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Community is Canceled

Don’t touch me…

Is this the darkest timeline?

So, NBC just cancelled COMMUNITY. A few weeks ago I had the good fortune of watching the G.I. Joe episode premiere at creator Dan Harmon’s house with many of the people who work on the show. I met the people who put their blood, sweat, and tears into the making of the relentless underdog, comeback kid, Rocky-esque show that Community has been for five seasons. Meeting the people in front of the camera like Joel McHale, and the innumerable people who worked behind the camera, it was obvious that everyone who worked on this show knew how special it was, and how in danger it was.

I think it’s unfortunate that NBC was too side-tracked by short term ratings to be able to see that letting a future classic like Community properly finish it’s six season run would ultimately be a wise decision. 

That said, I think chances are good that this is not the end of Community. Netflix, Hulu, Comedy Central… maybe even Kickstarter? We’re just one season and a movie short of bringing this story to a proper conclusion.


A poster I made for Community to hang in my new room.  I used the TV Guide Magazine pictures and then some pictures of classic moments from the show. 


As almost all of you already know, our show has been cancelled by nbc. This sucks, but with a cult following like it has, it would make sense for someone else to pick it up and continue to produce new content. The most common places I’ve seen cited as being likely are Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Comedy Central, with Netflix being the most popular right now for the focus of efforts in getting a renewal. Well, STOP MESSAGING NETFLIX.

A rep from Netflix stated this morning that no, Netflix will not be picking the show up. And yes, it’s good to be persistent, but I think it’s fairly likely the reason behind them saying no is the fact that currently, HULUowns the rights to broadcast the show via streaming.

Let me say that againn:


If there is anywhere we should be concentrating our efforts right now, it’s there, as acquiring the rights from hulu for netflix is probably more work than they’re willing to go through. Hulu wouldn’t have to go through that hassle.

There is a way to send hulu emails from their website (which i can’t link to since I’m in Canada) that will allow us to give them the suggestion to pick the show up. Like others, I’ve already messaged them, and they replied with this

Hi Hailey,

Thanks for getting in touch with us, and thanks for the suggestion! Here at Hulu, we’re fans of Community as well, so we definitely appreciate the message. I’ll pass your request to our content team here. While that’s not a guarantee, we’re always looking to expand our library of original content, and Community would make a great addition!

If there’s anything else I can do – or if there are any other shows you’d like to see added to Hulu – please let me know.

KateAshley C.
Hulu Support

If that’s not encouraging I don’t know what is! And if enough of us (nicely) send in the suggestion to add Community to their content, it would make a HUGE difference in their consideration.

So let’s please PLEASE stop focusing our efforts on Netflix, because if we’re going to save our show, we have to be united, and our best bet right now seems to be hulu.

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We want to send out our official congrats to OSCAR WINNER Jim Rash. A talented writer and funny dude who absolutely steals this video. 

“This mission has gone pear shaped, indeed.”

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