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Ask a spider: a witchy treat for not killing a spider

This is a simple spell. All you need is a glass jar and a spider who you have just found invading your house space.

Most people run to their shoe closet, but saving these critters isn’t just good for conscious and the environment.

It gives you a free question.

As with anything that gives you a free wish or question: choose yours with care.

This question HAS to involve one of these things. Magic, creativity or intuition. This is not a wish so you can’t ask for more magic powers, but you can ask how to get said powers. You can also ask what project to do next or how to make am intuitive decision that has been plaguing you recently.

Now mind you, this spider MUST be an invader in your home. You can’t just snag a spider from outside, toss it in your house and expect a question of them. That terribly rude and honestly hope there is bad juju for that kind of nonesense.

When you find said uninvited guest carefully slip her into a save container (Mason jars are perfect for this). While you get your shoes on think of the question.

Then, as you are taking the spider outside to a safe place (foliage is best) mentally or audibly explain to the spider that she was an invader of your personal space and you had all rights to kill her (she would understand because that’s how she lives her life). But instead you are doing her a favor by rescuing her from your space.

While you’re in the act of releasing her ask your question, mentally or audibly.

Your answer will appear within 1 to 6 days so keep your eyes open.

I got this spell ‘Magical Housekeeping’ by Tess Whitehurst, an awesome book for those who need a little spark in cleaning up thier house.

Look…necromancers who luv skulls and shit r cool i’m not invalidating that, i think its a cool aesthetic to have.
I’m just saying, consider necromancers that surround themselves with rare plants and extinct creatures they’ve brought back to life and when you step into their space theres something so otherworldly about it you feel like you’ve traversed into a foreign world. You see plants you’ve never seen, flowers you’ve never smelled, creatures you thought only existed in historical texts.

Your little warrior

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You and your husband, B/N were in vacation to the beach with your little girl. It was her first time seeing the ocean and she was finally old enough. You watched them as they played in the water smiling laughing. You had the greatest opportunities to get so many pictures on your camera that will last for a life time. Your husband brought your daughter back to you from the ocean. You grabbed her from him and held her as he pecks your lips. You both smile and looked at each other. You sat her down on the blanket and to get everything ready for lunch for the entire family. B/N started to prep everything and helping you. With both of your backs turned, you two didn’t notice that your little one was walking back to water. She travels to the water and noticed the that a small turtle was being picked on some birds. She went over to the small turtle and coverd it with a biggest leaf she could find to shelter it from the birds. You turned around to your daughter but she wasn’t there. You begain to panic a little bit then you saw her with the turtle. You made B/N look and he smiled at the sight. You two were very pleased at her as she saved the little critter. You were so proud that you grabbed your phone and started to record this very moment. You knew your daughter was a very stubborn and strong that you know she’ll be a great fighter one day. And this was a great sign to show that she is a very caring person. As your daughter and the turtle finally reached the water the turtle got it and swam away. The waves moves back to the ocean and reveled a the biggest and prettiest shell your daughter has ever seen. She went towards and picked it up. She made the cutest sound of joy and ran as fast as she could to your husband. She is such a daddy’s girl. She screamed with happines when he picked her up. She showed him the shell and She looked at you. “What do you got there, honey?”, you asked her still recording. “That so pretty.” “It very pretty. Just like our little warrior,” B/N. He kisses her cheek. She smiled and giggles with joy./p>

andrewcolomy  asked:

I kinda dont think Ludo made a very wise decision to go and just float around in orbit all alone. Hes already spent months by himself save for some critters that can't actually talk back. He has some deep-rooted issues that I think he really needs to go over with someone that can perhaps provide more clarity for him. He tries to figure out everything on his own but I dont think he really knows what he should do.

I almost feel like the writers did it to ‘get rid of him for now’ 

We’ll find out in season 3.

Plot synopsis; Sparky is a flying happy go-lucky squirrel who after getting separated from his migration group has to answer the call of the hero and help save the woodland critters!

Follow Sparky and his newfound friends Ronald, the hilarious wise-cracking woodpecker with a fear of heights, and Red, the independent daughter of the red squirrel clan’s leader, as they must come up with a plan to stop Brutus the fox from stealing all of the squirrels food supply for the Winter!

Can Sparky stop Brutus from stealing all the squirrel’s nuts? Will Ronald overcome his fear of heights? Will Red learn that being strong doesn’t mean you have to be alone? And will Sparky find his migration group before they leave him forever, and if he does, will he want to go with them?

Find out this Summer when High Stakes© comes out in a theater near you!

So.. get this.

I was looking through Amazon for moose related items as I tend to do for reasons… and I came across a Sabriel video game.

You have this blondish grinning fem!Gabe character in burgundy plaid riding a pretty stylish moose.

The entire time, you are dodging possible demon smoke in order to save other woodland creatures including some unlucky squirrels….

all in the hopes of saving as many fellow creatures as possible…

Saving critters….. Jumping things…. 


When someone gets an animal from a breeder, no matter how amazing the breeder is, this is supporting an unethical demand, and thus throwing away an opportunity to save a rescue critter desperately in need of a loving home. There is no excuse to get animals from breeders.

I’m not just talking about cats and dogs either. Birds, rabbits, reptiles…

“Oh, but I want a parrot and there’s no rescues near me.” Then consider foregoing one for the best interest of birds stuck in bird mills or the parents robbed of their babies, of which they form a strong emotional bond to.

Since I specialize in birds, I’ll continue to talk about them.
Birds are wild animals that are meant for the sky, not cages for our enjoyment. I have rescues, I’ve been doing rescue for 6 years, when I feed them in the morning, and have to go to work, I feel like a jail warden as I close their cage doors… except my poor beebs did no crime. It’s not fair to them, but I’ll try my best to make them happy, spending hours with them when I get home. It still can never compare to freedom they would have in their native habitat. 

Similarly to any other wild animal. 

Come to South FL, we have plenty that are abandoned, neglected, left next to the garbage on the curb, almost starved to death because little billy lost interest, that need homes. 

I’ve seen the horrors of the pet industry and wildlife suffering at the hands of man. It needs to stop.


Simple pool floaties save the lives of frogs, lizards, and bugs that inadvertently drop into you pool. It’s horrible to find a drowned Frog in your skimmer (the 2nd photo is of a pool skimmer and bugs surfing on our floatie). It is VERY frequent that you pull something dead out of there without the floatie.

My husband even beveled the edges so the critters have an easy time crawling on board! We have saved hundreds of lives using these simple floaties.

We recycle FREE Styrofoam packing or cut ends off cheap swim noodles (and then cut in ½ so won’t spin). 

PASS ON PLEASE & HELP SAVE A CRITTER! My husband thought of this when we killed our first Frog - we had no idea that backyard pools all over the world did this!