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27/03/17 - Just about to type this all up. A mixture of excitement and dread ensues. (Excuse my incorrect spelling of Belinda)

P.s. Still trying to figure out the best way to take pics of my iPad with concern to lighting, if anyone has any tips please let me know! Once I’ve typed my essay I’ll post a still saved image of my notes and type up a few bits on how I plan for my assessments if people would like? ☺️

   outofcharacter ;;;

   below the cut are reference shots of the fountain that is in between campuses of’s Pe.ak Acad.emy! While not canon, because of and frequently meeting at the fountain, it is entirely possible that this spot is often used as a meeting point for friends who attend the two different courses. Honestly, I just think it’s a wonderful setting for two characters to converse. It is really pretty, after all! Please do not reblog, but you are welcome to like and save the screenshots for your own benefits.

   EDIT: For my own clarification and peace of mind I have added some other shots of the school from an ariel POV and a back view of it to show that yes, the park has to be on campus because of the trees surrounding the area. Also this is still during school hours, so would NOT stray too far from the Reserve Course!

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Reserved Commissions

     So, unfortunately my tablet has finally stopped working for good. It has been acting up for a very long while, so it was about time. I can’t afford a new tablet right now, that is why I’ll be accepting a few reserve commissions so I can save up for a new one. I will hopefully be able to work on the commissions within the next couple of weeks.

All of the money I receive will go towards buying a new tablet and nothing else.


Flat Bust-$25 

Shaded Bust-$40

Flat Fullbody-$50

Shaded Fullbody-$80


•Extra Characters-+$10
•Only one slot per person
 •USD only
•PayPal and Venmo only
•I will only draw characters with reference drawings/pictures
•I do not accept trades
•These reserves do not need to be paid for right away


Note me via dA or PM me on Tumblr
•PayPal & Venmo E-mail:
•Send me the following info:
-Character Ref+Description
Clothing ideas/refs



•Mild Gore
•Fan Art
•Gift Art
•Non-Sexual Nudity

•Hate Art
•Super Detailed Characters
•Mecha,Robots,Cars ext

Bee themed Asks🐝
  • Honeybee: What is one thing that you hope happens in 2017?
  • Drone: What is your favourite kind of bee?
  • Worker: Where do you love to travel?
  • Queen: What is one of your goals?
  • Hive: What is one thing that you love about bees?
  • Honey: What is your favourite food to eat that bees have somehow contributed to?
  • Bumble: What is something that has inspired you?
  • Flower: What is your favourite season and why?
  • Pollination: What has been your daily act of kindness for today?
  • Dance: What is your favourite kind of music?
  • Beekeeper: Why do you have your blog?
  • Apis: What is your favourite thing to learn about?
  • Brood: Do you eat honey, yes or no? Why or why not?
  • Garden: What do you collect?
  • Cells: Do bees scare you?
  • Stinger: Describe your day in 10 words.
  • Stripes: How have you inspired someone?
YOI Fanfiction Wednesday

About YOI Fanfiction Wednesday

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containts nsfw = ///

An interview with Viktor Nikiforov - @victuri-doubleb 

World’s most eligible bachelor NOW ENGAGED! 

Follow Victor Nikiforov’s epic journey in finding his one true love, starting from a drunken request to love on ice. For the first time, he shares his life changing moments with the world, his heart revealed. A history maker. 

In the Shadow of a King - @pencil-amateur

Takes place mostly during/ after episode 11 and before episode 12.
“JJ’s younger brother is bad at dealing with his inferiority complex”

Kiss and Tell - @bee-sauce///

Yuri doesn’t have student loans even though he went to college in America.
Yuri knows how to pole dance.

Victor fails to put two and two together until Phichit reveals the reason behind both.

Sacrifices vs decisions - @ victuri-doubleb ///

Victor and Yuri are preparing for the Grand Prix series. As Victor teaches and advices Yuri day by day, he notices, that no matter what, the state Yuri is in right now, he will not be able to win. Yuris performance is perfect yet it is still lacking something…this something…will Victor be able to discover it and how will it influence Yuris performance? Will everything turn out well, or will Victor and Yuri have to face a situation, neither of them did expect to happen. Will it put them both for a choice, whether to go on and risk everything, or to be satisfied with how things are and try their best to make sure things won’t become worse…

Slacking Off - @nooowestayandgetcaught///

In which Yuuri raws Viktor under the mistletoe. (A lot of mistletoe. A whole ceiling’s worth.)

Take Me into Your Loving Arms - @simply-emily24///

It’s all been happening so fast. Yuuri breezed through the Four Continents and the World Championships, staking his claim on gold for both events. It’s the night of the exhibition gala and he and Viktor have quite the surprise planned for the audience. 

Two L-words - @simply-emily24///

It’s happening.  They have the rings.  They have the programmes down.

And right now, they just need to do something to calm Yuuri’s nerves before the big night.

You Wear Your Best Apology - @simply-emily24///

Fame and glory aren’t meant to live forever.  As the winds of springs sweeps through, the former champion and his coach are easily forgotten, replaced by the next young things.

Then why is Yuuri trying so hard to hold onto it?

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…cannot be killed or swept aside. now fill the world with music, love, and pride.

Why The Signs Aren't Texting Back
  • Aries: You said something they didn't like
  • Taurus: They're napping
  • Gemini: You're not worthy of a text
  • Cancer: Their bedtime is at 9
  • Leo: You aren't interesting enough, sorry
  • Virgo: You're being annoying
  • Libra: They're watching TV
  • Scorpio: They misplaced their phone
  • Sagittarius: They forgot to
  • Capricorn: They're doing something more important
  • Aquarius: Their phone is off
  • Pisces: Too busy doing something unproductive, but don't worry, they'll come back and let you know what
Blurryface Theory

Okay, this post is going to be a mess. I’ll put some of my theories in here, because for me it feels like someone finished a puzzle and it all connects now.

I’m gonna leave my Goner Theory whole, like I wrote it when I thought about it, because I think it represents everything.. And add some others at the end:

In Ode To Sleep Tyler sings “I swear I heard demons yelling, those crazy words they were spelling. They told me I was gone…” I think those demons are probably Blurryface.. And it continues in Goner.

In the beginning of Goner he’s about to get defeated: “I’m a Goner”. He’s starting to accept that he’s gone, like those demons said.
In the chorus, where the drums set in, he sings “I’ll slip away into the sound.” I think he means the music.
He starts to take control of the situation.

In the second verse he sees that that’s not who he really is and that he can’t defeat Blurry on his own: “I need your help to take him out”.

And then again the chorus, but it repeats and this time the drums get louder and his voice begins to get stronger.
That’s where he builds new strength, which makes him realize what’s about to happen.

Then he sings “Don’t let me be gone.”.
At first he gets more quite but for me that’s the point where ‘his eyes get opened’ and he realizes what’s about to happen. But then he get’s louder, until he has the strength to scream it.

And then he repeats the first verse, and this time he screams.

So for me he’s still in the battle, but he’s not about to get defeated anymore, he’s stronger and he’s fighting.

This is what I wrote and thought about some time ago and now that the Heavydirtysoul video is released, I’ll add this:

The video shows me again that he’s still in the battle.
He passes Josh playing the drums a few times, so he’s going in circles. And every time he passes him, the car is more damaged.
And he tries to break out of it through leaving the burning and breaking car.
But at the end of the video, the very last music video of the Blurryface era, he’s again in this car.

That burning and breaking car, where he got out of, was just in his mind. He’s still going.

But you see a rising sun in the background. “The sun will rise and we will try again”

The era started with ice (Fairly Local) and ended with fire (Heavydirtysoul).

“The world around us is burning, but we’re so cold. It’s the Few, the Proud and the Emotional.”

And here parts of another theory I came up some time ago about Fairly Local:

For me this means
We, the clique, are the Few,
Josh is the Proud and
Tyler is the Emotional.

We’re not affected by the burning world around us. No, we’re cold. We are / It’s the Few, the Proud and the Emotional.
And it’s always gonna go back to this.

Because let’s talk about the logo:


Josh represents the blue, but standing ’|’
Tyler is the red, falling but fighting ’/’
We are the black ’-’ between, who connect
them and hold them together.

“The Few. The Proud. And the Emotional.”

“We are Twenty Øne Piløts..”

| /

“.. And so are you.”


Edit: I just realized another thing..

Do you know what else is in a circle?
Right, the fucking logo is.

We’re all in this fucking circle.


ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴏᴅᴅᴀᴍɴ ʜᴇʀᴏ