save him jade

is bernie sanders the best person running for president this election? yeah. he is. by a pretty wide margin. but that isn’t saying a lot?? i mean.. how hard is it to be a better person than donald trump? not very. and if elected.. he’ll still be president of the united states. one of the cruelest, most violent countries on the planet. that’s not going to magically disappear because bernie is in office. and also let’s not forget that many elected officials don’t really follow up on their campaign promises. bernie sanders isn’t going to start a revolution. his supporters really need to stop acting like hes is america’s perfect hero, and like doubting him, disliking him, or criticizing him is damning us all to hell.

edit: originally this post read “america’s messiah” instead of “america’s perfect hero”. it was a very poor, thoughtless choice of words on my part, and i’m sorry.