stretched and yawned a little. “You wore me out, though. This city moves so fast.”

“I can’t believe you set all that up for us.” Steve said, idly drawing circles on Bucky’s left palm with his fingers. “That must have been—”

“Don’t ask me how expensive it was.” Tony grinned at them from the desk in his apartment, loving the way the firelight was playing off of their skin as they reclined on the thick rug. “Because it doesn’t matter. What was your favorite part?”

“How am I suppose to pick?” Bucky shrugged and lay all the way back now, folding his arms behind his head. “But we took about a million pictures so maybe flipping through them will remind me.”

“Too bad you couldn’t come with us, honey.” Steve added, reaching for a piece of cheese from the platter Tony had ordered and had delivered. “That would have been even more fun.”

“Eh, I’ll just see the pictures and live vicariously through those.” Tony rubbed at his eyes. “Besides, I wanted you to do something fun for your anniversary and I had to work anyway, so it all worked out.”

“Do you have to work now though?” Bucky complained. “We haven’t seen you since this morning!”

“It’s not like we didn’t see a lot of each other this morning.” Tony pointed out with a sheepish grin. “I mean, we showered together. And there wasn’t even a whole lot of actual showering going on.”

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anonymous asked:

I'm playing Sims, thinking about making Tony and Bucky next, and then I think what if pining Tony plays Sims and even tho he thinks he's pathetic about it, he finally goes ahead and makes a Bucky!Sim to fall in love with his Tony!Sim. And then somehow Bucky finds out and Tony is embarassed but it's all good bc Bucky had been pining from afar too. (The others knew from the start, these 2 are so obvious) ((omg & what if this is ABO & he has that mpreg mod & the Bucky!Sim knocks up the Tony!Sim?!))

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so sweet???! (Also yes: I am a big fan of A/B/O someone fucking save me)

Like Tony’s just so sad because why would an alpha like Bucky (strong, resilient, fierce) want an omega like Tony (too trusting, too smart for his own good, too needy)??? And sometimes he plays Sims to wind down, alright, no big deal, lots of people play Sims, it’s not like he’s weird. But okay, maybe–maybe making a Bucky!Sim to romance his Tony!Sim is a little (a lot) pathetic. But then, he reasons, at least some version of him somewhere should get who he wants and be happy, even if it’s just in a computer game. His Sim can be happy. (He’s so pathetic.)

Bucky’s clicking around the Avengers’ server one day, lamenting that he’d been panting after Tony again despite the fact that Tony (bright, generous, and kind) would never want him (broken, angry, dangerous). Tony deserves a good alpha–or, um, Tony’s expressed interest in, uh, all genders, and apparently that’s alright now, and Bucky is glad!!! but it would still rankle his alpha pride if Tony went off with a beta or omega (and feed his fantasies forever, probably). But! It wouldn’t be Bucky he chose, no way, so he just… pants after him like he’s in fucking rut or something, and Steve gives him pitying eyes and Natasha sneers at him and Clint and Bruce and Thor just look at him like they’re constipated because Betas Don’t Understand.

And then he sees something, a Sims game, and he’s seen Natasha playing it (she’s somehow knocked up and dotes on every omega in her game, it’s terrifying). She even suggested he start a file after one particularly bad mission when he’d been moping because Steve had gotten to save Tony. And, well, he’s kind of sad, so maybe–maybe just imagining a happy life would be okay. Just for a minute. So he clicks on the Sims.

Bucky stares at the screen and thinks maybe he makes a mistake because–because his dream is already played out on the screen. There’s Sim!Tony, chasing around a little toddler named Rebecca, one hand on his belly where he’s obviously pregnant. Bucky gapes, hurt, because clearly Natasha was just being mean, wanting to show him her world where she knocked up every omega including Tony–

And then a car shows up, and out hops a Sim with long brown hair up in a bun, and he waltzes into the house and greets Sim!Tony and Sim!Rebecca and puts his hands on Sim!Tony’s belly. Bucky stares, hurting, and he thinks it would serve Natasha right if he just deleted the whole thing–

“Sergeant Barnes,” JARVIS says pleasantly, but with an edge of reproach. “You are not authorized to delete Sir’s Sim account.”

And Bucky stares up at the ceiling even though Tony’s told him he doesn’t need to and whispers, “Tony’s account? Not–not an account of Tony made by Natasha?”

“Sergeant Barnes,” JARVIS says, scandalized. “Agent Romanova knows Sir too well to want to impregnate him. Now if you would please–”

But Bucky can’t listen anymore, not when he knows–not when he knows that Tony made this, that it’s Tony who wants children with him and a dumb house in the dumb suburbs with a dumb white picket fence. Not when he knows that Tony wants him.

Tony squawks when Bucky scoops him up and he flails and accidentally nails him in the head with his tablet, but it’s okay because Bucky loves Tony and apparently Tony actually loves him back.

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psst: hand holding :)

It wasn’t a gentle catch.

Tony just barely got ahold of him, both hands digging into his forearm, and although Tony tried to swoop with Steve’s momentum, the catch was far from smooth. Steve’s shoulder jarred so fiercely he could hear it groan. He gritted his teeth against the fiery ache in his shoulder socket even as he strained the muscle to leverage himself closer to Tony.

“You know I have a heart condition,” Tony said, his voice clear over the comms.

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Promt for Friday: Quill getting lost alone on earth and stumbling upon a old bunker in Siberia. Seeing the Jet sitting before the entrance he goes inside just to witness two guys teaming up against a... robot? After observing he realizes that the robot actually is another man and decides to intervene....

Peter grumbles in his beard. One minute he was fighting with his guardians and the next moment his is falling with his little ship.

He is lucky that he could control it to land safely on earth. But the ship is broken now and Peter ankle hurts like hell.

He has literally no idea where the fuck he is. But its fucking cold here and he hates it, alright?

“Rocket? Can you hear me?” asks Peter when he finds his new phone. Its like a new version, that Peter don’t understands. But Rocket made it and they can communicate with it on every planet.

“Hi, whats up, Quill?” asks Rocket and he sounds really happy. Peter grumbles again.

“Crashed on Earth.” answers Peter and he sees an old bunker a few hundredth meter away. Maybe he could hide there till the Guardians would get him.

“Why?” asks Rocket now and Peter groans.

“Because i wanted to, smartass.” snaps Peter and Rocket laughs at that.

“Why would you want to crash on Earth?” asks Drax now and Peter is so done with them.

“Can you pick me up?” asks Peter and ignores Drax loud laugh.

“Yeah gonna finish this first.” says Rocket and ends the call. Peter sighs. What a fuck day.

He sees a jet in front of the bunker and frowns. Maybe he could get help here?

He finally enters the bunker and wants to sit down and check his ankle first. But then he hears a… well a scream?

Carefully he goes a bit further into the bunker and yeah that sounds like somebody is fighting. He turns another corner and then he sees two man and …. a robot?

Then mans are fighting the robot and it looks a bit … well dangerous. Because the robot can shoot and dude ! What the hell! He just burned the arm off from one of them.

Peter gasps. Its a metal arm. What the fucking happened on earth the last 20 years?

“He is my friend.” says the man in blue and then he hears the robot speak.

“So was I.”

Peters blood freezes. Thats a bit crazy. Who knew that Robots and humans were friends now. On second thought. His best friend is a raccoon.

Peter watches as the man with only one arm falls down. The blue man goes crazy with anger and then the robots is laying on his back and… its a man! Oh god that was only a suit.

The man in blue sits on top of him and has a shield in his hand. Peter can’t see what he does but he can hear the other mans screams.

Is he going to kill him?!

A moment later they are silent. The shield is stuck in the other mans chest and Peter closes his eyes. He is sure dead.

But then the man in blue stands up, takes his shield and goes to his friend. And Peter can hear the man in the robot suit coughing.

“That shield doesn’t belong to you. You don’t deserve it! My father made that shield!” screams the man and the other one lets the shield fall.

Then they leave him alone.

Peter is still frozen at the corner and then he starts running towards the man. Or more like hobbling.

“Hey!” he says when he stops in front of him.

“W-who are you?” asks the man and he looks so afraid and broken. Peter helps him up.

“I’m Peter and… well its a long story. Do you need help?” says Peter and the man laughs bitterly.

“Since my friends nearly beat me dead, that would be lovely.” is the answer and he tries to hide it, but Peter sees the tears in his eyes.

“Okay what do i do?” asks Peter and the man shows him a few button where he can open the suit.

Underneath is a really lovely man. Peter blushes, because the other one is only wearing a dark undersuit.

“I think my arm might be broken.” says the man and Peter looks at it. Oh. definitively broken.

“Shit. Okay no problem.” says Peter and puts off his jacket. He ribs off his shirt and wraps it around the mans arm, so that it is kinda an arm sling.

“Thank you.” chokes the man.

“No problem. I’ll get you out here…” says Peter and looks around.

“Tony. Name’s Tony.” whispers the man and Peter nods.

“Okay Tony. You need to keep listen to my voice. Can you do that? I’ll carry you outside and hope Rocket is already here.” says Peter and he talks more to himself.

When he starts walking Tony grits his teeth, but he doesn’t say anything. Peter carries him bride style because he doesn’t have a better idea. Tony is silent about that, too. But he pushes a button with his good arm and the robot suit folds himself up into a suitcase.

“Can you get that for me?” asks Tony and Peter nods. Its hard to carry Tony and the suitcase with his broken ankle, but he manages.

“What the hell is that?” asks Tony when they are outside and the milano is right in front of them. Peter is so relieved he could cry.

“That are my friends. We are like…from space.” says Peter and Tony jerks a bit at that.

“Oh. And now you want to kill me?” asks Tony and Peter shakes his head.

“Nah. Thought more about saving your ass.” grins Peter and Tony smiles back.

“Peter!” says Gamora and runs towards them. Not a minute to soon realizes Peter, when he goes down to his knees. Its only now that he see that he bleeds pretty bad on his left side. Well fuck.

Tony grunts in pain when Peter cant hold him anymore and then the world goes black around him.


“Peter?” says a voice and he tries to open his eyes. It takes him three attempts.

“Yeah?” he mumbles and then he sees Tony.

“Are you alright?” he asks when he sees that Tonys arm is now in a cast and his whole face is bruised.

“I should ask you that.” answers Tony but he smiles.

“I’m fine.” says Peter and tries to sit up. But it hurts a lot and he lays back down. Ow.

“Doesn’t look fine. You know you could’ve said that you were hurt, too. Then i wouldn’t have let you carry me.” says Tony and he sighs. Peter smiles.

“Didn’t even realized that i was bleeding. Just wanted to save you.” says Peter and closes his eyes again. The room is too bright.

“Yeah?” says Tony back and Peter can hear his smile.

“Hmhm. Where are we?” asks Peter then because thats not the milano.

“In my home. Bought you all here. Your friends are something else.” says Tony and Peter laughs at that. He chocks and moans. Fuck that hurts, too.

“Hey careful! You have a sprained ankle and a serious laceration on your left side.” says Tony and takes Peters hand in his.

Peter hums. He doesn’t care.

“So uhm..why did you save me?” asks Tony and Peter knows that he is blushing, even tho his eyes are still shut.

“Saw how your friends threatened you and… liked your face.” mumbles Peter and oh he feels better now. Seems like he got the good stuff of medication.

“You liked my face.” says Tony and Peter hears his smile.

“Yeah its really pretty.” grins Peter and he is nearly asleep again. But when Tony kisses his cheek and mumbles a thank you he turns his head so, that Tonys lips are on his.

Then he is out like a light.