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  • Jim: Sebby, you're going to stay here, and guard the helicopter.
  • Sebastian: Okay, first let me say hello to Mycroft.
  • Jim: Don't you even think about it.
  • Sebastian: *shakes Mycroft's hand* It's so nice to finally meet. I have heard so much about you, it's almost like we're family. Jim and I are your biggest fans.
  • Jim: *facepalms himself*
  • Sebastian: Where is your brother though? Jimmy would love to have an autograph.
  • Jim: I can't take you anywhere. Stop making such a scene. Are you jealous?
  • Sebastian: After nearly deleting me from your mind, your own boyfriend, because of Sherlock...Use your brain for once, and figure it out if I'm jealous!
  • Mycroft: Nevermind. It's not that important. I'll find someone else for my sister. Bye.
  • Sebastian: Next time you accidentally deleted me worse things will happen.
  • Jim: *swallows* Okay, Tiger.

after this episode, they kinda ruined moriarty and i feel like they need a season 5 just for a jim redemption arc where hes proven to be the jim we knew and loved from seasons 1 + 2 and evil and stuff bc i will take a lot of things but ruining my dear jim moriary is not one of them

TRF Redux?

I realized this morning that the raggedy-edge EMP-NLP story about a Holmes-MP!Appledore that I am patching together bears an uncomfortable resemblance to events in TRF.

Uncomfortable- not because I am stealing ideas from one episode to construct a theory for another episode. (That’s Moftiss 101, right?). I *wish* I was that clever. It was wholly inadvertent.

No, it’s uncomfortable because… Sigh. I never figured out what was happening in TRF. It looks like “???????” in my Mind Palace.

Legwork first. Here’s a short list, maybe I’ll find something by the time I get to the bottom.

1). Institutions and symbols of power and wealth.

TRF. The Bank of England, Pentonville Prison, the Tower of London.

HLV. The Appledore database. “It is the greatest repository of sensitive and dangerous information anywhere in the world … the Alexandrian Library of secrets and scandals – and none of it is on a computer.”

2). Security.

TRF. Each building has state-of-the-art locks and security systems to restrict and control access. Their contents are untouchable.

HLV. Sherlock tells John that Appledore is “An unassailable architecture of forbidden knowledge.”

3). Security Breach.

TRF. Impossibly, Jim Moriarty waltzes in, opens every door, and brags about it. He owns the master key- suddenly he’s Mr. Sex. (But he’s bluffing).

TAB. Mr. Sex is back in 221b, in Sherlock’s MP. “I’m aware of all six occasions you have visited these apartments during my absence.” “I know you are.” Unauthorized access. Does Jim have a backdoor key, or is this a bluff too?

4). Assassins.

TRF. Circling, watching. Guarding? Lining up their shot? Argh, don’t know. John and Sherlock jump in front of a bus, and an assassin SAVES THEIR LIFE. Sherlock reaches out to say thank you and… the assassin DIES.

HLV. Oh man. Is this the twist? Sherlock says Mary-the-assassin SAVED HIS LIFE. If the TRF parallel stays true, it’s Mary who dies in CAM’s office. (CAM killed her, but he’s a shark, Mack the Knife- it was a stabbing).

5). The Weak Link.

TRF. It’s people. Jim doesn’t have a master key. He uses blackmail, threats and pressure points on the people who control the locked doors. Good old-fashioned manipulation.

HLV. It’s people. (Gigantic speculation alert). Sherlock asked for Molly’s help in TRF; I think he gave her part of the key that unlocks Appledore. It was a huge act of trust, and Molly was completely up for it… Until, in S3, Mary teases it out of her. It’s the price Mary needs to pay CAM to keep her family safe. But it all goes wrong in CAM’s office….

Thanks to Ariane DeVere for the transcripts!

Thanks to @ebaeschnbliah whose episode comparison posts and ideas helped me see I might have found another variation.


|My name first; then spacebar spacebar spacebar, your name|

Jim has been watching the new movie of the Muppets one time too many. He still tells Sebastian that they stole his idea without his consent. 

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