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Important events in the TFA novel/movie and TLJ that could be pointing to an earlier timeline for the bond to have been established between Rey and Kylo.

  • Stay here. I’ll come back for you, sweetheart. I promise. As always, there was no figure to the voice. She’d been haunted by a dream. Or a nightmare. At this point in her life, she couldn’t decide what it was. All she knew was the voice came and went as it pleased, sometimes staying absent for months. But when she least expected it, the voice would return, never leaving her alone permanently. ((Kylo tells Rey in the hut “You’re not alone.”))
  • Snoke: There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? Kylo Ren: ::momentary pause as if he’s considering his answer:: Yes

At Maz’s castle during Rey’s force vision

  • “Rey.” She searched to see who had spoken her name. “Hello?” No one responded. At the end of the hallway, a strange boy stared at her. She hadn’t taken more than a few steps toward him before everything around her whirled.
  • ((In the forest part of her vision)) Someone spoke behind her. Calm, kind, and eerily familiar. “Stay here. I’ll come back for you.” As in her dreams, she heard no reply. She continued to dash through the forest, not giving up in her search. A man in a metal mask, cloaked in black, strode out in front of her, the hilt of a lightsaber in his hand.

After Rey’s vision while talking to Maz

  • Whatever you’ve been waiting for-whomever-I can see it in your eyes, you’ve known it all along…they’re not coming back. But there’s someone who still could. With your help.” ((Rey tells Ben in TLJ in the elevator “I can help you.)).

The First Order Arrives on Takodana

  • Kylo Ren emerged and strode forward to join the battle. A stunned Rey could only track him with her eyes. She had seen this man before, in a daydream. In a nightmare.
  • Sensing something just up ahead, she slowed and brought the blaster up. A figure stepped out from behind a tree. It was the nightmare.
  • He stepped close to her, raising his blade to cast its fiery light on her flesh. ”Something. There is something.“ He stared at her through his visor. "Who are you?”
  • He sounded disappointed. “Is it true, then? You’re nothing special after all? You’re just a-Jakku scavenger?” How did he know that? she agonized as she stared back at him. Surely she hadn’t thought it!

The duel on Starkiller Base after Rey force pulls the Skywalker saber from the snow

  • “It is you.” Ren murmured. His words unsettled her: Not for the first time, he seemed to know more about her than she did about herself.

My overall conclusion, Kylo Ren is the nightmare. Ben Solo is the dream. These two have known each other through the force. Maybe only Ben was able to communicate with her, and it took Rey pushing back into Kylo’s mind to completely seal the bond.


“It’s Kylo’s. He looks into her eyes and sees no fear, no hate, but no compassion, either.”

He’s left it open for JJ, the OG reylo. He also tweeted a PSA stating that he intentionally left things open. He knows nothing about episode IX.

We still don’t know Rey’s feelings. We only know what Kylo interpreted. Reminder that had all feelings disappeared, she would’ve killed him in the throne room.

That, along with the state of the forcebond, is left to JJ.

Reblog to save a reylo life, I almost had a heart attack.

Tbh Kylo should be more worried about Hux seeing the elevator footage than him seeing Kylo kill Snoke. Like, overthrowing for power is one thing, but the elevator we got an obvious connection going. She gets in close proximity with him.

“Ben, when we touched hands…”

Ohohoho. Boom. Nailed. Fraternizing with an enemy of the FO. ‘The girl’. The mcfucking Jedi Killer touched hands with the Last Jed. Hux is gonna have a field day exposing him- both of them. Part of me wants to laugh at the idea of that ending up on the holonet news and the entire Resistance just slowly looking over at Rey.

Rereading Claudia Gray’s Bloodline today ...

looking for a specific point, this is what I stumble upon. Leia remembers a family moment with Han and little Ben, his “tiny head resting in the crook of his father’s arm”

“Just think, hotshot. Some day you might even be a granddad.”

“Han’s chuckle had warmed her. “Speak for yourself, sweetheart. Me, I ain’t ever getting that old.”

So really, anti redemption people, basically antis, you are going to let me think that LucasFilm and Disney authorized this book with such a specific passage and did not have some idea in mind… ? Speaking about grandchildren, heart warming family moment, tiny Ben’s sweet little head and cuddles, and even Han saying that he would never get to be a grandpa but Leia might (remember it was before Carrie Fisher’s loss) ? Han who died trying to save his son (and again they made such a big deal in the Junior version to let the kids know that he had forgiven his son for the deed right away), and literally shipped him his bride on the MF twice (Takodana in TFA and the escape pod in TLJ)? Really?

Oh ok, that was meant to be ironic! see… How tragic. Little Ben turned out to be a monster. He killed his father. And Leia and han will never be grandparents! It’s life’s cruelest joke that’s all! Life’s a bitch.

Nah! I don’t think so. But that excerpt still made me very sad, because, yeah, Han was right.

There was some major foreshadowing: he’ll never get old enough to see his first grandchild!

Good news though on the Reylo baby/babies!

Anti’s: Reylo is abusive. Kylo/Ben abuses Rey.

Me, an Intellectual: Actually, Rey is the one who continually assaults Kylo/Ben. She shot at him first, she wounded him and left him for dead, she shoots at him again, she verbally assaults him. Finally, when she doesn’t get her way, she tries to snatch back the lightsaber and leaves him while he’s unconscious, not even thinking about what might happen to him since he just killed someone to protect her.

But yeah, sure. Blame Ben/Kylo. That’s what everyone else has been doing his entire life. It’s easier than admitting the flaws of your favorites (Rey, Leia, Han, and especially Luke) that pretty much ensured that he would never have a chance.


Mirrored gestures in TLJ part.1
*There are several points in the film where Kylo/Ben and Rey mirror each other but to me the most important And profound example is the “fist clench”
*In a way the entire film is an exploration of darkness and shadow. The darkness and what prompted its rise in Kylo/Ben…the darkness inside of Rey and her own anger and sadness…and even the darkness of the Resistance our heroes and the reality of war
*Now both “fist clench” moments happen right before crucial moments for Rey and Ben. For Rey it is right before she confronts her past, herself, and the truth about her parents in the mirror cave. For Ben it is right before he has his show down with Luke and goes for the kill.
*In both examples these characters are bracing themselves for catharsis
*I think it was a subtle and beautiful way to tie together the emotions and mutual suffering of these two characters
*I think both have emerged different people from their experiences. Rey was later able to break down and admit what she knew with Ben in the elevator…and I think we will see the fire in Ben die down after his conflict with Luke.
*We know Ben is impulsive. His first commands as Supreme Leader were irrational and reactionary…after firing on Luke he even collapses in a chair shocked at his own lack of control. I think in episode 9 we will see him struggle with command and direction…and Hux, who we know would love to kill him, will undermine Ben and try to manipulate him at every turn.
*Q: “But Nikki! Ben can throw Hux around like a ragdoll!”…. *A: indeed. And Hux is tired of it. He is a cunning military strategist. I think he will use the connection he know Ben has with Rey (did you see the side eye he gave him at the end), or will use Leia as a way to reclaim power.

Just some thoughts!


Stelena Forever Meme || [5/9] Quotes

↳ 2x20: The Last Day

Do you ever think about how the Star Wars databank/wiki etc. could someday be updated to have “Rey Solo” instead of “Rey of Jakku” and like the timeline of events could change too like “Rey is captured in the forest by Kylo Ren, the man she would later marry” or even stuff along the line of “..while at first Kylo was simply intrigued by the girl, romantic feelings began growing along with the mysterious bond the two shared”

Because I think about that a lot

Guys One Of The Top Reylo Shippers Is English Literature

So in English class, I’ve been learning about the hero monomyth (or the hero’s epic journey). My teacher handed out some papers about character archetypes and I filled them in with examples (Star Wars ones obviously) and I found one that really caught my eye.

Here I think you might want to read this again because I think this is extremely important and I think it foreshadows episode 9.

The evil figure with the ultimately good heart usually starts off as someone who is good but something happens and they becomes bad. This character is often portrayed as the villain in the media. However, the key difference between the devil figure and the evil figure with the ultimately good heart is that the ultimately good heart has some redeemable quality. Throughout many stories and movies (and even Star Wars) we have seen this character archetype. For example, Darth Vader started on the light side as Anakin Skywalker but then he turned and became Darth Vader. Darth Vader was portrayed as the villain and did some bad things like obliterating Alderaan. But, Darth Vader saved his son Luke, the hero of the original trilogy by killing Emperor Palpatine, the devil figure in the original trilogy. As a result, Darth Vader died but he was redeemed.

Now let me connect this with the newest trilogy. Ben Solo started on the light side but when Luke tried to kill him in his sleep, Ben turned to the dark side and became Kylo Ren. Yes, he has done some bad things like the invasion of Jakku but he has some redeemable quality. He often feels the pull to the light.

I think that Hux is the devil figure for multiple reasons. First, it’s obvious to tell that he is evil since he felt very passionate about destroying and obliterating the New Republic. It’s also obvious that Kylo Ren and Hux hate each other. If Kylo didn’t wake up when he did in TLJ after Luke’s lightsaber split into two, Hux would have killed him on the spot. In TLJ novel, it gives hints that Kylo and Hux were thinking about possibly trying to get rid of each other. With Snoke dead, I think that Hux will find proof that Kylo did kill Snoke and I think Hux will try to kill him and Rey.

Rey is the hero of the newest trilogy. If you have seen the hero monomyth, the hero’s journey is like a cycle. Not everything that is listed happens in the hero’s journey and some steps occur at different times cause every story is different. Not all of the steps are meant to be taken literally.

I feel like Rey is the hero because first things first, a lot of scenes in the first 2 movies have focused on her. With the hero monomyth, Rey has gone through some of the steps in the journey. The hero usually lives with society and their is a status quo and the hero is kind of like the outsider and wants something more than their current life. For Rey, she was a scavenger where everyone would hunt for pieces to get portions but Rey wants to find her purpose and she wants to find belonging. The call to adventure happens when she decides to help BB8. Rey actually goes through a refusal of the call later on when she refuses to take Luke’s lightsaber and runs out of the castle into the woods. I won’t go on about this topic right now just because I want to focus on Ben but if you start putting the pieces together over the past 2 films, it’s obvious to tell that Rey is the hero.

Now back to Ben. During the times that he encounters Rey throughout the first 2 movies, he acts completely different. He doesn’t act angry and he is calm. In fact, he feels sympathy towards Rey (you’re not alone, neither are you). Ben Solo is also the evil figure with the ultimately good heart because in The Last Jedi, he had the choice to kill Rey but he didn’t and he killed Snoke instead. After that happens, Rey and Ben have their sexy fight scene. Ben almost gets redeemed but sadly it doesn’t happen. Rey loves Ben and Ben loves Rey (if you need Reylo evidence, look it up their’s plenty of it). In the description, the evil figure with the ultimately good heart is usually saved by the love of the hero. Just like the description, Ben’s love for Rey and Rey’s love for Ben is what will save and redeem him. After all, they can’t win by fighting what they hate but saving what they love ;)


needed a break from commissions and I really wanted to practice drawing more of zoe and kayn (in preparation for the next few parts of the comic) so i looked for some cute couple poses and ended up with these sketches :v  probs some WIPs i wont be coloring or cleaning – @-@ just some practice lines and junk. 


2nd best Lesbian relationship ever 😭😭😭😭🙌🏼👌🏼 it’s so endgame just Fucking yes. I mean just look at their relationship. The way they look at each other and the way they always fall back to each other. The way they speak to each other and the way they helped each other figure out who they truly are. And the fact that the girl who made me realize I was gay (Stacey Farber) plays Sydney Katz just makes it 20000 times better. You guys this shit here has made me so happy. 😭 the crappy gif is from the new episode, the full video is on my profile. So damn happy