save his girlfriend

Zuko and forgiveness

When he interrupted and spoke out against a general, it was seen as a large insult and disrespect towards the general. Ozai demanded that he partake in an Agni Kai. unbeknownst to him, it was against the fire lord himself, and not the general. When the fight began, Zuko immediately asked for forgiveness. His plea was rejected, and Ozai ruthless burned his son, leaving Zuko with a lifelong reminder of that day.

Zuko was told to find and return the avatar in order to regain his honour and return to the fire nation. Zuko, and his uncle, Iroh set out to do so, and he constantly chased down the avatar. At the end of the second season, it appeared that the prince of the fire nation had changed, as he returned Appa to Aang, and showed vulnerability towards Katara, even to the point where she almost used the spirit water with special healing properties on his scar. But instead, Zuko joined forces with Azula, fighting Aaang and Katara, and imprisoning Iroh.

In the final season, Zuko found himself. The first thing he did, was he forgave himself. When he encountered his father on the day of the eclipse, he finally excused himself for his own wrongdoings, and he later joined the team, where he found new friends. He was quickly forgiven by Toph first, after burning her feet. 

 followed by being forgiven by the avatar himself, after they learned the art of fire bending. 

after, he was forgiven by Sokka, when Zuko helped him save his father, and girlfriend, Suki. 

and, finally he was forgiven by Katara, who took the longest to forgive Zuko. 

But most importantly, Zuko was forgiven by Iroh, a person who by his side through thick and through thin, and who Zuko rejected when he thought his honour was on the line. But Iroh still took him back, giving him the unconditional love that Zuko needed all his life. Iroh represents the purity of forgiveness, and he demonstrates that forgiveness, allows people to bloom, like Zuko. Iroh through forgiveness teaches Zuko and teaches us that we should not let our past burden our future.

hc idea that Nino will be the first one to know that his friends (and Chloe) are superheroes.

And with that he will be the one saving them in school and begin telling excuses to save their asses cause hell knows non of them is good at lying. 

“Adrien? He must have been call for a photoshoot. You know my bro. And you know his dad too, Ms. Bustier.”

“Marinette had to help her parents with an order! She must have forgotten to excuse herself, Ms Mendeliev,”

“Alya is trying to record another video for her blog, you know how stubborn she is about her self being, but here, she gave me her homework.”

“Chloé? Eh, who knows, probably hiding somewhere.”

(he starts telling better excuses for Chloé when he notices how she saves his girlfriend more times that he should have expected coming from her, both in and out of costume)

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Can I request bughead making out by the bleachers before lunch or during cheer practice and the others don't know about them being together?

Perfect! I’ll think I’ll make this one sweet.

He toyed with the edge of her too short cheerleading skirt, smiling down at her and placing a hand to her hip, dragging her into him.

She rested her palms against the solid of his chest, her cheek falling to rest there.

“I missed you today” she hummed quietly.

He closed his eyes, resting his chin on the top of her head, inhaling and taking in the peaches and cream that was purely Betty.

“Missed you too, had to finish up some lab work during lunch. I left my phone at home, otherwise I would’ve texted you.”

“I had to sit in between Archie and Veronica, and you know how they get when they’re fighting, I felt like a mediating mother.” She pulled away meeting his eyes.

“I’m sad to say I do, I was in the middle during history, I still have Veronica’s nail prints on my arm” he pulled away throwing his arm to show Betty.

She giggled, before peeking out,

“Do you think everyone’s gone?”

He glanced over the metal bleachers.

“Too soon to tell, I’m afraid. Looks like I get to keep you all to myself a little while longer.” He reached his hands moving her slightly to avoid her hitting her head and getting knocked out by one of the lower bleachers.

She sighed softly, the ghost of a frown marring her features

“I wish we didn’t have to meet behind these bleachers everyday, just to walk Home together.”

He nodded, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear

“I know bets, but you know how our friends are, we wouldn’t get a moments peace if they found out we’re together. I know we have to tell them eventually but is it so bad to wanna stay in our little bubble.”

She leaned up against the cool metal, smiling at her incredibly sweet boyfriend

“I guess our little bubble isn’t so bad.”

Suddenly Jughead had a wicked grin on his face

“Well perhaps I can persuade you by showing you all the fabulous benefits of staying in said bubble.” His hands were holding the back of the bleacher, effectively caging her in.

And giving her a fabulous view of his amazing arms. (What? her man was hot. No shame here)

She squeaked out a giggle before his mouth was covering hers and all prior worries were forgotten.

He always tasted soo good, it was just something about him, she couldn’t quite place it. He was an amazing kisser, something that took her by surprise considering he claimed to have never had a girlfriend before her. But her favorite part about jugheads kisses was the gentle way he showed her he was all hers, he made her feel like she was the only girl in the world, it was something she had never experienced before and something she would never be able to get enough of. Threading her fingers through his hair she sighed into the kiss.

Jughead couldn’t help but smile, Betty always amazed him. How she could taste like a strawberry milkshake was beyond him, but who was he to complain, she was his favorite flavor. She knew when to be gentle and when to be rough, her fingers always massaged his head making his eyes nearly roll back in pleasure.
She was everything to him and if he could keep her all to himself, kissing and holding her all day everyday, you bet your ass he would.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.


The couple pulled apart, both bodies snapping to the familiar voice of their friend.

Sure enough, Veronica, Kevin, Archie, and Cheryl were standing in front of them, jaws on the floor.

Jughead spoke first, rubbing his neck nervously

“Hey guys, what’s u..”

“OH.MY.GOD” Veronica repeated

Betty stepped forward

“Listen Ronnie it’s not…”

But it was too late Veronica was pushing past Jughead, Cheryl hot on her tail and kevin leaning against the bleachers smiling smugly at Jughead.

Jughead shot Kevin a glare as Archie slapped a hand to his shoulder

“I knew it man, those looks you kept throwing Betty’s way, were far from friendly. I’m happy for you dude. Really”

Jughead grunted a thanks, turning to save his girlfriend from the masses

“Alright ladies can we please save this conversation for pops, I’m starving and I’ve really worked up an appetite today.”

Kevin walked ahead of him glancing over his shoulder and smirking

“Oh I’m sure you have Jughead.”

Jughead snapped his head up at Kevin

Veronica could not stop talking

“Girl if you don’t think double dates are in our near future, I totally cannot handle you.”

Cheryl huffed “well great now I’m the only single one. Thanks a lot Betty and jughead.”

Jughead quickly snatched his girlfriends hand as Veronica spoke to Cheryl about her cousin and setting her up.

“So much for our little bubble.” He whispered with a shrug

Betty smiled squeezing his hand

“We still have our bubble juggie, it’s just a little bit bigger.”

They both stared at the retreating backs of their best friends, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

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I blame you for this need of Disney jyushihomu do you understand

Oh god I’m so sorry

[long meta] the hidden depths of voltron S1 E6

part 1: lance’s literal awakening and keith’s metaphorical one 

(if you already know where I’m going with this, you might find part 2: an entire subtextual plot in S1 E6? - in this same post - more interesting)

I’ve been rewatching season 1, and I got to episode 5 with the bonding moment and was like yeahh but then I got to the beginning of E6, with everyone waiting for lance to be released from the healing pod, and I was like wait. I never really thought twice about the scene before, but this time around I was like…hold the phone. 

what is keith’s reasoning for being impatient in this scene, anyway? like, if everyone else can wait a few ticks for lance to wake up, why can’t you? 

is this just your Personality, to be an impatient nuisance sometimes, haha queue comedic intro? well, while keith is often impatient, it’s usually during situations involving life or death decisions. and since lance isn’t about to die, and the timing of his release from the pod doesn’t put anyone else’s life at risk…

since i trust the vld writers enough at this point (at least with keith, i guess…?) to not make characters do shit for no good reason, i don’t think keith was being impatient for the hell of it, especially to do with someone he’s made a point of *Shrug* Not Really caring about – that is, until shit went down in E5 and keith dropped that pretense like it was hot and didn’t hesitate to initiate the famed bonding moment.

my point here about this scene in E6, is that it’s directly linked to E5′s bonding moment, like 100%. maybe you’re like DUH OBVIOUSLY - and you’d be right, cause it’s obvious to me now and I was probably just being really slow on the uptake - but nevertheless, i don’t think we should hang up the the phone there…

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For Your Eyes Only

Pairing: Draco x reader
A/N: Somewhere between OotP and HBP. Draco trying to save you, his girlfriend and half-blood, from the war and himself. It’s general so any house can read. General 4AM angst. Inspired by and loosely based on the song “If I Could Fly” by One Direction. Also, this is my first ever Harry Potter fic/imagine sooooooo I hope you like it??


“Please, don’t go.” You whisper softly, trying to keep the tears back. You don’t understand the change that came over him over the summer. Last year, you and Draco were the “it” couple. You made him a better person, everyone said it. You saw the side of him no one else saw. The kind boy behind the mean glare. The sweet words behind the malicious comebacks. The love inside his hostile exterior. He was so much more than everyone thought of him. And it pained you to see him so distraught. You knew he wouldn’t leave you on his own accord. Even being a half-blood with your dad being a muggle. He knew and he didn’t care. He met your family last year at kings cross when you said goodbye for the summer.

“Don’t you see, Y/n? We’d never work out anyways. It’s better to leave now than to hurt more in the future.” You can read him easier than your favourite book. Behind the ice he’s trying to produce in his eyes you see how much it’s hurting him.

“No, Draco. The time I spend with you is worth more than hypothetical pain! Don’t you see how much I love you?” The tears you tried so hard to hide officially spill over soaking your cheeks. You hear his short intake of breath and you see his pale hand automatically coming up to brush your tears away before he goes back to his cold, stoic, form.

“Don’t you see how this is hurting me?” He states, “how I am hurting and this is absolutely killing me?”

“Then why!” You scream at him, looking up at the dark star-filled sky. The astronomy used to be your favourite spot. It used to be a place where you could come and relax on warm nights in Draco’s arms. Recently, it’s been cold and bitter.

“Because I love you.” He pauses, seemingly trying to find the words to say, “And I don’t want you hurt.” You look back to him and take in his face. His pale features have gotten seemingly translucent. His eyes, which used to be so full of life and happiness and even the glint of mischievousness you fell for, are now empty, sad.

“What’s going to hurt me?” You breathe out in exasperation.

“Do you really not feel it, Y/n? There is a war coming. And if I could I would take you far away to a little home where we could hide away and I’d come home to you everyday with a smile on my face. I’d give up absolutely everything for you. I let down my walls and opened up to you. I showed you my heart. This summer, being away from you wrecked me. You know my scars, my hopes, my fears, my dreams, my wants, my goals, my everything. When I’m away from you I lose half of myself. You are the only person that truly knows me.” He looks into your eyes and you see the pain he’s hiding at this very moment.

“I still don’t understand, Draco. Why are you running from me?” You bite your lip, memories from the past year flooding through your memory. The sneaky flirting, the study dates, the hand holding, coming out to your houses and the entire school, cheering him on during quidditch matches, and dates at Hogsmede. Everything that suddenly seemed to be irrelevant in his mind.

“I told you, y/n. You’re not safe with me!”

“But why not?!” He grabs your face and pulls you to him, his lips pressing on yours and your arms going around his body as his warm temperature feels good compared to the chilly air that’s been blowing around you. He releases you and backs away.

“You know everything about me and I love you. But it’s too late. And I want you safe more than ever. And me leaving will help you.” He grabs his left sleeve and pulls it up to reveal a dark black tattoo on his inner forearm. He whispers the same sentence he said after your first date when you asked if he was always nice. “For your eyes only.” The realisation of the mark hitting you a few seconds after.

“Draco…” You grab his arm, your fingers wrapping around his wrist, his eyes pooling with tears he’s been holding back. No more words come between you for the seconds that follow that feel like years. You grab him and pull him close to you in an embrace and he doesn’t move, shocked that you didn’t run away screaming. He pulls you closer once he recovers and you both fall to the ground, entwined in each other.

“I didn’t have a choice.” He whispers in the silence. You feel a tear dripping onto your forehead, this broken boy who was born into a bad family, wasn’t bad. He wanted to be good. He wanted to be better than his father. You had known about his family from one of your many drunken nights together. He wanted to get away as soon as possible so he didn’t end up like them. And it hurt you that the boy you loved so much would forever be branded by his parents beliefs. You move your arms from around the back of his neck to the sides of his face, cupping his cheeks. Your thumbs wipe away stray tears and you look him in the eye.

“I know. I don’t want you to leave. I’m not running away. I know you. I know who you really are. I’ve seen the real you with my own eyes. Even if I’m the only one that sees it I will stay by you. And we can fight together. I’ll give everything, if you let me.”

“I don’t want you to die. I can’t lose you, y/n.” He is pleading you with all the strength he can muster. “You’re a half-blood. You’re not safe.”

You close your eyes and place your forehead against his. Both of you just breathing and basking in each other’s presence under the moons glow, thinking about what exactly you’re going to have to fight against in the near future. You open your eyes for a small moment to look at the innocent boy under you. This broken boy who deserves everything in the world who just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. His eyes flutter open and he meets yours once more. You whisper a soft comforting thought to him, “I don’t give a damn, I will fight for you. For us.”


Saving You (Loki x Reader)

Requested by Anon: Hey do you think you could do a Loki one where he saves his girlfriend from being held at gun point, or getting kidnapped, just anything where she’s in real danger. And then she’s shaken up so Loki comforts her and makes her feel safe, idk it just seems cute (:

Your eyes flew open, the light of the room immediately burning them and forcing you to close them again. How had you slept with that bright of a light on?

For a few painful seconds, you watched the light dance and fade before you eyes. You slowly sat up, unable to even process where you were or how you got there. Your head was dizzy and your entire body ached. The dull pain that throbbed on the back of your head refused to give you peace as you tried your best to look around the room for some kind of answers. You made a motion to move your hands and that was when you came to the horrible realization that they were tied together. Your entire body went cold as broken memories of being kidnapped came back to you.


What did they want with you?

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“Do Me Bad” (Pt1)

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9Part 10

Member: Sehun from EXO

Genre: College!au: Angst fluff and soon to be smut?

A/N: This is gonna be a 3 part series (maybe more)

Request: “Can i request an angst/little bit of smut of evil Sehun🙊 a goofy girl becomes quite after she dated/close with evil Sehun but her friends don’t know that. Xx”

“MOVE” you pushed Chanyeol from his seat on the bench and scooted over next to him, stealing some of his fries. “What took you so long” Jongin said, munching on his food. “Sorry, some of us actually have classes you know” you laughed and his face froze, quickly turning into a mocking expression. “Right dork are you coming to my party tonight?” he looked at you.  But before you could reply, you felt a hand on your shoulder. 

“Of course she’s coming” Sehun said with a smile, sitting down next to you. “What makes you so sure?” you chuckled. “Cause I know you like to go all “bad girl” on the weekends.” He smirked at you. “OH PLEASE SEHUN I’M AN INNOCENT FLOWER” you, Chanyeol and Jongin burst into laughter. “I could change that” he said, smirk never leaving his face. “Right well if you’ll excuse me, I have some “bad girl” stuff to do” You said, walking away from the table outside and heading to your dorm to finish up some homework.

It’s been 2 months since college started and things turned out better than you expected. On your first day of college you attended the freshman frat party and met your now current, friend group. When you saw Jongin being ambushed by a drunk girl that was still quite thirsty for him, you butt in and pretended to be his girlfriend, saving him from the situation. You actually started talking and quickly became friends. Chanyeol you met through your classmate. She introduced Chanyeol as her boyfriend to you one day after class and all of you hung out, getting along immediately. All of you started hanging out every day and became the tight friend circle you are today.

Now Sehun was a different story. Jongin and Sehun have been friends since forever and he always tried to introduce you two but you always refused because of the things you’ve heard about him. You heard right about everything. Him being a playboy that switches girls every two days. A bad boy cliché; smokes occasionally, wears a leather jacket and ripped jeans all the time, drinks and well has an arrogant personality. The fact that he is one of the richest people in the country. His dad being the owner of multiple famous companies, he was drowning in money and it made you wonder what his story was. What turned him into this.

That was until you ended up waiting for Jongin at his dorm alone while he ran out to buy some Chicken. Sehun walked in suddenly and refused to leave until Kai came back. You had no other choice than to talk to him. To your surprise, you might have been a bit too judgmental a little too soon. You actually clicked and he was funnier than you thought. His words smooth and somehow you felt comfortable in his presence. Three days later and Sehun started appearing at your lunch table along with Kai and since then all of you have been a little too close.

“White or black?” Sehun asked you, holding two leather jackets on display as you laid on his bed, switching your stare between the two. “Hmmmm……the white one” you pointed at the white leather jacket that probably cost more than your entire closet together. He nodded and took it off the hanger to put it on. “Are you ready or are you just gonna go in your sweatpants?” he raised his eyebrow at you. “WAIT DAMMIT WHEN DOES THIS THING START” you stood up, realizing why Sehun was dressing up. “In 20 minutes you idiot.” He laughed. You grabbed your phone and stormed out of his dorm before you told him to meet you there.

You had 20 minutes to get dressed, put on makeup and get there. There was no way you could have managed that. Fashionably late it is then. You took your time, putting on some subtle makeup and browsing your choice of outfits tonight. You grabbed your black leather jacket, the black ripped jeans that made your butt look better than in any other outfit. A white torn t shirt, short high heeled black boots and your choker.  You took one last look in the mirror before you left, “God I look like Sehun” you laughed. You looked good. Your hair looked soft and flowy, and your figure looked hot, For once. You grabbed your stuff and rushed out the door.

You finally reached the street when you heard loud music and laughter outside the dorm. People were already throwing up outside and you knew you might have been a little too late for the party.

Walking in, you could have sworn the entire school was there. How did Jongin manage to pull this off?. It was loud and dark, only neon lights from the living room shined the place. People were dancing and drinking as you tried to squeeze through them to look for your friends. You were totally lost. You didn’t have any chance finding anyone in this chaos. The smell of all the alcohol and the people made you dizzy. You tried rushing outside in order to breathe some fresh air. Bumping into several people, making them spill their drink on themselves and before you knew it, there was a loud crowd of angry college kids behind you. You started running towards the door, trying to escape while yelling “Sorry!” about 500 times.

A familiar feel of a door knob reached your hand and you ran outside, sighing and catching your breath. All the people that were outside left but there was one dark figure standing in the backyard of the house. Smoke surrounding him, you walked towards the figure, quickly recognizing the white leather jacket.

“You too?” you spoke, facing his back. A cigarette in his hand, Sehun turned around at your sentence and let out a chuckle. “Pretty sure Chanyeol and Jongin are dead cause I didn’t see any sign of them in there.” He positioned his cigarette back in his mouth. You walked to his side, sighing. “I could be in my room right now watching Netflix” You frowned. “But then I wouldn’t get to see you dressed like that.” He scanned you with his gaze, finally reaching your eyes and shooting you a smirk. “I knew you’d like it” you rolled your eyes. “Oh so you dressed like that for me?” Sehun said, biting his bottom lip. 

“No. because I look exactly like you” you let out a laugh still looking at his smirk. “And that’s bad?” he chuckled. “Why are you flirting with me?” you shot up, making his expression fall. “I’m not” he threw the cigarette on the floor and stomped it.

“Right…..look we’re best friends. I’d hate to see you hurt” your expression softened. He laughed at your response “You and Jongin are best friends. You and me? Are not.” He pointed his finger between your bodies. “And you know it.” He rolled his eyes. “Then what are we Oh Sehun?” you narrowed your eyes at him, taking one step closer to him. “I don’t know, you tell me” he turned his body at you, looking down at you. There was a short silence between the two of you before Sehun grabbed your waist suddenly and pulled you closer to his body, yours touching his and eyes set on yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and shot him a condescending look, crooking your head slightly to the side. “What are you doing?” you spoke. 

“What does it look like?” he shot you with the same look. “I don’t know, you tell me.” you looked at his brown hooded eyes. His face turned serious, slowly getting closer to yours. “Shut up.” He breathed out against your lips before he attached his on yours, kissing you slowly and softly at first. When he realized your lips returned his kiss, he increased his and deepened the kiss. It was filled with light lip biting, both of you breathing heavily between touches. His hand traveled to your butt and you let him take the lead. Squeezing your butt, he cupped it and let out a hiss against your lips.

“Fuck you look hot tonight” he said, breathing on your lips, his gaze set on them. “Come with me?” he asked and you knew what that meant. “Why should I?” your eyes met again. “You know why. Because there’s something between us that’s messing me up that I can’t quite put a name on and I dare you to tell me I’m the only one who feels the sexual tension between us the minute you walk into the room”. “I bet the last girl you slept with enjoyed that sentence too.” he scoffed at you and looked away.

 “You really do have a comeback for everything don’t you?” shaking his head at you, you only let a smile across your face. “Fine. I like you. I like you a lot and I have for awhile. Do you believe me now?”  Your smile still remaining on your face, “I already did before, but I just wanted to hear you say it” you smirked. “You never fail to surprise me Y/N” he chuckled and grabbed your hand, leading you to his dorm.


Chapter 6:

Chapter 60:

Chapter 61:

Ichigo is dead. Deader than disco. Dead ever since before he went to Soul Society. Dead ever since before he got his own powers. Not living. Dead. Dead, dead, dead, dead.

Ichigo Kurosaki
July 15, 1985 – July 21, 2001
Rest In Peace

He dead.


For everyone caught up in the shipping drama in Star Vs, allow me to put my two cents in: JanJackie 

Just, like, come on, look at these two and TELL ME they wouldn’t be the coolest and best girlfriends Echo Creek has ever seen 

These pictures have captions that help me make my case a little bit better, but just THINK ABOUT IT. Accept JanJackie. Love JanJackie. They’d be the best girlfriends anyone’s ever seen. 

My shipper friends, please, consider it. Think about this dynamic. 

I rest my case

Team Shook

gif is not mine

Pairing: Reid x Reader (also featuring the team)

Word Count: 1,020

Warnings: slight angst, fluff

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3

Reid bolted down the hallway, leaving Morgan in the living room of the unsub’s house.  If the unsub was going to keep you anywhere in the house, he was going to keep you somewhere the team wouldn’t have suspected.  The unsub didn’t count on Reid being two steps ahead of him, that was his second mistake.  His first mistake was taking you.  He wasn’t about to lose you, not after being with you for more than six months.

You were tied to a chair in the attic of the house.  You could hear Reid’s voice and it brought you some comfort.  Then you heard multiple voices, all of which belonged to your team.  If it wasn’t for the rag that was being used to gag you, you would’ve screamed.

When a bright light was shined in your face, you had to look away.  It had been a couple of days since you’d seen an adequate amount of light.  You couldn’t help but cry when you saw Reid climb into the attic.  Once he untied you and took the piece of cloth out of your mouth, you wrapped your arms around him.

“Spencer,” you breathed.  “You found me.”

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Title: A Huge Mistake (fem! Reader x Peter Parker) 
Summary: After a grueling night of fighting off bad guys and saving his girlfriend, Peter decides there’s only one thing he can do to keep the one he loves safe

Word Count: 1744

Warnings: ANGST!!!

A/N: THIS. Ok so sometimes imagines just hit my hard man, I didn’t even know I was capable of so much angst but I could see it. OKAY…. I hope you enjoy!

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Wash Away (The Mess I’ve Made)

( PROMPT: The reader is the Vulture’s daughter, she’s the enemy of Spider-Man, but she’s friends with Peter in real life. But at one point, she accidentally knows that Peter is Spider-Man, but her father asks her to kill him, but she can’t because it’s his friend and also his crush. ) 

A/N: AHHH this is my second request, so I hope I did it justice?? I was so thrilled to get one, so I hope this is what you were looking for, dear anon! ( If I get begged enough, I’ll make a second part! ) Also in other news: I desperately require a date with Tom Holland. Please give me a date with Tom Holland. 

Taglist: @mainspidey | @x-wing-starwriter | @tomsleftbrow | @tryn25 | @tanglefire

Warnings: Child abuse, so I’ve put it under a read more! 

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Too Late

Fandom: Percy Jackson                                                                               Ship: Percabeth                                                                                               Word Count:                                                                                           Prompt: What if Percy didn’t save Annabeth in time? 

Author’s Note: I’m sorry. I know this will bring back some feels. Hopefully you can forgive me. Enjoy.

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why the fuck are there so many jokes about making mario a serial killer who cheats on princess peach. mario is one of the sweetest videogame characters ever, all he is is just a fat ittalian man and the meanest thing hes ever done is jump on a giant turtle to save his girlfriend


Mood: Be There - Seafret.

Request by: @andysbabygirl : Can you do an imagine where Klaus is in love with you and Damon kills her but Klaus either takes you to witches or turns you. Make it emotional and have some fluff . Thank you :) 

6. “Don’t you die on me”.

So long and horrible, I’m sorry.    

Ever since you and Klaus got together problems have not stopped and they don’t seem to do so any time soon. Being his girlfriend has its good and bad side like everything in life but, despite all the problems and the bad side, you love each other so much to the point to die for the other.

That’s mostly what brought you to the Salvatore’s house and what got you in troubles. In the moment you put a foot in that house, Damon kidnapped you, using you to get to Klaus.

Y/N: “You’ll regret for this, Damon Salvatore. I’m gonna kill everyone and everything you love or care about.”

Damon: “Don’t waste your energy like that, Y/N, besides, no one deserves my grief.”

Y/N: “Does your brother’s girlfriend?” His surprised face appears just for two seconds but you captured it. He comes to you and grabs you by the neck but he doesn’t squeezes it. He’s about to say something but the sound of the door cracking and falling interrupts him. You both turn your gaze to find Klaus totally covered in blood with the most angry face you’ve ever seen.

Klaus: “Get your bloody hands off of her, now.” He doesn’t moves from the door. Damon smiles and turns to face you.

Damon: “Oh, calm down. I’m the one who has the girl.” He grips both of your arms making you stand up. “I think I give the orders now.” You feel a cold and sharp knife on your lower back, immediately you try to warn Klaus but he throws a big piece of wood to Damon which he avoids. Klaus uses Damons distraction to runs towards you but he doesn’t do it fast enough. “What would do the immortal Klaus when not even his blood can save his girlfriend?.” Damon slowly puts out the knife of you and leaves.

The pain you immediately feel combined with the pain on Klaus’ face doesn’t compares to anything. He catches you before you fall to the ground.

Klaus: “Oh, love. Let’s get you out of here.”

Y/N: “Klaus…” You smile. He carries you out of the Salvatore house to the car Rebekah is driving. He says something to her after you both get in the car but you can’t hear it.

Klaus: “It’s okay love, you’re gonna be okay.”

Y/N: “I missed you so much.” You feel tears coming out.

Klaus: “I missed you too.” He tries to smile. “You certainly know how to make a man suffer, don’t you?.” You laugh and silence comes after that.  

Y/N: “I’m not gonna make it.” 

Klaus: “Of course you will, love. You are the strongest person I know so far, you can do anything, I’m pretty sure of that.” 

Y/N: “I tried to do this for us, for this family, Klaus. I’m sorry I failed.” You try to keep your eyes open but they don’t want to.

Klaus: “Wake up, look at me Y/N. Don’t you die on me, love. Wake up! Stay with me, do not leave me, Y/N.” You hear him but you can’t see him anymore, slowly everything turns black and you faint.

“I don’t know what to do… I need you to help me… You’re going to be okay… Come back to me…” You hear fragments of someone’s voice which finally makes you open your eyes slowly. You are in home already.

Y/N: “Klaus.” You automatically mutter.

Klaus: “I’m right here.” He grabs your hand and kisses it. “I need you to help me save you, love. Witches can’t do much and I will not let you die.” His desperate voice makes you think how hard this must be to him.

Y/N: “I love you, Klaus. And I wish I could love you for ever…”

Klaus: “Tell me what do you want me to do, I’m lost.” Tears comes out of his eyes.

Y/N: “You know what to do, don’t be afraid.” He looks at you with doubt in his eyes asking you if you are sure. You nod.

Klaus bites his wrist then pours the blood in your mouth. When you finally swallow the last drop of blood, he hurls himself to you giving you a sweet, passionate and kind of sad kiss.

Y/N: “We’re finally gonna be forever.” You say with a smile before Klaus breaks your neck.

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Black hat x reader where the reader is dating a hero, but Black Hat is Pissed™ because he liked them. So he decides to kill two birds with one stone, and kidnap the reader for himself, and leave the hero with a threatening note and a picture of reader unconscious in his arms. Reader wakes up later and is angry and scared. Cue sassy banter. You decide the rest. Thank you!

OhhHoh YES! I just love this idea! I can’t get over it! 

Jealously, Ignorance | Black Hat x Taken! Reader

{ I made this fic with a fem! reader, i hope that wasn’t a mistake! :( Normally i would make my fics with gender-neutral terms, but the flow of the story seemed to fit so well with a her. }

A/N: I just woke up at 12pm (yes. noon. sometimes i’ll sleep til like 3 pm if nobody bothers me. I’M A LAZY BUM) to a phone call from the manager of the business that i applied for a job at!! AHH! I scheduled an interview for July 6th. This means i’m gonna need to be busting my tooshie and cranking out fics for you all! If i get this job, i’m gonna have about 50-75% of the time on my hands taken from me! :( (but also yay because that means i can buy sick stuff and get that DRAWING TABLET so i can create art for you guys too!!) 

Anyway, my inbox is blown up right now! I’m loving the feedback and support from you all. If you don’t see your fic posted soon, i promise i’ll get to it! I’ll never delete my asks from my lovely supporters!! <3 Okay, enough boohoo time and ON WITH THE FIC! Adios!

“I must go save them. I promise i’ll be back soon, okay?” Jonathan cooed, well .. otherwise known as “Hyper Hex”, a hero to this city. Also Y/N’s boyfriend. Y/N sighed, sitting patiently at the table in Jonathan’s apartment, a lovely at-home dinner date in front of her. Disappointment dripped from her voice. Jonathan gave Y/N a kiss on the forehead, then opened the window and zipped out. 

Two hours had passed, the city was still “in trouble” apparently, and Jonathan- no, Hyper Hex wasn’t anywhere to be seen. At least in the apartment that was. Y/N sat on the couch, a bottle of wine in her hands, a sleepy look in her eyes. She stared dimly at the TV screen. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was on, the episodes seeming to never stop. Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s a marathon. Y/N slowly turned her head, glancing at the clock. 10pm. She sighed, standing up from the couch, slamming the bottle of wine on the coffee table, and stumbling straight to her room. Without even changing from her nice black dress she had put on for the date, she flopped on the bed, hugging the pillow angrily until she fell asleep. 

Black Hat sat on his throne with the the angriest face he’s ever had. “A boyfriend..” He growled. “A HERO BOYFRIEND!!” He boomed. The walls shook, Dr. Flug shivered from his lab. Oh no, Boss was angry, more than usual. Black Hat’s hands turned to claws as they gripped the throne, tearing holes in the red velvet. “She’s MINE!” He shouted, swiping one of the stone busts of himself off it’s pedestal. It flew to the floor, shattering. He oozed with rage, breathing heavily, unpredictably. He marched to the lab, his black coat fanning behind him from the speed he was going. He slammed the door against the wall as he opened it, Dr. Flug shuddering. “Y’Yes sir- Lord Black Hat Sir?” He said, terrified. “Give me the chloroform.” He insisted. “Y-Yes s-” “NOW!” He shouted. Dr. Flug trembled like a coward, running immediately to his chemical cabinet, searching through the bottled for chloroform. He wasn’t gonna bother asking what it was for. He ran back to his boss, handing it to him gently. Without another word, Black Hat spun around, marching out of the lab, his coattails floating behind him accordingly. 

From stalking Y/N for however long he’s had eyes for them, he knew exactly where they lived, from memory. He made his way inside without any mistake. The lights were off, and on the TV was Hyper Hex himself. Hmm. Saving the city. What a good, good boy. Black Hat’s hand clenched furiously, nearly breaking the TV screen. He held himself back.. he wouldn’t want to wake up his girl, would he..?” He crept to the bedroom, the door was open, there was a figure on the bed. Oh how lovely she looked in that black dress. He got closer. How lovely she looked sleeping.. but she wasn’t sleeping in his bed. He barred his shark-like teeth, pulling the cork off the bottle of chloroform, soaking the rag. “Honey, tell me.. does this rag smell like chloroform?” He said, then placed the rag across Y/N’s face. Gently. Her body jolted from shock, but she was only awake for a few more seconds, unable to see through the rag. With one deep breath, she was out again. Black Hat grinned, his glowing eyes flaring up. He laughed evilly, scooping her off the bed and into his arms. “He wasn’t here to save you tonight, Princess.” He said, brushing back her hair. He pulled out a Polaroid, flashing a quick picture of her. Oh she was gorgeous. There on the bed he left the note, and the photo. “The hero wasn’t there to save the innocent girl.The knight put his guard down that night, and the dragon stole the princess away. I promised i’d always protect her. If you truly want her, come get her. OH but do come prepared, the dragon has much waiting for you.” 

Y/N woke up with a gasp. “A nightmare?” Black hat asked from his throne, grinning. He sat relaxed, His chin resting in the palm of one hand, a glass of wine in the other. Wait.. was that wine.. or blood? Y/N yanked at the ropes that bound them. “I must say, you have an incredible taste for wine. Y/N. Too bad Hyper Hex wasn’t there to share it with you on your date night.” He frowned. “What do you want from me? Who are you, why am i here?” Y/N asked, terrified, yet keeping their attitude bold. Black Hat chuckled. “The better boyfriend, that’s who i am. If you were with me, you’d always be safe.” He said, swirling the wine in his glass, glancing down at her. “By the looks of this place, i couldn’t be safe if you surrounded me in pillows and tied me up in a straitjacket.” She remarked. Black Hat chuckled, “Your sass is cute. That’s why i love you.” His gruff voice cooed. Y/N swallowed. “Why me? I don’t even know you!” Y/N said desperately. “But you do.” Black Hat said, standing up. He placed his glass of wine on the side table, slowly approaching her. Y/N got more terrified each step closer he took. “Just think, love. It’s been a few years.. but i’m there.” He grinned, placing his fingers under her chin, slowly sliding them away. Y/N put her head down, then looked back up at his face, squinting, trying so hard. Who was he? What relation did he have with her? She gave up. “Look, you can let me go! I can-” You can what?” Black Hat interrupted, “You can run off, back to your normal life, with your hero boyfriend? I’ll never see you again, i’ll never get the chance to be with you?” His voice got louder, and more aggressive as he went on. He stopped, staring at Y/N’s horrified, yet sad face. She stopped, feeling.. remorse? He loved her, and she’d never seen him a day in her life. “Stay, with me.” He paused, “You can learn to love me, (and trust me, it won’t take that long)” He flicked his collar, smirking. Y/N stared up at him, shaking her head and looking back down. A furious look washed over Black Hat’s face, “Fine.” He said, turning around, and walking out of the room without another word. “W-Wait-!” Y/N shouted. He slammed the door.

Alright alright! Kind of a cliffhanger, but I’ve been writing this for about 2 hours now and i’m thinkin’ about replying to another ask. Did you guys like it? Would you want a more smutty side? Where Black Hat kidnaps her, ties her up.. you get the drift ;). Would you like a part two? Would you like an ending where possibly reader is brainwashed into staying by something BH insists Dr. Flug creates? Would you like an ending where BH is heartbroken and lets his love go? An ending where Hyper Hex comes to save his girlfriend? Would you rather have BH be more aggressive towards reader? LET ME KNOW!! 

I was in the 1D fandom from 2012-2014/5. El was honestly my fav girlfriend even though Lou was my fav. I supported that relationship like it was my own. From what I got from that airport altercation is that a pap was trying to take pictures of el and what looked like he touched her, (they aren’t allowed to do that). Lou stepped in and el walked away. Lou got up in the face of the pap and walked away. He dropped his passport and what loooks like his plane ticket. He trips while trying to pick up the items because the pap was walking to close, causing the pap to fall down also, bumping his head on the floor, hence the misdemeanor charges. Meanwhile, el got attacked by 2 girls who considered themselves as fans when in reality they are jealous b!tches who felt the need to attack an innocent girl. Airport security did nothing. Here comes Louis, saving his girlfriend. What I don’t get is why didn’t airport security do anything before Lou showed up??? Every time I go to an airport, (which is like all the time I am such a traveler) there are always security in baggage claim. I’ve never been to LAX but I am assuming security is 10x more intense than the airports I’ve been to. I am just confused and baffled by all of this.

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