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We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 29

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Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

In this chapter: Talking. Trust, revelation and tears.

Word count: 2898

A/N: Yes, this chapter is shorter. But early! This chapter is rather important in the series I guess. And emotional. I don’t know I suck at writing deep emotional scenes, sorry!! Still, I hope you like it! And please. Let me know what you thought of it.

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Yuri!!! On Ice Au Part 3

Hnnnng still don’t have a name for this fanfic. Please give me ideas!

Okay so it has been like two weeks since I posted part two? I am really sorry, school has been crazy and a lot happens in this part so it is really long. I’m gonna add read more if it is crazy long. Uhm I know I said Yurio was gonna come in but he is not. I had changed things so he will show up next part! 

So here is part 1 and part 2

Now without further ado part 3!

     Yuri could barely contain himself with those words. His heart skipped and he kept himself from falling off the rafter. ‘We are actually going outside the walls tomorrow!’ He was excited and nervous, but he was going to trust Viktor; reluctantly trust him.

Viktor sat quietly in the corner on the mat. He didn’t know what he was going to do tomorrow. Maybe the emperor would provide some assistance if he was lucky, but he was already playing his cards wrong. ‘He isn’t with the emperor’ Please that was the whole reason he came. Now he wants this for himself, it’s not for a social gain or to make him even more revered, now this is for the sake of him changing. Yuri was different, and if Viktor knew anything about himself he knows that he isn’t going to be the same after this.

Yuri squatted next to Viktor and had his face right above his. “Morning!

“Huh?” Viktor’s eyes widened. “The hell!?” He went to sit up quickly and slammed his forehead against Yuri’s.

“Ow! That hurt! Why did you hit me!” Yuri fell back with a hand on his forehead. A red bump growing on his head.

“You shouldn’t have sat there with your face right in front of mine! Aren’t there other ways of waking people up?”  Viktor had his own hand on his forehead. He gave Yuri an annoyed look.

“Sorry! Still getting used to all of this. I don’t really know what to do.” Yuri’s eyes widened. “Get up! Do whatever you do in the morning because you promised we were going into the city today!” Yuri sounded like an excited little kid. Which made Viktor the annoyed and half asleep dad.

“Fine, I’m awake thanks to the headache you gave me.” Viktor stood up and rummaged through his bag for more clothes. Yuri blushed deep red and looked away, Viktor wasn’t wearing a shirt.

“I-I’ll be on the balcony waiting for you.” He rushed out, maybe a little too fast.

“Oh okay.” Viktor shrugged it off and proceeded to change his clothes. Leather pants with ruby buttons, leather gloves with dragon claws, a plain gray white t-shirt and a leather harness to complete the look. It’s stylish to tough.

“Yuri I’m ready! Now which side of the walls has an alley we can slip into?” Viktor walked onto the balcony with a long cloak in his arms. “Wear this too. We don’t know how people will react to you.” Yuri too the deep blackish purple cloak from Viktor and put it on in a swift motion. Viktor reached forward and pulled the hood up so it covered Yuri’s horns.

“Thanks. I’m pretty sure it is between those two building we can slip out of.” In seconds Yuri is standing on the wall, having moved using his shadow teleport. Yuri watches as Viktor made his way over to the wall and climbed up it.

“Looks like a perfect place to slip into the crowd. I have a feeling you have thought about escaping before.” Viktor looked over at Yuri, who had turned away. “Well yeah, I hate being stuck in here. I want to see the city.” Yuri turned back to Viktor and smiled. “And I am so glad that I have made a friend to help me see it.”

Viktor could feel his heart shatter. Yuri’s smile was so genuine, so happy, so relieved. But he didn’t know Viktor was lying to him. But Viktor didn’t want to work for the king any more. “I am glad I can help you see it.” Viktor jumped down into the alley. It was more of a long fall onto a pile of hay.

“Alright let’s go Yuri!” Viktor called up to him. “No I can’t do it!” Yuri seemed to quiver from the top of the fifty-foot wall (16 meters). “Don’t tell me you are backing out now!”

“N-no… it’s just the wall is really high up from this side.”

“You’re a dragon! You fly in the clouds!”

“T-this is different! I’m in my human form, and I could break something!”

Viktor started to laugh. “Don’t make fun of me!” Yuri’s face flushed with embarrassment as Viktor laughed at him. “Okay, okay. I am sorry. Just jump! I’ll catch you. I promise!” He holds out his arms and Yuri looks at him questioningly.

“I swear I’ll catch you. Just trust me.”

“I trust you Viktor.”

Yuri took a step off the wall and fell into Viktor’s arms. Once Yuri landed his eyes locked with Viktor’s. “I promised I would catch you.” Yuri blushed a deep red and stood up out of Viktor’s arms. “Alright let’s go. Before anyone gets suspicious.”

“Okay. Keep your hood up.” Viktor reached up and pulled Yuri’s hood up as they walked into the crowded street. Yuri was amazed. So many people walked around in bright and colorful clothing. Kids ran around playing tag. Vendors sold their merchandise and food in stall’s lined along the street. The best part; not one person was running away in fear of him.

Viktor stepped over to a stall and Yuri watched him curiously. “What are you buying?” Viktor turned around with two bowls in his hands. “Katsudon! I heard it was really good and I wanted to try some!” Yuri smiled and took one of the bowls. “Thank you, Viktor. Should we find somewhere to sit and eat?” Viktor pointed to a large, shaded, and secluded tree. It was about midday and it was the middle of the summer and the shade provided a perfect spot to sit.

“What a perfect spot to sit. Uh- Yuri I want to ask you a question but I don’t want to… ya know, over step my boundaries.” They sat down side by side underneath the tree. Yuri was still watching everything going on around him and he almost missed the question.” What do you want to ask me? Ask me anything.” Yuri smiled and took a bite of the food. “This is amazing!”

“What is your past like Yuri? I don’t know much about you so I want to learn more.” Viktor eased into his question because as soon as it was out he saw Yuri tense up. Viktor was surprised when Yuri turned to him with a calm and relaxed expression.

“It is funny how vividly I can remember it all, probably because of how boring my life is. Anyways since I’m half dragon my parents thought I was a spirit of some sort. They sent for a priest but he called me a demon and forced me from my family. He said I would be safer ‘if I died without living a life’. Some people say the emperor was my savior, that he so graciously took me in as his child but that’s a lie.” Yuri paused for a moment and caught his breath. Viktor held onto every word, why did it enchant him so?

“The king wanted me as a weapon. He sent my parents away and told them I transformed into a hideous beast and I was nothing but a mindless creature. I didn’t grow up with my family. I have a sister. She is a regular human. But I never met her. I don’t even know my mother or father. The emperor just cursed me to live a life of being locked away in that castle till I would do as he says. I grew up so alone. The first year of my life being thrown from master to master and priest to priest, each trying to find some way to kill me, then locked away in here for the next twenty-three years. I’ll be twenty-five soon so then it will be twenty-four years.”

“He filled everyone with lies. If they worship me I won’t kill them. They throw endless amounts of offerings to me, yet I get to touch none of it. Do you know what it is like to be so feared people worship you? My name used to put criminals to death, my name used to force the people to give up all their money, my name used to instill fear in the people. They haven’t seen the inside of my home. They don’t know what I look like. They don’t know who I am.” The pain etched on Yuri’s face was something no one could understand; no empathy would ever be able to make him feel better. Nothing in that moment could take away the suffering.

“But being alive, that’s a better thing to talk about I guess. Being half dragon is what saved me. I was able to fend for myself in dragon form but not human. No friends, no contact with outside world. No one to raise me. Yet being able to see the people over the wall. I was able to learn some things.” Yuri took another moment and wiped at the tears forming in his eyes. They were crystals. Viktor never saw a dragon cry crystals before.

“They tried to kill me, but the emperor persisted that I am of use to them. Then when they found out I cried crystals they would torture me till I cried them bags full. It wasn’t always physical, they would toy with my feelings. I wouldn’t always cry. But as a child and being forced down I can’t exactly handle what I felt, so I would cry. Living in fear just to provide someone immeasurable wealth. I don’t want to live like that anymore. I am not a person or a creature here. I’m a prisoner.” Viktor’s heart lurched at the last three words. Yuri didn’t speak them, he breathed them as if they were a permanent label. It just flew from his mouth.

Yuri pulled the hood closer to his face and Viktor could hear the tears. Twenty-four years of having no family, no friends, no love, and now Yuri had someone to confide in. The weight of all his emotions were crushing. Twenty-four years of being alone, truly alone, not being able to share a single thing and now in one breath someone was willing to sit and listen to him.

Viktor reached his hand over and moved the heavy cloak hood back. Yuri was still in tears, so much emotion seemed to be flowing onto Viktor, but he didn’t mind. It’s invigorating to have someone trust in you. Viktor reached over and wiped away Yuri’s tears.

“No more being a prisoner, no more loneliness, and certainly no more being locked away from the outside world. You’ll show all those who put you down just who you are. Yuri Katsuki will be remembered as a great legend.” Yuri subconsciously leaned into Viktor’s hand that was resting on his face. Yuri then flung himself forward and hugged Viktor tightly.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Yuri rested his head on Viktor’s shoulder and sniffled. Why was it so comforting? Why did Yuri feel better with everything Viktor did?

Neither of the men understood that it was sympathy. Viktor was giving Yuri sympathy, not the sad looks and sayings of empathy.

Yuri pulled away and rubbed his eyes. “How about we finish eating this delicious Katsudon and then we’ll look at some stalls?” Viktor smiled at Yuri, he was always smiling it seemed. Yuri nodded in agreement. Yuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov; the dragon shapeshifter and the dragon tamer eating Katsudon and growing closer, all under the shade of that secluded tree.

Hope you enjoyed it! I did a lot of revising and editing to try and make it good! @maroalpacagave me the idea with her art and she has made lots of art for it. Please follow her and check her out. She is amazing!