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Happy Birthday, Marimo! UwU

All of them had flowers I thought symbolized them and their colors best and then there’s these two:

Mihawk [ Anthurium : Hospitality ] & Perona [ Ghost flower ] Hehe.

“Awww, you’re so proud Mihawwkk.” “Quiet.”

oh i am tired of the small, desperate, sad tony begging for steve to return

no no

give me tony stark who locks the damn phone away because he is determined to prove to steve, to prove to everybody, that for once, he can do this, that he will not fuck this up

give me tony stark devoting his time to make amends with the victims of avengers’ unfortunate world-saving adventures

give me tony stark building a state-of-the-art hospital in lagos

give me tony stark funding the UN mission to help the devastated communities around what used to be sokovia

give me tony stark helping peter parker pay his student loans and upgrading his shit ass computer

and then

give me steve rogers clutching that phone to his chest every time when he wakes up from nightmares

give me steve rogers typing in the number and never pressing call because he knows, he knows that he messed up, that he betrayed tony’s trust, convinced that he doesn’t deserve his forgiveness or howard’s shield

give me steve rogers asking natasha about tony whenever they meet

give me steve rogers staring at the news feed at 3am just in case something goes horribly wrong in new york

for once give me a guilt-ridden, ruined steve rogers and a tony stark with a purpose

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*sighs* tony looks so good in the new spiderman trailer

concurred, that all black suit is a #look


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Tony x reader


A.n:I’m so sorry to who whoever requested this I know it’s WAY over do but I hope you enjoy it.


“Oh Tony.” You sang out for him “Where are you?”

“I’m in the lab.” He called out,with that you quickly made your way into the lab.

“What are you doing?” You asked and sat next to Steve.

“I’m working on Bucky’s arm.” Tony didn’t look away from his arm.

“Why?” You rested your head against Steve’s shoulder.

“Because it’s having manufacturing problems.” He mumbled.

“Why? What’s wrong? Is it going to fall off?” By now you knew that you had annoyed him but he never really told you anything, he just went with it.

“No it’s not going to fall off and I don’t know, that’s what I’m trying to figure out.” Tony finally looked up at you. “Are you going to the party later on?” He asked.

“Yeah I will,are you guys going?” You stood straight up now.

“We will see you there doll.” Bucky smirked at you, suddenly there was a spark coming from Bucky’s arm “Ow, what the fuck Stark.”

“Sorry.” But he was nowhere near sorry.

“I’m going to get ready now.” You got up and headed to your door.

“Save me a dance.” Tony yelled at you.

“Will do!” You yelled back, and left.

“So what’s wrong with Bucky’s arm?” Steve asked.

“Will you shut up.”


“Where is your girlfriend?” Nat teased Tony.

“Who?” Tony asked as he took a swing of his drink.

“C’mon Tony don’t even pretend.”Clint yelled over his shoulder while he played darts.

“I don’t know what your talking about.” He mumbled.

“Hey guys.” You made your way to the group.

“Y/n, doll you look amazing.” Bucky kissed your cheek.

“Thank you, as do you.” You smiled at him.”Tony,what’s your special for the night?”

“Sit,it’s a special just for you.” He stood up from his seat and let you sit there.”Here you go.” Tony handed you the drink and kissed your temple “Enjoy.”

“Thank you.” You took a sip but before you could even say anything to him the men were are gone.

“So how is he?” Wanda smirked at you.

“Who?” You asked.

“Tony, who else.” Nat leaned against the bar.

“Well he looks good, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“C’mon bro just spill it.”Maria spoke up.

“It’s obvious just say it.”Nat added.

“If you guys know why don’t you just say it already.”You told them as you took a sip of your drink.

“Because it’s better if you just say it.”Wanda whinned.

“Fine, I think that Tony fucking Stark is cute and I might have a slight crush on him.” You gushed.

The girls then squealed like they were school girls.

“I don’t think it’s slight but okay.”Nat smirked.

“Keep it down will you.” You looked around trying to find the men to which your luck they were huddled around playing darts and laughing,well mostly at a blushing Tony.

“C’mon it’s not like they can here us.”Maria teased.

“Or can they.” Wanada smirked,which only made your eye’s widen “I’m teasing,but you never know with Stark he’s always coming up with crazy things. Maybe he bugged the whole tower.”

Which only got you thinking since you always talked to your self out loud,a bad habit that you had.

“Don’t be so worried girl.”Maria gave you a little shove.

“Shall we dance?” Wanda asked trying to get you distracted.

“Yes.” You drowned the drink and poured a shot for the four of you.

“No thank you.” Maria declined which surprised the three of you “Ted is drinking and I have to keep myself sober.”

“The architecture?” You asked.

“Yeah, I decided to give him a chance.” She shrugged her shoulder and just like that you headed to the dance floor.

It had been around hour that the five ,Wanda,Nat,Maria,Ted and yourself,had been dancing and everyone was having fun. Then the Dj said he was going to play something slow.

“Dance with us.” Nat extended one of her hand since one was holding Wanda’s already.

“I think I’m just going to let you two dance.” As you were turned round you bumped into Tony. “Oh sorry.” You were startled.

“It’s fine I get that a lot.” He flashed you his award winning smile. “So how about that dance?” He extended his hand out.

“I would love to.” You smiled at him and grabbed his hand.

“You know she’s right.” Tony spoke up after a couple of seconds.

“Who is?” You laid your head comfortably on Tony’s shoulder.

“Wanda,who else.”By just saying that you knew that he had a smirk playing on his lips.

You felt yourself get red but continued on “Well you mind telling me what she’s right? She’s a brilliant young girl.”

“I have eyes and ears everywhere.” He spined you around “ And lucky for me I got to hear that you might have a thing for me.” Tony looked down at you.

“Well I guess I can’t deny it.”

“No you can’t.” He leaned down closer.

“What about you?” You whispered.


“How do you feel about me?”

“I think I might have a thing for you.” By now you’re lips were so closed together every time anyone of you would talk your lips touched.

“So are you going to do anything about?

”Meet me in the lobby tomorrow morning at ten, bring a bag with a spare change and a dress for a nice dinner.”

“Great.” You couldn’t take it anymore so you closed the very small space that was between the two of you.

Oh man was that one of the best kiss you’ve ever had. There were sparks,you’ve never felt sparks before it was a whole new thing. It was hot and steamy but yet it was still sweet and gentle.

“Okay I’m going to need you two to get a room or your going to have to kick everyone out.” Clint interrupted the two of you.

“Then what the hell are you all still doing here?” Tony exclaimed.

“Tony.” You gave him a little shove.

“Ugh fine.” He rolled his eyes. “But hey I just got a date with the hottest girl.” Tony picked you up and gave you a kiss, while the rest of the team cheered you on.

Fitz’s look of utter destruction as Andrew hands him the video of Olivia’s kidnapping :( - Can this man just get a hug, please?