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ok so- what would happen if izuku was actually caught? and unable to get himself out? i imagine it would elicit a strange psychological response because from what i've seen no matter what izuku does, he's always had control over the situation or had the upper hand in some way. what if class 1-A had to rescue him? sorry i'm just really freaking invested in this au and like to throw around ideas.

hello anon!!! this is a really good question. you just hit the nail on the fucking head. 

almost everything we’ve seen of villain!izuku so far, it’s in a situation that izuku himself has carefully planned, arranged, or manipulated. he maintains his position of relative power by keeping the people around him off-balance and always on the back foot. and with the traps & strategies he sets up, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to think that izuku could manipulate most of the encounters he has. he’s like a celebrity legend of a villain, too; he’d have to cultivate a certain impression for that, too. anyways, what i’m saying is, izuku is canny and very good at strategizing and maneuvering in the social sense.

i think he does this because a) having the upper hand / being in the control means he’s safe, and b) if he can manipulate how other people see him, he can make them like him, and he wants to be loved. 

that…speaks of a bad childhood. one where izuku was always unsafe or under threat unless he was able to maneuver himself into a more powerful position of negotiation, and one where izuku didn’t get the kind of love and support that a growing child needs. one where izuku learned that being himself was never going to get him what he needed. 

so, in the theoretical situation where izuku is well and truly trapped – well. he doesn’t have anything anymore. he’s a villain; and before that, he was just another kid from the gutter. he doesn’t have a safety net. he doesn’t have anyone waiting for him. in this situation, he only has someone who hates him enough to trap him like this, or someone who is only using him and doesn’t care about him at all. 

and without any hope there, izuku wouldn’t have any reason to put on any pretense. there’s nothing he can do anymore. i’m not sure exactly what he would do. maybe he would scream, or cry, or – since nothing matters anymore – throw the last of his resources and energy into hurting the person who has trapped and hurt him like this. but whoever class 1-a comes to rescue, it’s someone scared; someone resigned; someone backed into a corner who knows down to their bones that there’s no one coming, no one who will help him, no one who can save him but himself. 

it’s izuku as he really is, with all his defenses stripped away.