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SO IN “More than Survive”, JEREMY STARTS SINGING HIS LITTLE, “I don’t wanna be a hero” line, and the music is just piano, right?
When Michael makes an entrance, he sings about Bob Marley and the background music matches his style.


In More than Survive Reprise, Jeremy is singing a similar line and guess what? 
the background music is the same as Michael’s Bob Marley!!
Then, there’s a loud trumpet burst and the Marley music stops.

You can fucking hear squip optic nerve blocking Michael.



  • IN ANOTHER LIFE ( 01 ) ( 02 ) ( 03 ) ⇢ in which barry allen alters the timeline and sets foot on a universe where his once best friend and first love is alive
  • LOVE & BEAUTY   in which team flash captures someone who is thought to be a metahuman, but is really a daughter of the goddess of love and beauty; aphrodite.
  • DOPPELGANGER  in which the reader is a villain from earth-2, sent by zoom to kill the flash. but when she realizes that the flash’s doppelganger is the man she unconditionally loves on their earth, she rebels against zoom’s orders and the idea of killing the flash is no longer an option.
  • FOR YOUR EYES ONLY    in which you’re a fairy and for the first time, you let barry get a glimpse of your wings.
  • THE MANDELA EFFECT ( 01 ) ( 02 ) ( 03 ) ( 04 ) ⇢  in which barry allen returns to the original timeline and discovers that he has gained another seemingly important person to his life.
  • POINT PROVEN ⇢  in which barry convinces you that he’s definitely not a bad kisser, and gets caught in the process by joe while doing so.
  • NO WORRIES ⇢  in which you meet his family for the first time and realize that your overthinking was ridiculous after all.
  • HAPPIER ⇢  in which you realize that barry is happier now that you are no longer part of his life.
  • EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY ⇢  in which you assure him that everything will be alright despite his mistake in changing the timeline.
  • IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU ⇢ in which the cliche best friends turned into lovers is portrayed in this cheesy imagine. 
  • WARNING ⇢  in which he goes to the future and comes back with not only iris to look after, but you as well.
  • THE THREE OF US ⇢  in which you’re bearing a child and tell them in the least expected way possible, also opening an opportunity for barry to say something he’s been meaning to say for a while.
  • SECRET LOVE AFFAIR ⇢  in which your relationship is kept as a secret and you do something about it.
  • WORTHY ⇢  in which you think you’re not worthy enough to be his girlfriend and he tells your otherwise.
  • IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS ⇢  in which he tries to cook to impress but ends up in a complete disaster.


  • THE AMUSING BOY AT THE AMUSEMENT PARK   in which you meet your soulmate at the amusement park and you’re not disappointed.
  • THE SINGING BANSHEE  in which you used to be a famous singer but due to the particle accelerator explosions, things change; but apparently, cisco still shows his adoration to you when you meet for the first time.
  • THE OTHER WAY AROUND   in which you’re the knight in shining armor and he’s the one who needed to be saved.


  • TOGETHER   in which he discovers that you’re pregnant and his reaction is the exact opposite of what you were expecting it to be.
  • YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME ( 01 ) ( 02⇢ in which julian albert is actually draco malfoy and you, who was his lover back in hogwarts, finds him again after the years he has spent hiding away from the wizarding world.
  • DIVE   in which he doesn’t think your feelings are true and gets both of your hearts broken in the end.



  • TO DATE THE SLYTHERIN PRINCE  in which no matter what, you refuse to love anyone else other than draco malfoy.
  • YOU COULD’VE ASKED! ⇢  in which draco malfoy finally has the guts to say that he is in love with you, his best friend and longest companion.
  • NOBODY LIKE YOU   in which she’s insecure about her shy personality compared to his and he reassures that he loves her no matter what.
  • ETERNITY   in which a mistake strengthens the relationship you have with him.
  • DATING DRACO WOULD INCLUDE …   just a list of headcanons on how he would be a boyfriend.
  • WATERMELON & MINT   in which you’re best friends and yet you smell each other’s scent in amortentia, also known as the strongest love potion in the world.
  • FRENEMIES ⇢  in which you two couldn’t stand each other but from time to time, it doesn’t seem that way anymore.
  • DRUNKEN NIGHTS ( 01 ) ( 02⇢ in which you’re drunk and he takes care of you, also having the opportunity to hear you talk nonsense in your state.
  • VERSUS KRUM ⇢ in which he’s jealous and makes it official that it is he that you are dating and not krum. 
  • INTRUDER ( 01 ) ( 02⇢ in which out of all the possible rooms inside the girls’ dormitories, it just happens that it’s yours that he stumbles upon after hiding from a certain pug-faced girl.
  • IN PREPARATION FOR THE YULE BALL ( 01 ) ( 02⇢ in which you are forced to practice dancing with the cocky and charming draco malfoy for the yule ball.
  • PEANUT BUTTER AND JEALOUS ⇢ in which feelings are revealed when he starts to act grumpy towards you after being friendly with neville. 
  • SHE’S MINE  in which he makes it clear to a persistent boy that you’re his and nobody else’s.
  • YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME ( 01 ) ( 02in which julian albert is actually draco malfoy and you, who was his lover back in hogwarts, finds him again after the years he has spent hiding away from the wizarding world.
  • THE PERFECT MATCH  in which you balance him out and gives him the feeling of what it’s like to be happy and alive.
  • BITTERSWEET ( 01 ) ( 02⇢ in which you love him but you’re too blinded by heartbreak for it to matter.
  • HATRED ( 01 ) ( 02⇢ in which you’re harry’s twin sister and unlike his feelings for your brother, his rude and obnoxious demeanor has another meaning behind it.
  • ONLY HER   in which you’re a muggle and despite his parents’ protests, makes it clear that it is only you whom he wants and love.
  • EARN IT  in which you’re not easy to have and he proves how persistent he can be in just scoring one date with you.
  • FRATERNIZING WITH THE ENEMY   in which your love and relationship with him is considered as betrayal by harry potter and frankly, you do not care.
  • TIMELINE   just a set of scenes throughout the years you have spent with draco malfoy.


  • BUSTED   in which he’s not as strict as he is with the rules in hogwarts as he is in the burrow.
  • GALAXY   in which he confesses under the stars after sneaking out late at night for an astronomy assignment.


  • I GOT THE GIRL   in which he gets the girl after a well thought plan that involved getting out of each other’s comfort zones.
  • STUDY BUDDIES   in which you’re forced to tutor him and if he improves, he asks if it’d be okay to take you out on a date.
  • MISUNDERSTANDING   in which he wakes up and sees you half-naked, ultimately leading to confusing thoughts about what happened the night before.
  • COLOR ME BLUE  in which he volunteers to help you paint your room in a muggle household.
  • SHAMEFUL FLIRTING   in which he’s hurt and he still has the nerve to flirt.
  • DEATH ( 01 ) ( 02 ) ( 03 ) ( 04 ) ( 05⇢ in which fred meets the grim reaper — someone who guides the people after death, leading them towards the afterlife.
  • SHARING IS CARING  in which he shares his knowledge about the hidden kitchen of hogwarts with you just because he likes you.
  • BETTER LATE THAN NEVER  in which he confesses on the night of the yule ball.
  • DATING FRED WEASLEY WOULD INCLUDE …   just a list of headcanons on how he would be a boyfriend.


  • PRANK WARS   in which a classic prank war is put into stop after professor lupin gets involved.
  • THIEF  in which the reader saves george weasley from professor snape through an extraordinary and interesting way.
  • BEING BEST FRIENDS BEFORE DATING GEORGE WEASLEY WOULD INCLUDE …   just a list of headcanons on how your relationship with him evolved before he became your boyfriend.
  • HEALER OF HEARTS ⇢  in which george weasley injures himself on purpose after one interesting conversation with a healer at st. mungo’s hospital for magical maladies and injuries.
  • KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR   in which he protects you in a time of distress.
  • IRISH, YOU WOULD KISS ME ⇢ in which you buy a piece of clothing that really makes him wish that bulgaria doesn’t win for today’s match against ireland.
  • MUDBLOOD ⇢ in which he’s triggered when he hears someone call you a mudblood. 
  • INTERNATIONAL LOVE   in which you’re american and it’s the first time you’re meeting his family.
  • IN AMIDST OF A WAR  in which you were best friends, like siblings as you often tell the others, but just as the battle of hogwarts is taking place, one of you decides that it’s the best time to confess certain feelings — not exactly the right moment when you may or may not face death while protecting the castle.
  • BACK HOME   in which you return back in his arms after months of recollecting yourself and thinking about what you’ve become over and over.


  • IRRESISTIBLE ⇢ in which you avoid him because of your growing feelings and he confronts you about it. 
  • HERO   in which you’re the person he would miss the most and has to save on the second task of the triwizard tournament.


  • TIMELINE just a set of scenes throughout the years you have spent with harry potter.
  • SKINNY LOVE  in which you both like each other but neither is willing to say something until pansy reveals your secret attraction towards him on purpose.


  • THE SACRED SECRET   in which everybody else thinks you’re meant to be, and he does too.
  • LITERAL CHASERS   in which chasers from the gryffindor quidditch team makes you jealous because of how they fawn over your obviously good looking boyfriend.
  • TEENAGE RUNAWAYS   in which you make the big decision of running away from your abusive family and sirius supports your decision as he has done the same.
  • REGRETS ⇢  in which sirius recalls his biggest regret when he visits your grave after escaping azkaban.


  • HEARTLESS   in which you’re depicted as heartless but he knows otherwise.
  • THE BRO CODE  in which he likes you and nobody knows, that is until he sees you kissing sirius that he finally makes it clear that he does.


  • SURVIVOR  in which he tells her a big secret of his and gets an even better reaction of what he was anticipating to come.
  • TIMELINE just a set of scenes throughout the years you have spent with remus lupin.
  • IMPRINT  in which the reader imprints on remus john lupin when she attends her childhood friend’s wedding.

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Honestly the whole subplots and holes jk Rowling gives us in interviews and such is great and the cursed child concept was grand but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY DO WE NOT HAVE A WEASLEY FAMILY 9 POV (AUTO)BIOGRAPHY.

In HP we see mainly Ron and Ginny and that’s great but i want CHAPTERS of FRED AND GEORGES PRANKS AND TRIUMPHS AND DETENTIONS AND JUST HOW THEY FIGURED OUT TO SAY “I SOLEMNLY SWEAR I AM UP TO NO GOOD” . I want to know the full story of how Arthur and Molly met and such and why bill is so damn rock n roll. Why Charlie chose to be a dragon man (and cough cough asexually fabulous just an idea) why Percy acted like such a prick.

I want to know what Ginny wrote in that diary in the first place (bc you KNOW there’s some juicy weasley drama in there) and how Ron came to love Hermione.

I want ginnys and Charlie’s diary entries and George and Fred’s doodles on parchment. Molly’s recipes and Arthur’s blue prints for Muggle contraptions. AND RON god the freaking drama that boy has think of what he thought meeting HARRY POTTER FOR THR FIRST TIME!!!!!!Every postcard and letter and sketches and awards and EVERYTHING WE’VE BEEN ROBBED OF.


I figured I should probably make it easier for you guys, so I’ve made a Masterlist of all my Dunkirk imagines.

Aneurin Barnard

He proposes 

You see him again at a high school reunion

He comforts you after you see Dunkirk

You realize you love him

You’re attracted to one another

Barry Keoghan

You go to his Dunkirk premiere (MxM)

He gets hurt on set

He takes care of you while drunk

You get hurt and he gets protective

You have a nightmare

You end up in the hospital

He takes care of you when you get a migraine

Cillian Murphy

Feelings are admitted

You’re his co-star

Your brother sets you Up

Fionn Whitehead

You meet on set  

Cillian gets protective when you two flirt

He takes care of you when your sick

You get into a fight

He comforts you after a bad day

He sings you to sleep

The cast forces you to admit your feelings

He asks your brother for permission to marry you

He surprises you (smut)

You save him from fans

Jack Lowden

You meet him at the pub

He gets jealous

You meet him at the Dunkirk premiere

He admits his feelings at movie night

You work with him on set

You fly with him in a Spitfire

You meet his parents

He asks you to move in with him

You get married

He’s your ‘fake’ date for the VMA’s

He comes home drunk

He knows too much about your perfume

You’re reunited after 6 years

He drags you home after getting jealous

You’re Harry’s ex but fall in love with him

He just wants to cuddle 

You see each other again after a break ip

He proposes 

Some sexual tension is relieved after dancing together (smut)

He takes you to Scotland for your birthday

He takes you to a haunted house

Tom Glynn-Carney

You surprise him for his premiere

He’s your best friends brother

You have a panic attack (Brother)

Harry introduces the two of you

Harmless flirting leads to more (smut)

Tom Hardy

You’re attracted to one another

He stops you from marrying someone else

He defends you in front of the media

Pregnancy reveal



He shows his caring side


You help him get home

You’re his nurse

You tell your brother your dating him

You help him out of the cockpit

You clean him up after a fight


He comes home from Dunkirk

You help hin get to the beaches of Dunkirk 


You tell him you love him


You comfort him after George gets hurt

You help him with Georges article


He saves your life

You meet on the train

You welcome him home (male x male)

Shivering Soldier

You comfort him





For @nexiumkreeth…reader is female as requested. Enjoy! (honestly, i’m good with writing anything that means Fred lives)

Y/N sprinted through the massive castle that was Hogwarts. She cast spells as she ran in an attempt to help anyone she could. Spotting Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, Y/N skid to a halt. A few dementors were heading toward the four. Without hesitation, Y/N sent her patronus after the soul-suckers.

Both Weasleys gave a nod of appreciation. Y/N turned back to the battle at hand. She shot stun spells at anything that was black and moving through the air. She glanced over her shoulder to see the four had dispersed. Seeing no one in desperate need, Y/N picked up her pace, starting to run again.

Y/N conjured her patronus once again. She led the creature with her wand, pushing away the darkest threats. Hogwarts was the only place that had ever felt like home to her. She’d be damned if she didn’t try and protect it.

The witch finally made it outside on a balcony. Her patronus lunged at a dementor that hung a little too close. The faceless beast moved away with a horrid screech. Y/N looked down the balcony, eyes widening. The Weasley twins were fighting side by side. It seemed like Fred was pushing George inside as a black ashy beam headed in their direction. Y/N could just barely make out the colored sparks coming from the moving Death Eater.

Without hesitation, Y/N raised her wand and pointed. Before she could get the words out, the shield spell she desired shot from her wand and in front of Fred. This effectively blocked the spell from hitting the Weasley. Her protective nature taking over, Y/N hopped onto the balcony rail and started shooting more powerful spells toward the Death Eater. This didn’t allow her to see Fred’s stunned face as she fought the man.

“Arresto momentum!” she shrieked, slowing him down, “Confringo!”

The Death Eater she had been facing burst into flames. Y/N turned slightly to see George pulling Fred into the castle. She smiled to herself, happy that he was safe. She shook her head, refocusing on the battle.

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useless facts about the founders of the US

george washington: had so many deadly diseases that no one knows how he survived to presidency. p sure it made him infertile. also basically caused the french and indian war by accident

thomas jefferson: was so obsessed with ruining aaron burr that he oversaw every part of his treason trial. made someone run back and forth between the courthouse and his home to keep him updated. is #inconsistent in his political ideas 

james madison: dropped out of college bc of anxiety and lied about it, telling everyone he’d been studying independently. tried to save the south from total agricultural dominance but was stopped by hi bff Jeffyson who was hot for farmers 

john adams: shocked everyone by doing the right thing and volunteered to be the lawyer for the soldiers in the boston masacre trial. when his wife wrote him a letter suggesting women may have rights in the new america, responded “that’s adorable” and probably told his friends

alexander hamilton: published letters under a pseudonym calling burr a ‘cataline’, a reference which implies mass murder, political conspiracy, and incestuous rape, because burr had taken his step-father’s senate seat #nochill

hercules mulligan: was somehow an effective spy despite being a very well known rebel (in every fucking comittee and member of sons of liberty) bc everyone loved his clothes SO much that they were willing to risk it. saved george washington from 2 assassinations mostly by accident. 

aaron burr: major speculation about if he wore silk when he dueled with hamilton bc they thought it could deflect bullets. everyone though he had a haram and warned he’d steal your virgins and pretty boys

benedict arnold: betrayed his country bc sempai didn’t notice him; was constaly ignored for his victories, got lots of texts from washington of ‘who dis?’, and was probably mistaken for benjiman talmidge frequently. 

baron von steubon: was too gay for europe. had a legit haram of pretty boys approved by president washington for his service in the war. is the reason one of adams’ sons ran across harvard yard naked. 

nathan hale: worst spy ever who no one should have let outside. they say he was hanged bc he was a spy, but i’m pretty sure they were angry his last words were such a sick burn

ethan allan: not always furniture. came to fight and had the fucking BEST time, may not have even known what the war was about when he joined

paul revere: sybil ludington road twice as long, through the rain, and over rough terrain to tell the local militia british troops were coming. went on with her life knowing she was better than everyone else

abigail adams: is the reason vaccines happened in the US which, coincidentally, is the only thing that kept the american troops from dying outright. salty as fuck and would have been a better president than her husband