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i get crazy bad migraines that make me drop whatever i'm doing and curl up in a ball and cry; what would the paladins + allura & coran do if they found their s/o dealing with that?

Oh no, my brother and mother are like that too!

SHIRO: He feels so bad for his so when they get like this. He feels bad that he can’t help them except giving them pain medication but that can only do so much. When his s/o is upset from the pain, he takes them back to either their room or his and pulls them into his lap as he strokes their hair whispering sweet nothings until they calm down. This eventually will lead to them cuddling and then slowly drift off to sleep.

KEITH: He honestly the best paladin to take care of his s/o in this situation. He himself suffers from migraines and found out that personally, peppermint helps with the pain. He has a stash of peppermint candies and tea for when the headaches come; he shares it only with his s/o and only his s/o knows about it. Cuddles are a must if his s/o is upset or in a lot of pain. They’re the only thing that helps, also a good excuse to get cuddles out of him.

LANCE: He’s clueless when it comes to migraines, mostly because he doesn’t experience them. He does however learn to take care of his s/o quickly and he does it pretty damn well. He mothers them when they aren’t feeling well, he enjoys doing it too! He likes it when his s/o needs him, but he won’t tell them. Little does he know, he s/o likes having him wait on them.

HUNK: He just feels so bad for his s/o and he hates seeing them go through this. If he could take the pain away he would in a heartbeat. Alas, he can’t so to make up for it he makes them home remedies hoping it will help. Once he runs out of remedies, he comes up with his own! Let’s just say his s/o wishes he didn’t.

ALLURA/PIDGE: She’s really good at taking care of her s/o and enjoys doing it too. She’s also is really good at telling when her s/o is going to get migraines. She learned their symptoms pretty early on. When they have migraines, she brings them some food in the morning along with some pain medication and water. She makes sure that they stay hydrated as well. Then she makes them take it easy for a while and lets the meds to their job. She’ll stay with them until they’re feeling better, unless there’s an urgent matter she has to deal with.

CORAN: He, along with Allura, didn’t really know what migraines are at first. but caught on quickly, it is a simple subject to grasp. He did a ton of research because he hates not being able to be there for his s/o when they need it. Because he did a ton of research, he’s an expert on this subject! You can call him Dr. Coran! When his s/o calls him that, and they do, he gets all red and flustered, “Oh I’m no doctor (y/n), please!”, but he secretly loves it. 


A summary of Voltron: Legendary Defender season 2
Just concerned Keith. Every episode the whole season he just so worried about everything. I think his eyebrows are permanently stuck in that position now.


THE TEENS!!!! so Keiths hair is a Mess and everything is super messy but???? i did this with a laptop touch pad i deserve some credit.

  • Pidge: I'm leaving Voltron.
  • *Sendak & company show up*
  • Allura: We are outgunned!
  • Lance: What!
  • Allura: Outmanned!
  • Hunk: What!
  • Allura, to Pidge: Outnumbered, ouplanned! We gotta make an all-out stand. You know I'm gonna need a right hand man...
  • Pidge:
  • Allura:
  • Pidge:
  • Keith: *actually the right hand man*
  • Shiro:
  • Allura:
  • Pidge: First of all
Klance Spy/Mobster AU

-Undercover agent Keith 

-Follows current target into local nightclub hoping to gather intel

-Instead he finds a hot dancer that he can’t keep his eyes off

-Starts delaying his mission just so he has an excuse to see this boy dance again and again

-Lance is the hot dancer that caught Keith’s eye (obviously) 

-Works for the mob to pay off a family debt

-All he does is dance to bring customers in

-Bartender Hunk that watches out for Lance

-Mob Boss Allura

-Pidge makes all the weapons and gadgets for the agency

-Agent Shiro 

Please send help because I am literally dying thinking about this AU. I need Spy!Keith and Mob!Lance so bad I think it might actually kill me


This week I’ve been warming up/cooling down with a troublesome favorite.

FUN FACT: after a long day of work with a nasty head cold, I painted in the red light on that first one. In a new file. All on one layer. And then I noticed that the image dimensions were too narrow for tumblr, so I painted in the building nonsense on the left to expand it. Then I resized, saved for web, AND EXITED THE PAINTOVER WITHOUT SAVING. So as much as I want to fix a few glaring mistakes I can’t.

Every so often I think of Hawke being left in the fade and their LI hearing the news and it breaks my little heart… but then I remember all of Team Hawke are fucking nutters and would 10000% go after Hawke to get them back and they gonna fuck up some demons along the way. Not before they bitchslap the inquizzy a little bit for leaving Hawke behind.

  • <p> <b>Hunk:</b> Hey sunshine, I need you to help me move this boulder because you're super strong and the only one who can do it and it'll save my friend<p/><b>Yellow Lion:</b> Okay best pilot!!!! :D I care about my friends too!! I love you! Let's go save him! !<p/><b>Hunk:</b> *aweing and saying thankyous complimenting back*<p/><b></b> *complimenting eachother like the balls of happiness they are every mission the entire mission*<p/></p>
Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife

I still find it weird that when Mona was in Radley and Hanna and Aria snuck in to look for answers and talk to Mona (3x07), Mona says 3 “coded messages” to them:

  • No One To Save Ali From Evil - NOT SAFE
  • Maya’s Away Sleeping Sweet, Until Garrett’s All Rosy Count On Me - (maya’s website)

And the the last one that Mona kept repeating:

  • Miss Aria You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife - MAYA KNEW

Hanna and Aria went back to Spencer and Emily and only told them or conveiniently “remembered” the first two. And then it was never mentioned again. Why is that? Why wasn’t the last one mentioned? That seems really suspicious to me, and I think it was on purpose. I believe it could be another clue as to Aria being A (or Uber A?). And did you see Aria’s face when Mona was saying that? She looked guilty as hell.

PLUS if you look at the first half of the second riddle, “Maya’s Away Sleeping Sweet” looks like it indicates she’s actually fine, she’s not dead, she’s just hiding (oh hi again, foreshadowing, old friend).

But I just find it so strange that it was never brought up again, the girls never said anything about it, and they only talked about the other two riddles.

MAYA KNEW makes me think maybe she knew about Charles?! Or Aria being involved? That’s why she was killed? (or potentially hiding away)? What do you guys think?!