save food from the fridge

Keeping tomatoes until the next harvest

When it is the time of tomatoes in Furore, Italy, Family Serafina gets busier. They need to pick tomatoes before getting them too much ripe. So they can preserve tomatoes for a whole year before the harvest next year. 

Their preservation technic is to bind tomatoes with cotton thread and hang them on the ceiling. I see that in this way, tomatoes can get more air around. So ethylene gas from tomatoes themselves will go away quicker. Indeed, when you keep your tomatoes at home, it helps them stay fresh longer to hang them or separate them from each other. 

Giuseppina, a female master of family, says this technic is different from drying. Tomatoes stay quite juicy for a whole year. Some go bad but many tomatoes remain fine. 

These tomatoes are used for the tomato sauce of pasta or bruschetta (Italian dish/snack: grilled bread topped with tomatoes etc.) later. 

Room Temperature Egg Storage

It’s really not difficult to store eggs at room temperature for months. An egg shell is slightly porous, Microscopic holes are how airborne contaminants can penetrate to the interior and spoil the egg.

solution: Coat the eggs with mineral oil, available at any pharmacy (sometimes found in the laxative section). Wear food handling gloves or any surgical glove and coat each egg by hand and replace in the container they came in. I’ve taken this out to six months at about 68-70 F with no problem. Some properties are lost, like the ability of the egg white to be beaten to a meringue. The oxygen and airborne pathogens that can ruin eggs are occluded from the interior. Flip the egg containers monthly. I have eaten eggs stored outside the refrigerator at 9 months and I couldn’t tell the difference between them and fresh eggs. 

- James Holmes

Keeping peaches with a gentle care ;-)

Fresh peaches are not easy to keep long.
But there are still some ways to help peaches stay better and longer:

- Put them in a way that they don’t touch each other.
- Keeping them upside down (the stalk down) helps, too.
- Avoid the direct sunlight.

- In order to avoid fruit flies, clean the fruits well with water before keeping them (you need to dry them well after cleaning). Some do it with very hot water quickly, but we didn’t tried it yet.

In general, give a try to observe and understand how your fruits stay. Depending on the surrounding, you will see different reactions. Maybe you will enjoy some days with your fruits or you will need to have all the fruits as a dinner to consume them, or make jams or marmalade. By trying this, you will understand how much and which fruits to buy. This will bring you a little but big and healthy change on your consumption on food! :-)