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one of the most slept on moments of season two: the moment when hunk saved everyones asses by baking “cookies” that ended up being similar enough to teludav lenses that it saved them all from getting captured by zarkon,,, like without hunk the season would’ve ended at like episode 5 or something

mkay now y'all, not to be gross but this…..may be the Best pic of Hunk I’ve ever seen,,,I know I say that a lot but just,,, showin off the Guns like 💪🏼BAM & the adorable little smile?? The sweat drops???👀💦 Honestly how fucking dare the Voltron team do this to me this is absolutely the Most victimized I have Ever felt by a pic of hunk like….what the fuck man,,,


In The Event Of Attack, Here’s How The Government Plans ‘To Save Itself’

In Raven Rock, Garrett Graff describes the bunkers designed to protect U.S. leaders in the event of a catastrophe. One Cold War-era plan put the post office in charge of cataloging the dead. 

From Graff’s interview with Terry Gross:

“The post office was the agency that would’ve been in charge of registering the dead and figuring out who was still alive. In part, because the post office knows where people live, they understand who was left. So you would arrive in the refugee camps, after your cities had been destroyed, and you would’ve been handed Form 801 from the post office, which were pre-printed in millions and millions of quantities and located in post offices around the country through the Cold War in the event of an emergency. And you would’ve filled it out with your name and family members that survived with you at the camp, and then the post office would’ve sorted through these cards and figured out who was still alive and where everyone was to begin the process of reuniting families.

The Parks Service, for instance, would’ve been the agency that would’ve actually been running, in many cases, the refugee camps, because the thinking was that park service land would be largely untouched by nuclear war.

[The Dept. of Agriculture] worked for years with Nabisco to come up with this special survival biscuit. … They pre-made about 160 million tons of this Nabisco survival wafer that were manufactured and boxed up in tins and then hidden away in government fallout shelters around the country. This was a whole strange, shadow post-apocalypse government that existed just out of sight through the Cold War.”

is this what the cool kids call amine? 🌸

Shiro Loses it
  • Keith: Shiro you sure do a good job of guiding the rest of us in fighting the Galra! Well the bad Galra 😊😚
  • Pidge: like seriously, you are physically and mentally the backbone of Voltron!
  • Lance: you're like the dad of the group! Space dad Shiro😏😙
  • Hunk: you keep us from not killing each other, mainly keith and lance, and help us improve, thanks bud 😊
  • Shiro: *light sweat*.. T-thanks guys..
  • *couple days later after only being called space dad/daddy*
  • Shiro: *sweating profusely*
  • Hunk: Dude, you alright?
  • Lance: yeah is our space daddy doin good?
  • Shiro: *whispers* stop it
  • Keith: what?
  • everyone: 😲
  • My poor bby lost it 😷😭🙃

My friends and I talked about a Scooby Doo and Voltron AU/crossover and it’s pretty fitting not gonna lie.

I had a lot of fun with this too- I didn’t realize how enjoyable ascots were to draw until this very moment.

Headcanon #6

|My own| Whenever Coran feels left out ( such a left out character .) he and Lance bond . A lot .. they have a secret great friendship and have inside jokes , like .. so many . Allura and the other paladins are just ???

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Okay imagine how sad Matt must be?? He was literally this nerdy kid planning on going on a simple mission, nOT TO BECOME A SLAVE TO ALIENS !!

like look at this small boy who just talks about peas

and this small boy turns into this very afraid child

and that very afraid child turns into a baDASS FIGHTING CHILD WHO IS USING HIS BARE.FUCKING.HANDS.

imagine how much matt was forced to grow up? He lost his family and shiro and was all alone and had to learn how defend himself, he must be so heart broken. Like imagine how heart broken pidge is but times that by ten and youll get a fresh baked matt. THIS POOR BOY IS ALL ALONE FIGHTING FOR HIMSELF. WE NEED TO SAVE HIM.

Everyone always talks about homesick Lance but no one ever talks about homesick Pidge and I don’t know why cause they have literally lost almost all of their family and they don’t even know if their brother of father is even still alive. Yes we know that
Lance has a very large family and that of course he, as well as everyone else, is feeling homesick but Pidge might have lost part of her family for good. So here I am telling you that Lance is not the only one who is feeling homesick right now, all of them are, especially Pidge.

Season 3 of Voltron
  • Me before season 3: Woo! Ok this is gonna be great I'm so exited!!
  • Me right now after finishing season 3: *Ungodly screeching*