save colorado

Save Points around the US


  • save points: any in-and-out burger
  • HP: a street puddle (the ocean doesn’t count)


  • Save Point: small organic restaurant bistros
  • HP: chew on pine needles


  • Save Point: weird rock formations that don’t look like they should be that way
  • HP: an alien sighting


  • save point: fist-bumping anyone smoking a joint outside
  • HP: roll in the snow


  • Save point: your own existential feeling of emptiness
  • HP: find another human being and caress them


  • Save Point: Hell is Real sign
  • HP: The Corn God, pray to him, he may listen

The Rust Belt:

  • Save points: none, make deals with local industrial God NPCs and extend your gameplay
  • HP: that goddamn pizza with too much cheese

New England:

  • Save Point: someone complaining about the weather
  • HP: physically fighting someone over the patriots  

New York City: 

  • Save Point: any subway entrance
  • HP: nearest rat. grab it with your bare hands

The South: 

  • save point: ‘Jesus Saves’ bumper sticker
  • HP: chug that sweet tea boii


  • Save Point: tourist with a sunburn
  • HP: getting bingo

Texas: if you die in Texas you die in real life

Rutnam Shore


Dean/Cas, Dean/Cassie
21k words
Chubby!Dean, college au (kind of), mystery, hurt Dean Winchester, chock full o’ plot

Summary:  Dean Winchester has never been past the city limits of the sleepy town of Rutnam Shore. Except in his dreams, where he travels the country in a classic car and fights mythical beings with his little brother. It’s the only time he gets to see his brother, since Sam died in a car crash when they were kids. Dean wants nothing more than to get as far away from Rutnam Shore as he can, but unfortunately he’s afraid of driving and feels like he’s stuck.

“Dean! Dean, don’t go over there!”

Ignoring the distant sound of his father’s voice, Dean continues scaling the wall of rocks separating him from the rest of the beach. He’s lived at Rutnam Shore for his entire life and yet this is the first time his parents have taken him to the actual beach. He’s not going to miss out on the opportunity to explore to his heart’s content.

But, as it happens, Dean is only 5 and his legs can only take him so far before his dad scoops him up and carries him back down to the crowded beach.

“You could’ve at least put your shoes on before pulling that stunt,” Dad chastises as he sets Dean down beneath the umbrella and cleans off the bottom of his feet. “Don’t do that again. You hear me?”

“Yes, sir,” Dean mumbles.

His dad doesn’t say anything else, but Dean knows if he tries to get up and join Mom and Sammy down at the shoreline then his dad will fuss at him again.

So he sits quietly, if a little huffy, and watches as Sam smacks at the sand while sitting in Mom’s lap, the tide gently washing back and forth beneath them.

Eventually Dean turns away. He finds an old woman looking his way, but she quickly averts her gaze toward the water. Dean looks at her a moment longer, but she doesn’t look at him again.

He thinks this must be a perfect day, if he could only climb over that rock.

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Hey friends, just a quick PSA: this spring, if wildflowers bloom in your yard (such as dandelions), please do not pull them up! Or, if you must get rid of them, please please please do NOT use pesticides! Colorado has somewhere around 80 native species of bee, not counting the Western Honeybee that is typically the bee producing commercial honey, and most species of bee across the United States and Canada are experiencing population decline on unprecedented levels. Bees LOVE native flowers and dandelions, and need them in order to begin recovery! Thank you!


These are the 3 people killed at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs

Jennifer Markovsky, a 36-year-old mother of two, was there to support a friend. Garrett Swasey, 44, a member of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs police force, was killed responding to alerts. Ke’Arre Stewart, a husband, father and Iraq War army vet, was shot attempting to get cell service. His actions after being shot may have saved lives.