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When social media reminds me that Murdoch Mysteries XI production starts today

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Bu then I remember that it will take us several months to actually have literally anything of season 11

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And whenever we are reminded that one of our constables is dead:

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And even worse: whenever I know that Globosat Mais haven’t even acquired season 10 yet, so the Brazilian fans are stuck in an eternal loop of reruns and VOD between s2 and s9

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But then I see a light at the end of the tunnel:

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There are fanfics!

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There are fans we can interact with on tumblr:

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And then everything is beautiful and happy again

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At least until we find out what happens in 11x01

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Instagram post by Yannick Bisson • May 26, 2017 at 4:35pm UTC
856 Likes, 71 Comments - Yannick Bisson (@yannick_bisson) on Instagram: “Definitely a funeral going on @cbcmurdoch”


But let’s just take a minute to analyse this photo and take some nice educates guesses as to who MIGHT be who.

The guy right next to Yannick’s ear in that photo looks a bit like Lachlan due to the height, body shape and something just tells me that’s Lachlan.

Next to him, looks like Kristian, but it’s hard to say.

No sign of Jonny, unless that guy in the top(ish) left next to the guy with his hat off is Jonny.

But, what I wanna know, is why that constable that might be Kristian is holding a gun???

If it’s any guess, I think this is Davis’ funeral, and everybody had to attend, and Murdoch is there to ask George something. I don’t think it’s any of the constables, just a hunch.

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19. "What are you doing?" "Hiding." With Spot and Race??

Thank you! It was @musicalsandmayhemandmurderohmy
’s idea to make Spot a boiler repair man at like 3.30am one night so merci~


It was a business card that saved Racetrack Higgins from his hell. ‘Spot Conlon- boiler repairs’.

Mr. Higgins found the business card pinned up in the local supermarket and took it down, threw it in a box of miscellaneous papers and forgot about it.

Fast forward to about three months later and you’ll find Mrs. Higgins sitting down with a cup of tea yelling at her husband while he searches through files to find the card.

“Aha! It’s okay babe, I found the card.”


Spot Conlon was driving his van after putting down the phone. He had been called for a job by a Mr. Higgins and he had been told it was ‘urgent’.

Spot scoffed. Urgent was always code for an angry spouse making them call the  boiler man two weeks ago and they had forgotten.

He drove up to an average suburban house with a white picket fence. He looked around, sighing heavily before getting out and knocking on the door. A well dressed man with slicked back hair and a gruffly voice opened it.

“Hello Mr. Higgins, I’m Spot Conlon, boiler repairman and all around handyman.”

“Hello Mr. Conlon, come right this way.” Mr. Higgins showed Spot through the hallways and down towards the kitchen where he flipped on the kettle. “Tea or coffee?”

“Neither actually, I’d rather just get started.”

“Okay then. The hot press is down the hall, third door on the left.”

Spot saluted and found the hot press quickly. However, when he opened the door he was in for a surprise.

“Who are you?” Spot looked at the skinny figure who was hunched on his knees beside the boiler, hands shaking slightly and eyes shifting from side to side as he spotted Spot.

“You can call me Race.”

“Follow up question. What are you doing?”


“From who?” The figure on the floor, or Race should Spot say, just shakes his head and remains silent. “Is someone hurting you?”

Race pauses for a moment, hesitant, before nodding slowly.

“Alright.” Spot chewed his lip. “I’m gonna fix this boiler. Then your going to come quietly with me and get into the back of my van okay?”

“Is that an innuendo?” Race blurted out before covering his mouth quickly. Spot snorted before shaking his head and fixing the boiler. Luckily it didn’t take long as it was an easy fix.

“Alright, I’ll be back in two minutes, I’m just gonna find your dad and get my pay. Stay here.”

With that, Spot ran out and went looking for Mr. Higgins. “Mr. Higgins? Mr. Higgins!” Then Spot heard a terrified scream. He swore and ran to the hot press, knowing where and who that scream came from.

“What are you doing?” Spot asked for the second time that day. This time there was a lot more anger in his voice though, a fury that was unmatched by anything he ever felt before. Mr. Higgins had a nearly unconscious Race against the wall by his neck, limp body hanging above the ground.

“Let go of him.” Spot growled.

“Or what?”

“Or I’ll tell social services.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me. Race is coming with me.”

“Anthony isn’t going anywhere.” Mr. Higgins said snidely.

“Why yes, yes he is.” Spot smirked before he threw Mr. Higgins off of his son. Spot looked at Race and knew he wouldn’t be running any time soon. He swore softly again before picking the skinnier lad up and running out with him.


When Race awoke, he was laying in a soft yet small bed in a yellowish bedroom.

“You’re awake finally.”

Race jumped at the voice, whipping his head around the see the short and stocky young man sitting in a chair beside him.

“I’m Spot by the way. I’m not sure I told you that, or if you remember. I’m 21. You’re in my bedroom. I’m pretty sure that’s all you need to know. Now tell me about you.”

“I’m…Race. I’m 19. I’m in your bedroom. Why?”

“'Cause your dad is an asshole?” The older man shook his head. “Look, do you need a place to stay? Like, do you wanna stay here?”

“If it’s not too much bother…”
Race rubbed the back of his neck.

“Course not. The other lads are always around anyway.”

“Thanks.” Race blushed.


Three months later and Race is fitting in well with the other boys (known formally as the Brooklyn Boys) but especially Spot. He ends up dating his saviour and he helps him through the nightmares and hard times.

Race can’t love him any more than he already does.



I’ve been waiting for this day all week and it’s finally here!

Murdoch Memeday (it sounds so silly but I’m sticking with it!)

I wanna see your shizzle you’ve all come up with. This took less time than I thought it would, but man I love it so much xD