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Hi, I was wondering if you could make a comparison between a female enfp and a female ENTP because I'm not very sure about which one of the two I am! ( because I know there are not many enf/tp female characters if it is easier for you males are fine as well)! Thank you very much

Right, time for a little chat about Claudia from Warehouse 13 and Anne Shirley.

I’ll skip the Ne/Si. Why bother at this point? Let’s go straight to Fi/Ti and Te/Fe.

Claudia is an ENTP. She’s always messing with systems at work and rebuilding them from scratch, or rigging up a new computer tech that overrides everything and causes problems, but she’s not worried because she can fix it. Her interests are primarily machines. That’s what she digs the most – the cool stuff she can get her hands on at the Warehouse. Impersonal things, she can fix. Hallmark of a thinker type – interests that are electronics based or don’t specifically revolve around humans.

Along with all that Ti comes a healthy amount of Fe. She wants to fit in. To have “people.” A “gang.” She cares what other people think about her. She cares about impressing Artie. She whines about her feelings once in awhile. And she’s objective in her morals. No subjective inner rumination here; she can be persuaded by emotional appeals. When they think about terminating H.G. to save the world, she kinda wigs out a bit because “dude, that’s cold” and “that’s sad.” She goes off to cry about it. She gets pissy frequently with Artie whenever he calls into question her intelligence, or her capability in doing her job. She gets mad, and lets people have it, and then gets over it, and talks it through (how it made her feel – “You talk down to me!”). She has to do that before she can fully heal and move on… but when she’s mad at someone, and they appeal to her to listen or give them a chance, she does. She can’t help it. Fe.

Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables is a whole other ball of wax. She has to be herself at all costs. She is highly emotional but also intensely private about her feelings. She actually refuses to let Diana come and spend the night to comfort her after Matthew dies, because she thinks Diana has no business doing so – it is not her grief, and it is a different kind of grief that only Anne and Marilla share. Fi. She absolutely refuses to have anything to do with Gilbert, literally for YEARS, after he hurts her feelings, despite his repeated attempts to make nice. Her inner values were violated and it takes her a long time to move past it. Her interests are all subjective and personal to her – her writing, her teaching. She meddles with people once in awhile but mostly prefers to prioritize the opinions of those who matter most to her. Other people fall outside her inner circle. The moral rules she has for herself are influenced by no one else; they are hers alone.

Te flares up occasionally when she makes lesson plans… or lets someone have it with her brutal, cutting wit, which is entirely rooted in frank facts. No means no with Anne… and it means no forever unless she decides otherwise. No appeals can change her mind. She is a woman of action, a planner, particularly as she gets older – someone who can take Te and keep her students in line.

Hope that helps.