save me 105

Save Me - Chapter 105

“Good girl. That’s what I hoped to hear.” Jared said, “Relax your body, baby girl.”

Taking a deep breath and letting it go slowly, I felt Jared move behind me with his hands on my ass, kneading my globes.

Without another word, he separated my cheeks, using his thumb and index finger to hold them apart, I heard him pop open the bottle of anal glide. Cool drops hit my skin and it sent a shiver of anticipation up my spine. Memories of Jared pushing himself into me, even just slightly made me flinch. Part of me was scared and the other part excited..

“Don’t tense up, baby. It will only cause this to take longer…” Jared said as he used his fingers spread the gel slightly in and around my puckered hole. “This lub should help the discomfort, it has a bit of a numbing agent in it.”

If this was the same stuff he used earlier, he needs to get his money back. It didn’t really seem to numb much of anything, in my opinion!

Jared was careful and I felt as he gently slipped a single finger into my puckered hole, slowly moving it around then inserting it a bit deeper. This felt so good. My limbs went limp, even my arms that were restrained relaxed.

One hand was playing with my ass and the other he used to smooth over my back and the globes of my ass. Pulling his finger almost completely out, he added a second finger, sliding it in with ease. This gel might just be working a little bit after all. Jared used his two fingers to dip in and out, pushing them as deep as he could then as he pulled back, spreading them apart to loosen my tight hole.

I couldn’t help myself. This felt so good, I moved my hips in time with his fingers. If I tilted my hips just so, the edge of the armchair would rub my clit and it felt so amazing. I know Jared had to know what I was doing but since he didn’t tell me to stop, I kept going.

“I’m gong to take my fingers away, baby girl. Don’t move. Stay just as relaxed as you are.”

I swallowed hard, whimpering as he pulled his fingers from my ass. “That’s my good girl…” He praised, watching intently as I stayed relaxed as he instructed.

Sliding his palms up my back, Jared reached over me to take the anal plug in hand. I kept my mind as relaxed as my body knowing what was happening next. I felt as the ridged metal made contact with my hole and I flinched.

It felt huge… Oh my god.

“This plug is a bit wider than the last one, baby girl. I want you to push out as I push the plug in. It’ll make it easier for you.” Jared advised, “Are we still green?”

“Yes, Sir, we’re green.”

Was I a bit more scared…absolutely. But I wanted this. Because I wanted to give him everything.

As soon as the words left my lips, he began to push the metal phallus into my tight hole. This felt much wider than the last one, slightly bigger?! I don’t think so.

“Ahhhh…” I moaned as he continued to push the plug into me. No matter how relaxed I thought I was, in this instant, I realized I wasn’t relaxed enough. Not by a long shot.

“Push out, baby.” Jared instructed.

“This really burns, my god!” I said through gritted teeth.

Fuck me! This was becoming painful. I was fisting my hands so tight my nails were breaking the skin of my palm.

“Yellow!” I shouted, I needed a break. I just couldn’t go on and push through the pain.

Jared immediately stopped his forward motion. “Ok, baby. I’m not pushing anymore. I’m not taking it out though. We’re almost there. I know it’s tight, I want to start stretching you out.”

Even leaving it right where it was, gave me some relief.

“Come on baby,” Jared soothed, “Take a slow deep breath for me.”

I did as I was told and concentrated on his voice. Taking in another deep breath, I felt Jared bend and pick up something from the table. Suddenly I felt the tendrils of the flogger softly land in the middle of my back.

My favorite….

Jared held the anal plug in place so that it wouldn’t move and with the other, he began to create a figure eight as he swooshed the flogger against my delicate back. This is what I needed.

“That’s my good girl.” He said, “I love to watch your body react baby.”

With my mind occupied, my body relaxed and I could feel myself began to adjust to the intrusion.

“Are you ready to continue, baby girl?” Jared asked.

I was relaxed but didn’t know how much I still had to go. Swallowing hard again I wished desperately that I could wipe my sweaty forehead but I couldn’t.

It was now or never, I just needed to go for it.

“Yes, Sir, I’m ready. Green.”

Again without a word, Jared started twisting the anal plug as he pushed in slowly and as gently as possible. Thankfully, he continued using the flogger. There wasn’t anything else he could do to ease my discomfort, I just needed to ride it out.

He was right though, one more push and it finally seated in my body. It was uncomfortable as fucking hell at the moment but it was in.

I did it!!!!!

“Very good, baby girl, it’s in.” He said proudly, “I want to wipe the excess lub off so stay still.”

Carefully, Jared used a warm, wet washcloth to wipe me clean, being careful to not get any of the numbing gel in my pussy or on my clit.

“My god, that plug looks beautiful in your ass, baby.” Jared praised as he pulled me by my elbows to stand.

Holy shit did I feel full. And already sore. This anal plug was way bigger than the glass one, no doubt in my mind. I already knew, pulling this puppy out was going to suck, big time.

As soon as I stood, Jared turned me around, cupping my face in his palms. His lips desended onto mine in a passionate kiss that left me breathless. His tongue slipped into my mouth sliding against mine and so deep I almost choked around him.

I wanted to wrap my arms around him but my binds prevented that from happening. Instead, I pushed my body into his, soaking up his heat. Moving his hands down my body, his fingers danced over my ribs and across my hips as he took the globes of my ass in his hands. His hard length slipped between my legs as he pulled me closer.

“I can’t wait to fuck you, baby girl.” Jared said between kisses I never wanted to end.

I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me too. As full as I felt already, I can’t imagine how it’ll be when his thick cock was in my pussy too. All these thoughts made me ache to be touched.

I was never really much of a dirty talker but I thought maybe I’d try it. Especially since Jared gave me permission to speak at will. I had a 50/50 shot here. Fifty percent of me thought I wouldn’t look like an idiot and the other fifty percent thought I would.

This could end up being completely embarrassing but what the hell, right?!

“I can’t wait for you to fuck me either, Sir.” I said in my most sultry voice. “My pussy is throbbing for you.”

I can’t say that felt totally natural but after hearing a soft moan fall from his lips, I threw all caution to the wind.

“Is it now…” Jared murmured letting his hands roam my chest, taking my breasts in his hands and tweeking my nipples between his fingers.

“Very much, though I am a little worried. This plug feels so big, I’m not sure you’ll fit too, Sir…”

Yes, it was a kind of cheesy line but still, it was actually partially true. This plug felt so thick and knowing it was bigger than the glass one, I really was a bit concerned I was going to rip at the seams.