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I really wanted to touch on the fact that orcas, including Kiska, are self-aware and sentient animals. These are not creatures that you can just stick in an empty tank and expect them to be fine.

Kiska was violently ripped from her family in 1979 and has been held at Marineland Canada ever since. According to a former employee, she has never been a strong whale and is constantly on medication. Her condition only worsened after the deaths of all 5 of her calves, the oldest only surviving six years. Kiska has also suffered the loss of every one of her tankmates. She now lives entirely alone, and is the only captive orca in the world without another cetacean companion.
The saddest sight to be seen at Marineland, Kiska’s life consists of swimming listlessly in circles day in and day out. Occasionally, she is given a toy to play with for a few minutes. Former employees have also described Kiska as “starved for attention” and say she vocalizes a lot, as if calling out for someone.
Allowing such a magnificent animal to languish in these conditions is nothing short of abusive.
There is an ongoing campaign to help Kiska, and all you have to do is sign here and spread the word. Please help us help the world’s loneliest orca!


Now is the time. The Government of Ontario recently announced plans to essentially end orca captivity in Ontario forever. There was no mention of what was to happen to Kiska, the last captive orca remaining in Canada.
Kiska resides at Marineland Canada, in a small, bland tank. She has suffered the loss of all 5 of her calves, as well as her tankmates, and now she lives entirely alone.
The Government must address Kiska’s social isolation, and allow her to be moved to a facility that can better care for her. If Kiska absolutely cannot be moved (due to health for example) then Marineland must provide her with a companion (a dolphin) and upgrade her environment to suit her needs, as well as develop an in-depth enrichment program.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO SIGN AND SHARE NOW. Even people who are pro-captivity. THIS is the best way to help Kiska, and you know it. Do not continue to sit by and be complicit in her suffering.


So our goal today is to get this petition to 19,000 in the next 2 hours…. If we do, my partner will have a drink, and she can’t hold her liquor very well. Lol!!

IF we can get this petition to 20,000, I’ll up the ante…. I’ll have this baby as soon as possible.  So lets do this….

Please sign and re-blog and lets kick the shit out of this petition for Kiska, so that we can take it to the premier of Ontario.


#FreeKiska demo today outside of Marineland in Niagara Falls. Great little turn out. Went with a new friend from right here on tumblr town, Tokitee.

Remember why we do these things, it’s raise awareness about captivity and how it effects these magnificent animals.

Lets keep it going (The last two pics aren’t mine, the one on the left is Tokitee’s and the other is a group shot that ended up on Facebook and I have no idea who took it, but it’s a great shot).