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Can you tell which episode I watched/which episode this is based on?

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“I don’t like this, El…” You said, running your fingers nervously through your hair. You had been dating him under the radar for a couple of weeks at this point, but Eliot was doing something…well, Eliot-like.

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In Interview, Trump Lashes Out At Sessions And Comey
Speaking with The New York Times, the president called Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation "very unfair."

President Trump says if he had known ahead of time that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was going to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, he would have chosen someone else for the post, calling the move “very unfair.”

In an interview with The New York Times, he also accused James Comey, the FBI director that he fired in May, of trying to save his job by leveraging a dossier of compromising material on Trump.

Trump said too that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, was running “an office rife with conflicts of interest and [Trump] warned that investigators would cross a red line if they delve into Trump family finances unrelated to Russia.”

Five things Sophie Devereaux would never do 

1. sleep with the mark 

Sophie has a certain way of doing things. She likes the long con. She likes to get inside a mark’s head, find out whatever it is they want most, and use it to exploit them. 

But more than that, she just plain has standards

Anyone can use sex to get what they want; Sophie Devereaux isn’t just anyone, thank you very much. It’s the art of the con she likes. Emphasis on the art

But she has had a very long career, and before she was an artist, she was a hundred other women, and all of them had their own choices to make. 

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So I watched the Last Dam Job last night, and I’m still having feelings about it today. I’ve seen every episode of Leverage multiple times, but I don’t always have good streaming quality for Netflix, so I’ve missed a lot of details. But last night I had excellent quality and was very much paying attention.

And there was that moment when Eliot is holding a gun and is SERIOUSLY considering shooting a guy in the face just so his father figure wouldn’t have to go through with it, and his hand is literally shaking. So bad.

I just

Little angry cinnamon roll isn’t actually murderous and is proud of who he has become and doesn’t kill people anymore

My heart

anonymous asked:

If I ask for a Leverage AU in the Speech of Love 'verse, does it count as a weird AU?

(I tried to find a gif of the Jake Peralta :D-face to express how I felt upon receiving this prompt, but you will just have to imagine it. MY MYTHOLOGY ‘VERSE, YOU GUYS, I HAVE SUCH LOVE FOR IT.)

Blessed by Ares, they said during the war, and after it. Eliot excelled at every weapon they put into his hands. He went farther, became a weapon, and they called it a blessing, and sometimes it is. Maybe it is. It gets him out safe, anyway. Lets him move on to the next job.

When he goes to a temple, though, when he’s in one place long enough to build a shrine, he doesn’t do it for Ares. He does it for Hestia. It’s more of a dream than anything else, but sometimes when he’s burned his incense, prayed some stupid prayer, he thinks he smells bread and woodsmoke.

Eliot learns to cook, and he has to work at that, nothing ingrained or perfect about that until he makes those instincts just as sharp, makes sure that his knife is worth more than just Ares’s blessing. He doesn’t stay anywhere long enough to have a real hearth, but he makes a home in the ways he can.


“Who are you lighting a candle for?” Parker asks in a too-loud whisper.

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Open Sourcing Screwdriver, Yahoo’s Continuous Delivery Build System for Dynamic Infrastructure

By James Collins, Sr. Director, Developer Platforms and Services, and St. John Johnson, Principal Engineer

Continuous Delivery enables software development teams to move faster and adapt to users’ needs quicker by reducing the inherent friction associated with releasing software changes. Yahoo’s engineering has modernized as it has embraced Continuous Delivery as a strategy for improving product quality and engineering agility. All our active products deliver from commit to production with full automation and this has greatly improved Yahoo’s ability to deliver products.  

Part of what enabled Yahoo to make Continuous Delivery at scale a reality was our improved build and release tooling. Now, we are open sourcing an adaptation of our code as, a new streamlined build system designed to enable Continuous Delivery to production at scale for dynamic infrastructure.

Some of the key design features of Screwdriver have helped Yahoo achieve Continuous Delivery at scale. At a high level these are:

  • Making deployment pipelines easy
  • Optimizing for trunk development
  • Making rolling back easy

Easy deployment pipelines: Deployment pipelines that continuously test, integrate, and deploy code to production greatly reduce the risk of errors and reduce the time to get feedback to developers. The challenge for many groups had been that pipelines were cumbersome to setup and maintain. We designed a solution that made pipelines easy to configure and completely self-service for any developer. By managing the pipeline configuration in the code repository Screwdriver allows developers to configure pipelines in a manner familiar to them, and as a bonus, to easily code review pipeline changes too.

Trunk development: Internally, we encourage workflows where the trunk is always shippable. Our teams use a modified GitHub flow for their workflows. Pull Requests (PRs) are the entry point for running tests and ensuring code that entered the repository has been sufficiently tested. Insisting on formal PRs also improves the quality of our code reviews.

To ensure trunks are shippable, we enable functional testing of code in the PRs. Internally, this is a configuration baked into pipelines that dynamically allocates compute resources, deploys the code, and runs tests. These tests include web testing using tools like Selenium. These dynamically-allocated resources are also available for a period after the PR build, allowing engineers to interact with the system and review visual aspects of their changes.

Easy rollbacks: To allow for easy code rollbacks, we allow phases of the pipeline to be re-run at a previously-saved state. We leverage features in our PaaS to handle the deployment, but we store and pass metadata to enable us to re-run from a specific git SHA with the same deployment data. This allows us to roll back to a previous state in production. This design makes rolling back as easy as selecting a version from a dropdown menu and clicking “deploy.” Anyone with write access to the project can make this change. This helped us move teams to a DevOps model where developers were responsible for the production state.

The successful growth of Screwdriver over the past 5 years at Yahoo has today led to Screwdriver being synonymous with Continuous Delivery within the company. Screwdriver handles over 25,000+ builds per day and 12,000+ daily git commits as a single shared entrypoint for Yahoo. It supports multiple languages and handles both virtual machine and container-based builds and deployment.

External image’s architecture is comprised of four main components: a frontend for serving content to the user, a stateless API that orchestrates between user interactions and build operations, the execution engines (Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, etc.) that checkout source code and execute in containers, and the launcher that executes and monitors commands inside the container.

The diagram below shows this architecture overlaid with a typical developer flow.

External image

To give some context around our execution engines, internal Screwdriver started as an abstraction layer on top of Jenkins and used Docker to provide isolation, common build containers, etc. We used features provided by Jenkins plugins to leverage existing work around coverage and test reports. However, as Screwdriver usage continued to climb, it outgrew a single Jenkins cluster. So in order to grow to our needs, we added capabilities in Screwdriver that allowed us to scale horizontally while also adding capabilities to schedule pipelines across a number of Jenkins clusters. As we scaled Screwdriver, we used less from Jenkins and built more supporting services utilizing our cloud infrastructure. The open-source version is focused on Kubernetes and Docker Swarm as our primary supported execution engines.

In the coming months we will expand our offering to match many of the features we have internally, including:

  • Mechanism to store structured build data for later use (last deployed version, test coverage, etc.)
  • Built-in metric collecting
  • System-wide templates to enable getting started quickly
  • Log analysis to provide insights to developers

Please join us on the path to making Continuous Delivery easy. Visit to get started.

Eliot’s “I don’t have to type anything right” and Hardison’s longsufferingness about it in the Wedding Job though like imagine

Eliot 100% pokes the keyboard with two fingers, very slowly (I can’t remember if he ever types during the series but if he does just assume he pecks exclusively to get up Hardison’s snoot), and Hardison IS SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS ALWAYS and keeps trying to get him to speed up but anytime he does Eliot just obnoxiously types even slower in order to rile up Hardison. 

it works. it works so well. Hardison always, always offers to teach Eliot to type ‘properly’ and Eliot always, always refuses. Hardison is convinced Eliot would learn quickly if he bothered, and points this out every time. Eliot knows he would, but is much too stubborn to acquiesce, and also enjoys riling up Hardison. 

at this point anytime Eliot has to type anything Parker just rolls her eyes and slips quietly out of the room to go steal stuff because she knows there is going to be a half-hour bicker session incoming and she is a busy person with things to do. Sometimes if it looks like the bickering is going to be particularly entertaining she grabs a bowl of cereal and listens in, making commentary as seems appropriate.

It continually amazes me how much of himself Hardison puts into Leverage. Think of all the time he spent painting that ridiculous picture of Old!Nate, who didn’t even appreciate the joke. Think of the time he spent making that little Mr. Punchy animation for Eliot just because it would make him smile. Someone save him

Hamilton AU - Leverage

Alexander Hamilton had it all.  At home he had a warm and beautiful wife and an energetic son.  At work he was at the top of his game, traveling the world to catch art thieves, hackers, and con artists, along with his partner Aaron.  He had everything… until he lost it all.

His son’s illness was discovered just after the boy’s ninth birthday.  When traditional treatments failed the only remaining hope was an experimental drug, but Alex’s company refused to pay.  He fought them.  He begged.  But he couldn’t get them to bend and couldn’t scrape together enough to pay on his own.  Philip never celebrated his tenth birthday, but his parents took flowers to his grave.

Alex didn’t show up to work for a week after the funeral.  When he finally did it was to quit, leaving his office a shattered mess.  He spent the next months drinking, staying up late in his study, rarely talking to his wife or her sister.  His affair was the last straw in a marriage already falling apart.  Eliza filed for divorce the next day.

With everything he’d worked so hard for gone, Hamilton was lost until approached by a man who gave him a new goal; revenge.  He could lash out at his former company and take from them a little of what they had refused him.  All he had to do was work with a team to steal a set of plans.  It was a set up, but it was also, unknown at the time, the start of something new.  A team that would come together to get for others the justice that the system had denied them.

Hercules Mulligan was a talented grifter, a man who could blend in seamlessly into any situation.  He was the only con artist that Hamilton hadn’t been able to catch in his former occupation.

John Laurens was a fighter, hotheaded but with a surprising amount of patience.  He often loaned his voice - and fists - to causes he believed were worthy of his help.  He didn’t talk about his past.

Lafayette (first name? last name?  No one knows) came with the reputation of being the best thief in America or Europe.  He can smile at you while stripping your pockets, empty your safe while you’re in the next room.  

The final member of Hamilton’s team is the only one he picked for himself, his former sister-in-law Angelica, the smartest person he’d ever met and the best at computers.  She only agreed after a long conversation with Eliza, and only because someone had to keep him from spiraling down even farther.  

Aaron Burr can’t understand how his ex-partner is now working with criminals.  He’s vowed to stop Hamilton’s team.  Remnants of an old friendship battle with his own code of what’s right and what’s very wrong.

Eliza Schuyler-Hamilton is still grieving for her son, still angry over her husband’s betrayal, but still in love with the man.

While helping others this rag tag team might just be able to save each other.