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  • Jim: Sebby, you're going to stay here, and guard the helicopter.
  • Sebastian: Okay, first let me say hello to Mycroft.
  • Jim: Don't you even think about it.
  • Sebastian: *shakes Mycroft's hand* It's so nice to finally meet. I have heard so much about you, it's almost like we're family. Jim and I are your biggest fans.
  • Jim: *facepalms himself*
  • Sebastian: Where is your brother though? Jimmy would love to have an autograph.
  • Jim: I can't take you anywhere. Stop making such a scene. Are you jealous?
  • Sebastian: After nearly deleting me from your mind, your own boyfriend, because of Sherlock...Use your brain for once, and figure it out if I'm jealous!
  • Mycroft: Nevermind. It's not that important. I'll find someone else for my sister. Bye.
  • Sebastian: Next time you accidentally deleted me worse things will happen.
  • Jim: *swallows* Okay, Tiger.

|My name first; then spacebar spacebar spacebar, your name|

Jim has been watching the new movie of the Muppets one time too many. He still tells Sebastian that they stole his idea without his consent. 

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jim doesn’t like being the little spoon so, when in bed sherlock hugs him from behind, he rubs his ass against his dick, just to make him hard. it’s only matter of minutes before they have sex and jim is riding sherlock, moaning indecently and grinning like the little shit he is. he’s on top like he deserves.