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I’m not sure if someone talked about it but:
isn’t it poetic that Killian hated (his) king(dom)/royalty bc he thought they took his brother from him and then he kinda saves king George because Charming was about to kill him?
If Charming had killed him, his heart would have darkened and then Killian would have lost the person most similar to his brother whom he ever knew.

  • teacher: *mentions chromosomes*
  • me: nice filthy frank reference

Part Two of the classic rock card thing- I felt bad about leaving the rest of the band members out!

Honestly the whole subplots and holes jk Rowling gives us in interviews and such is great and the cursed child concept was grand but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY DO WE NOT HAVE A WEASLEY FAMILY 9 POV (AUTO)BIOGRAPHY.

In HP we see mainly Ron and Ginny and that’s great but i want CHAPTERS of FRED AND GEORGES PRANKS AND TRIUMPHS AND DETENTIONS AND JUST HOW THEY FIGURED OUT TO SAY “I SOLEMNLY SWEAR I AM UP TO NO GOOD” . I want to know the full story of how Arthur and Molly met and such and why bill is so damn rock n roll. Why Charlie chose to be a dragon man (and cough cough asexually fabulous just an idea) why Percy acted like such a prick.

I want to know what Ginny wrote in that diary in the first place (bc you KNOW there’s some juicy weasley drama in there) and how Ron came to love Hermione.

I want ginnys and Charlie’s diary entries and George and Fred’s doodles on parchment. Molly’s recipes and Arthur’s blue prints for Muggle contraptions. AND RON god the freaking drama that boy has think of what he thought meeting HARRY POTTER FOR THR FIRST TIME!!!!!!Every postcard and letter and sketches and awards and EVERYTHING WE’VE BEEN ROBBED OF.

Awkward Dinners


Authors Note: okay so this was more of an idea from a chat im in a jesus christ. there will be a part 2 [the actual dinner] and possibly a pt 3 idk

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton/Thomas Jefferson ft. Washingdad

Fandom: Hamilton The Musical

Word count: 741 

Date published: December 21st016

It was a warm summer night, the birds were chirping, the sun just setting, the haze of yellow and orange blurring over the skyline was a sight that Alex wholeheartedly enjoyed. The view was even better with his boyfriend, Thomas.

Alex wasn’t sure if his adoptive father, George, would agree with his rose-tinted views of Thomas, but he didn’t care. He was young and in love.

While sitting up on the rooftop feeling the warm, heavy air, and hearing the soft breathing of Thomas, Alex felt fully relaxed for once. He didn’t have to worry about homework, he didn’t have to worry about spending countless hours crying over his math finals; he was free for the next three months.

A soft rumble made its way through the air, and Alex quickly stood, grabbing Thomas’ hand, and pulling him up. “Come on, he’s home!”

George was always a distinguished man. He wore t-shirts and cargo shorts, and he always wore those god awful sandals with his mid-calf, white socks. He drove a rather large, black truck, with a very noticeable, loud motor. Alex always knew when he was coming by the loud roar of his father’s truck,

Thomas stood, the nerves flashing full on his face. It was his first time meeting Alex’s father figure, and he wanted to make a good impression. He was so nervous, he was sweaty and shakey, and god! He just wanted Alex’s dad to approve of him.

Running across the rooftop, and through the sliding glass windows, that connected Alex’s bedroom to the rooftop balcony, Thomas grabbed his boyfriends arm.

“What if he doesn’t like me? Alex, I can’t stand the thought of losing you…” The panic crept into his voice as he statred, wide-eyed, at Alex.

Alex let out a loud sigh, quickly stopping his march, and pulling Thomas into a hug. He knew his father would love him almost as much as he did, even if he tried scaring him to death.

Thomas took a deep breath, wrapping his arms tighter around Alex’s torso, burying his face into the shorter mans hair. He took a deep breath, the scent of firewood and coconut, something purely Alex, calming his nerves almost immediately. That was, until the rumble got louder, shutting off with a dull screech.

Alex broke apart from the embrace as the downstairs door opened. “Alex? I’m home!” The voice of his father rang out, and a smile burst onto his face as he turned to face Thomas.

“Ready?” He questioned, not  giving Thomas a chance to respond before he dragged him out of the room by his wrist. For such a small man, he had a lot of power hidden in the sleek sarms.

“George! I have someone I want you to meet!” Alex called out, walking through the twists and turns of their house.

Thomas felt his stomach drop as the thick silence hung in the air.

The pair stepped into the front room, and stood side-by-side, listening to the footsteps come up the stairs.

Alex was bouncing with excitement. He was happy, and in love, and he couldn’t wait to show off his beau to his father, soemone he trusted with damn near everything he did.

Thomas, on the other hand, felt more nervous as he glanced over at the far wall, eyes gazing over the numerous pictures hung upon the wall. Almost all of the pictures were of a very buff George, from his boxing days. There was a pair of boxing mitts mounted on the wall at the very top, and a nice, shiny rifle hung right smack-dab in the center of the plethora of pictures.

Thomas gulped, turning away from the wall and looking up at the large, towering man that stood in front of the pair.

“George, this is my boyfriend, Thomas.” Alex paused, looking between the two, before nudging Thomas’s shoulder. “Thomas, say hi-!”

Thomas blanked, his eyes trained on the muscles and bulk of the man. “H-Hello, sir.” His voice cracked and stuttered. Embarrassed, his cheeks lit up like a hot fire.

\ George didn’t answer, his eyes burning straight through Thomas’ skull. If looks could kill, he was sure he’d just be a puddle on the Washington-Hamilton carpet.
“So, can he stay for dinner? Martha’s got it cooking, and she says it’s okay as long as it’s alright with you.”

Thomas had one thought going through his mind, what had Alex gotten him into?

What Dating George Weasley Would Include:

- Endless amount of cuddles.
- Helping tutor him with his homework.
- George coming to you for your opinion on every new prank Fred and him create.
- George saving a spot for you everyday in class, and shoving Fred out of it when he tries to steal it.
- Making fun of Draco together.
- Him waiting for you every morning in the common room so you two can catch breakfast together.
- George asking you to the Yule Ball in the most romantic way in the Gryffindor common room in front of all of your friends.
- George being in complete and utter awe when he first sees you at the dance.
- Him trying to kiss you all night and whispering sweet nothings in your ear as you two dance together.
- Dancing widely together all night long at the Ball and having the time of your lives.
- George escorting you back to your dorm room and sweetly kissing you goodnight.
- Playing three truths and a lie together, despite the fact that you two practically know everything about one another.
- Ginny looking up to you and growing an extremely close friendship with her.
- Sneaking around the castle together after hours just to play harmless pranks on each other.
- Making insults and poking fun at Umbridge behind her back.
- Comforting each other after gruesome detentions with the pink toad.
- “Y/n look what she did to you! I’m gonna make that bloody git pay for what she did. She’s vile and someone needs to put her in her place.”
- “Georgie it’s alright honestly. We just need to get through this year and we’ll be fine!”
- Practicing nonstop with Dumbledore’s army.
- Constantly stealing all of George’s jumpers just so you can wear them.
- Having a close tight knit friendship with Fred and him treating you like a sister always looking out for you.
- Going to the Quidditch World Cup together every year.
- Falling asleep on George’s lap on the train ride to Hogwarts and him playing with your hair.
- George teaching you how to play Quidditch.
- Laughing at the simplest of things together.
- Going to all of his matched and cheering loudly with his jersey number painted on your cheek in a rich scarlet and gold colors.
- Practically praising him after every game, even the ones they lost, on how amazing he played.
- George spoiling you with small meaningful gifts here and there.
- A infinite number of inside jokes.
- Molly absolutely loving you and inviting you to all their family get together and knitting you your very own Weasley sweater on your first Christmas together with the Weasley family.
- Still stealing George’s cozy ‘G’ sweater even though you have your own.
- Going on the annual Hogsmeade trips together and trying to sneak into the pubs together.
- Scolding George for days on end after the whole ear incident.
- Making ear puns back and forth to one another once you get used to his missing ear.
- “Hey darling, I guess you could say I’m Saint like.”
“What do you mean, love?”
“Well I’m Holy… Get it like my ear is gone…. and it’s just a big hole so I’m holy!”
“Yes of course you crazy fool I get it now go back to bed you need to get some rest.”
- Helping both the twins manage Weasley Wizard Wheezes.
- George being overprotective of you and constantly threatening other students for looking at you.
- Sneaking small kisses in between classes.
- Holding hands together almost all the time.
- Meeting up with each other in the Gryffindor common room after hours just so you two can talk more.
- George making up stupid excuses just so he can kiss you.
- "Y'know love, someday I’m gonna marry you.”
“Why on earth would you ever want to marry me, Georgie?”
“So I can kiss you anytime I want.”
- Talking about you future lives together and how many kids you want.
- "I think we should have a huge family! You will be an amazing mother and our kids will the most adorable children in the world.”
- Making ginger jokes to him.
- Helping dress each other for Bill and Fleur’s wedding.
- George making funny faces at you while the couple are exchanging their vows.
- Dancing around carefree all night long.
- George proposing to you in the middle of the Battle of Hogwarts.
- “Y/n I love you so much, you mean the absolute world to me and I couldn’t imagine living my life out with anyone else by my side-”
“Besides Fred… anyways what I’m trying to say is you’re my world. You’re beautiful, intelligent, and you find my pranks funny which is always a plus and you even join in on them! Y/n would you make me the happiest man to walk this earth and… marry me?”
- George refusing to let you leave his side during the battle.
- Comforting him relentlessly after the death of his brother.
- George slowly slipping away after Fred passes away but you managing to hold him together by a small thread.
- “Y/n, thank you for sticking with me through all of this. I love you so much.”
“I love you too, darling.”
- Getting married a few months after the war and having six lovely, red headed, children together.
- Teaching George how to French braid your youngest twin daughters hair.
- "Why the bloody hell is this so complicated! Girls what do you say about just wearing your hair in normal braid today, hm?”
- Taking your eldest child, Fred ll, to Kings Cross station his first time going to Hogwarts and George holding you as you cry a river of tears.
- Fred ll coming back on his holiday break rambling on about a ghost at the castle that looks just like his father that plays all sorts of pranks on all the other students leaving George and yourself stunned.

-daizy xxx


This is the reason why George Harrison is the greatest Beatle.

How George Harrison Saved Monty Python

I noticed when Jaime and Brienne are having emotional moments Jaime always inhales his breath and Brienne’s chin always quibbles and each time they meet they become more and more exaggerated, like Brienne looked like her chin was having a little dance when she left Jaime’s tent and Jaime was practically panting when he saw Brienne on the boat. So as much as I want them to meet up again asap I’m kinda scared that Jaime will forget how to breathe and Brienne will break her fucking jaw if they do.