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Why do some stores just leave bettas inside small plastic/glass containers?

It’s the easiest way to transport them and display them. While it is more work in the cleanup department because the water NEEDS to be changed every single day (and ideally more than once) because bettas are so aggressive to other animals they can’t go into larger tanks. Individual cups also saves the hassle of catching them every time a guest wants that specific animal.

There are some specialty fish stores that are making the switch to keeping them in small temporary tanks instead which is easier on their health, but as long as the fish isn’t spending more than a couple days in the cup it’s usually not a huge problem but it could definitely improve
(Tho other stressors related to moving them around can and does unfortunately kill several. Bettas can be pretty delicate so if you bring one home and it dies right away don’t blame yourself too hard)

So I meant to make a post long ago about my Scholar OCs since I had so many people tell me they wanted to hear about them! And then I thought hey let me draw them. And then that didn’t work out so here’s just facts about them instead lol. I have about 5 I created so far (under the read more):

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For my senior project at my university I went on an adventure to find the link between music and mental health. After suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts in high school, into college, I wanted to know why music was able to help me cope and how it helped others. 

From bands to fans.

This is how music saves lives.


James with Yáñez, Marcelo, Pepe and Cristiano at half time against Eibar.