save critters


When someone gets an animal from a breeder, no matter how amazing the breeder is, this is supporting an unethical demand, and thus throwing away an opportunity to save a rescue critter desperately in need of a loving home. There is no excuse to get animals from breeders.

I’m not just talking about cats and dogs either. Birds, rabbits, reptiles…

“Oh, but I want a parrot and there’s no rescues near me.” Then consider foregoing one for the best interest of birds stuck in bird mills or the parents robbed of their babies, of which they form a strong emotional bond to.

Since I specialize in birds, I’ll continue to talk about them.
Birds are wild animals that are meant for the sky, not cages for our enjoyment. I have rescues, I’ve been doing rescue for 6 years, when I feed them in the morning, and have to go to work, I feel like a jail warden as I close their cage doors… except my poor beebs did no crime. It’s not fair to them, but I’ll try my best to make them happy, spending hours with them when I get home. It still can never compare to freedom they would have in their native habitat. 

Similarly to any other wild animal. 

Come to South FL, we have plenty that are abandoned, neglected, left next to the garbage on the curb, almost starved to death because little billy lost interest, that need homes. 

I’ve seen the horrors of the pet industry and wildlife suffering at the hands of man. It needs to stop.

So.. get this.

I was looking through Amazon for moose related items as I tend to do for reasons… and I came across a Sabriel video game.

You have this blondish grinning fem!Gabe character in burgundy plaid riding a pretty stylish moose.

The entire time, you are dodging possible demon smoke in order to save other woodland creatures including some unlucky squirrels….

all in the hopes of saving as many fellow creatures as possible…

Saving critters….. Jumping things….