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🥀 Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Selina Kyle ( @camrenbicondova ) icons + The Flash header + random header 🥀

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anonymous asked:

What's your fave Stiles and Lydia quotes?

Oh wow. Let me try and narrow it down by season? And I assume you mean Stiles and Lydia as in Stydia and not…separate Stiles and Lydia quotes. And by that I mean I didn’t consider the alternative until I was done picking out quotes.

Above the cut is one that deserves a supremely honorable mention:

I didn’t say it back.”
“You don’t have to.”

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mystoryandotherrandomthoughts  asked:

So I was wondering how you feel about Clary as a character on the show? Because while I like her I also just can’t seem to get myself to care about her. Like I just don’t find her all that interesting as a lead character.

I partially blame the actress. I couldn’t care about Clary at all in season 1 and it was what made me want to quit the show before I invested too much time and energy. Then I watched the German dub and the voice actress saved a lot for me.

Kat played Clary extremely whiny in season 1 and while Clary did have a lot of shit happen to her and had a right to be upset and distraught… whiny was the only emotion conveyed. Kat got better as an actress in season 2, or at least so I like to think.

But it’s not just Kat. It’s also the writing of the show and the source material at hand. Clary is the kind of lead character who gets catered to by everyone and those kind of leads are always a little harder to like than others.

Instantly, Jace and Izzy want to help her and even when it defies logic or becomes dangerous and Not Good for the Shadowhunters, they still help her. Without much reason, Magnus instantly helps her. Simon is ready to give his life to help her. Luke turns Alpha to help her. Everyone in season orbits around her and does everything to help her and even when it doesn’t make quite sense for them, they still do, despite her not being the least bit grateful in most cases. If someone calls her out on it, she gets defensive about just trying to save her mom; but that Izzy, Alec and Jace have no real investment in her cause and that she should be more grateful about them helping her at all, that doesn’t even cross her mind.

We, as viewers and readers, enjoy heroes who struggle. Percy, who had to make due with what he had and had to fight his way through problems with people constantly getting in his way and trying to defy him. Harry, who has no idea about wizarding but doesn’t get every solution and next step handed on a silver plate (I mean, seriously, the biggest problem of that universe is that Dumbles never shares even though he could have made that quest incredibly more easy).

Clary? She gets the next step handed to her on a silver plate and that just makes you less likely to identify with her as a character, because no one constantly gets everything handed to them on a silver plate.

She got more likable in season 2 when her mother died. Because something didn’t work out the way she wanted. And when she tried bringing her back, she was told off by Magnus for the first time. And then, when she still did it regardless, it didn’t work. It was the first time things didn’t play into her favor and the first time she had to defy someone who was unwilling to help her and then she failed. That was,

But yeah, overall I am so not in this show for Clary. I’m in it for Jace.