save drifting

an secret santa for @addicted-to-mayhem

there was supposed to be a caption here, but i forgot it, let’s just say it’s ahh lost in translation

helianthical  asked:

my computer's moving so slow, but the seventeen ask thingomg...just do the ones you wanna...or like, all preferably... :D

thank you lee

I’m just gonna answer the odd ones then since sav said to answer even ones before

1. Favorite unit

performance unit don’t even try me

3. Favorite 96 liner

,,,,,,,,hosh boi

5. Favorite baby liner

fkcuing uh seungkwan I love him so much wow the light of my life I would buy him anything and everything he ever wanted


verkwan healed my heart

9. Bias Wrecker

wonwoo and the china line :’) I love my bois

11. Mansae or Adore U

adore u bc that era saved me

13. Drift Away or Still Lonely


15. OMG or Jam Jam


17. Jihan or Jeongcheol

bitcj scoups and jeonghan are my parents

19. One Fine Day or Seventeen Project

one fine day that was some good shit

21. Angel Jeonghan or Devil Jeonghan

u h devil jeonghan cause I love members being sassy to each other by e

23. Actor Jun or Singer Jun

successful jun (singer jun his voice is as soft as butter)

25. Emo Wonwoo or Nerdy Wonwoo

u know I’m a hoe for nerdy wonwoo. I’m a hoe for him being a loser with books and shit

27. Smiley Dk or Serious Dk

uh smiley dk if it means hes happy cause his smile could cure depression

29. The8 or Thug8

I just love minghao (but honestly thug8 makes me laugh out a lung pls call out more people bby boy)

31. Memsol or Swagsol

I love memes

genoctopus preview

“You will have to guide me, sensei.”

Saitama breathes deep, relaxing his body in the mess of gentle-slick tentacles skimming over his body. His legs dangle off the dock, toes almost touching the water, peering at the intense face between his thighs. Golden hair drips wet over eerie eyes, side-pupils meeting Saitama’s own gaze.

“You know you don’t have to call me that.”

The moon hangs full overhead, casting it’s silver glow over the gentle waves, the humble fisherman, the sea-prince who’s obsessed with him.

“I can call you by no other title, Saitama-sensei. In our brief time together you have taught me more about the sea than I could have discovered in a lifetime. You saved my life when I was adrift on the waves, and I feel you have also saved my drifting heart.”

“Genos, genos stop-” Saitama chuckles nervously, holding up his hands, there’s the slightest flush of a pink on his face. “Where’s all this sappy stuff coming from? I thought we were gonna fuck.”

“Ah.” There’s a beat of silence, the tentacles that had been absent-mindedly caressing him stilling. Seawater drips down Saitama’s neck. “You are correct, as always, sensei.”

Genos grins, the human part of his body rising from the water, being pulled up by the tentacles wrapped round the dock. Saitama swallows, shifting back.

“Let us begin.”