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I bet Jason’s part of Gotham is tough and full of poverty. Unlike the other sides of Gotham there’s less crime because this isn’t the bat, so no ones gonna take the chance of getting killed for a couple of bucks. Jason gives to the poor often so that they don’t need to either way.

The people there love him, whenever he comes by they don’t scream, no, because Jason’s not threatening them and that kid on 4th street said he saw the big bad red hood helping a grandma cross the street. The kids there like him enough to snitch, he’s one of them in their eyes. The amount of gang members caught because of Reggie’s big mouth was enough for Jason to steal him a police badge!

Jason goes home with lots of stuff, people can’t help but want to feed him after he saves their bakery or give him a little toy boat after he saved their grandfather’s boat shop from being destroyed!
Speaking of home, everyone at his hotel loves him too. There is 0 crime there because they know the red hood lives there, they’ve seen guys go in looking to kill him in his sleep and never come out (except for in a body bag), the woman that lives next to him lets her kids come by to check out his gear (the guns are on safety and knives are on high shelves), and play his games (they can’t afford a PS4, let alone a TV). He’s the babysitting master and Claire honestly couldn’t thank him enough, she has to work practically 12 hours a day, 6 days a week with 4 jobs and only has enough time to say bye and make lunches (no, Jason, she’s not going to accept that ridiculously large tip you keep trying to give her.)
Claire is very grateful for his generosity, for one of her jobs she works as a waitress downtown, she’ll always sneak him the last piece of cherry pie that would’ve been snatched up if she hadn’t hidden it, it’s his favorite. She doesn’t usually serve it to him though. No, it’s his could-be girlfriend Gabrielle Christensen, (Gabby to him) that she shoves his way. It’s not like she’s not into him either, she jumps at the chance to serve him, he’s the best part of her day, anytime he doesn’t come over it’s like clouds at the beach. Unfortunately, Jason’s not that committed to dating non-vigilantes. There’s too big of a risk, he’s just not willing to take is no matter how cute and adorable and is that a new shirt? It looks good. He should give her a compliment about it.
Everyone at Red Hood Central loves the Red Hood and the Red Hood loves everyone at Red Hood Central.

Meanwhile on the boat that's heading away from Jabborwock Island
  • Hinata: Are we forgetting anything?
  • Kuzuryu: nope
  • Souda: Miss Sonia is here so I'm good
  • Sonia: I believe we're all set
  • Owari: I've got food with me so I'm ok
  • Hinata: Then why do I feel like we're forgetting something
  • Everyone: ...
  • Owari: *pulls on the steering wheel*
  • Owari: *steering wheel breaks*
  • Sonia: oh no
  • Hinata: Okay okay, everybody CALM DOWNnnn
  • Souda: MISS SONIA NO-
  • Sonia: *Jumps out of the boat*
  • Owari: I'M GOING TOO
  • Kuzuryu: Wait.. Hinata, do you have a license to even use a boat?
  • Hinata: h-huh? no why?
  • Kuzuryu: *Jumps out*
  • Hinata: Souda I swear to god if you even dare step out that boat-
  • Souda: *Jumps off*
  • Hinata: I hate everyone

everyone’s commentating on that gold chain that linked edgeworth and phoenix together in the opening but I’m not quite over the fact that edgeworth was something out of a freaking gay butt romantic comedy television show

my name is miles edgeworth and i love long, romantic walks on the beach

I am a lone wolf, but I’m looking for an ideal partner who shares this interest

Could it be you? Are you the one? Are we the same? 

All these… unnecessary questions boggle me. 

thomas sanders could swim 3 miles out into the sea just to save my boat from capsizing and my only response would be to impale myself on the propeller just so i wouldnt have to look at nothing but the open seas and thomas sanders’ face staring at me at a 45 degree angle for as long as itd take for the coast guard to arrive and bring me back to shore

So I see people assuming Stanley took the mask and the fez with him when he ran away. But what if it was Stanford? 

Like I could understand his dad would give him the fez as some kind of gift but what if he also took Stanley’s mask to remember him by, because deep down, he really does miss his brobro.. 


( PROMPT: In order to blend in with people and gain more knowledge I keep attending different schools under different names and you sit next to me in a lecture. You can hear me muttering that the teacher is wrong and when you ask how I can be so sure, and on reflex, I tell you that I was there oh no )

A/N: Still hoping that I’ll meet Tom Holland when I go off to London. My brother’s in London, and I can’t wait to see his grumpy face!! If anyone has any recommendations on where to go/what to eat, please come scream at me in my inbox!!

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Another new identity, another new school. You’ve lost track of how many there have been over the years. Two hundred? A thousand? Always a large city, a large school, always the same routine. Places where new transfer students hardly draw anyone’s attention. 

Sometimes you wonder what you would have become if you’d stayed on the island with the Mistress – nothing but a lifetime of seducing men and practicing your magic. 

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端午节快乐! May 30th 2017

端午节/Duanwu Festival also known as the Dragon Boat Festival has a history of over 2000 years! There are many sayings of the origin of this festival, however, the most well known is that this festival has been held in honor of Chinese patriotic poet and statesman Qu Yuan (340 - 278 BC).

The Legend:

As a minister in the State of Chu - one of the seven Warring States, Qu Yuan was a patriotic poet who wrote a lot of works to show his care and devotion to his country. Composing masterpieces like Li Sao (The Lament), he was regarded as one of the greatest poets in Chinese history. After he was exiled by the king, he chose to drown himself in the river rather than seeing his country invaded and conquered by the State of Qin. He died on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, thus people decided to commemorate him on that day every year.

Traditions and Customs:


This day is celebrated by eating Zongzi, a pyramid-shaped glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in reed leaves. It has various fillings such as jujube, meat, bean paste, etc. 

Where did this customs come from?

It is said that when Qu Yuan drowned, many people went looking for his body, but his body was never found. People were worried that the fish would eat Qu Yuan’s body so they made Zongzi to lure the fish away. 

(Homemade Zongzi by me)

Dragon Boat Racing:

Legend holds that the race originates from the idea of the people who rowed their boats to save Qu Yuan after he drowned himself. Now it has turned to be a sport event not only held in China but also observed in Japan, Vietnam, Britain, and other countries. 

(sources: travelchina,

Everyone Is there, everyone is accounted for, except for William!  Is William on the boat?  Is that how Adrian knows Oliver will get on the boat to save his son?

The stills are usually the first 15 minutes of an episode.. where is William? Did Team Prometheus come on a ship? or does the boat mean the Amazo?

I want William safe and sound on the mainland. 

But where is William son of Oliver Queen?

Who is Henka Visæ?

Who indeed. This is a mystery we have been utterly clueless about for over half a decade. I’ve communicated with a few different people looking into this, only to come up empty - the only mention of the name is in materials related to the TribeTwelve videos. However, Scriniarii has been kind enough to share some brief information on the man - information we may be able to use to connect the dots.

Henka Visæ is an incredibly old German man with a hunchback, born in Hamburg in April 1915. We know this because the second page of the East Coast Assembly Manifest has leaked from the Order’s archives into our hands through our friendly neighborhood archivist.

This would make Mr. Visæ approximately in his late twenties around the time of Sebastian writing his journal. I highly doubt this is coincedence.

In the last few entries on this blog I’ve detailed extensively what we know of the Collective and their hosts. The one unknown quantity so far is Deadhead - someone who knew Sebastian Kraus (aka Swain) intimately, someone who was following him in a manner much similar to the Observer’s relationship with Noah Maxwell. Perhaps, even, Deadhead was trying to complete his own “session”, with Sebastian as fodder for it. And much as Noah is apparently destined to become Firebrand, Sebastian became Swain, Magic Journal of +4 Resistance to Otherworldy Demons or no.

Deadhead is a curious figure. Putting aside Observer’s initial introduction of him via Twitter, we have only seen him twice. In the HAPPYBIRTHDAY video, where he deploys a rather crude jumpscare and the words “Auf Wiedersehen” in a cursive font, and in DEATHTRAPEXODUS. In DEATHTRAPEXODUS, Firebrand shows us an image of Swain holding the journal, which then displays some kind of vault inside it. The vault opens up to show Deadhead sitting cross-legged within, a swinging light above his head akin to a grandfather clock’s pendulum and a strange, gigantic electrical plug protruding from the wall beside him.

This only further ties Deadhead to the Journal, and to Swain/Sebastian. In the description of the HAPPYBIRTHDAY video, Observer first told us of their relationship: “deadheadsays sebastianwasalotlikeyou”. From Deadhead’s pose in the video, I can’t really determine if he has a hunchback, but to me, the link between Henka Visæ and Deadhead seems to be quite strong. Figures that have something to do with Noah, have some tie to him, seem inextricably linked to the Collective themselves. Over half the members are his family, and the others are his and Milo’s friend Kevin, the author of the Journal they need, and now…Henka Visæ? What does Henka Visæ have to do with Noah and his family, beyond recruiting Mary Asher to the Order as the disgusting bastard leading the Jersey chapter claimed in Noah’s “interview” with him?

The next piece of information comes to us again from Scriniarii.

When Noah was a child, he almost drowned after Karl abandoned him to try and recover his sacred relic: the Journal. However, he was saved by the Boat Captain, Henka Visæ. He is also apparently “The Child Seeker”. I cannot even begin to speculate unto what this means. However, Scriniarii seems to have a personal vendetta against him, as Visæ has done much to cause suffering to him. The device sent to our nominated representative of Sensum was meant to help elucidate us on what he has wrought.

But it didn’t. The device played us an audio recording of what I suspect to be Firebrand speaking a YouTube URL out loud to us. That video held some footage of what I believe to be the Boardwalk, with a piano song overlaid that held the hidden message: “This version knows more than it can say.  The keyword is the serial number.”

Clearly, if the device was intended to help us understand Henka Visæ, it did not do its god damn job. As for the last part of Scriniarii’s answer, his “misinformed quest”, this throws me for a loop. For if Visæ was Deadhead, a member of the Collective, he would not have a “quest”. He would be yet another part of his Keeper’s machine. But apparently Visæ has enough agency to not only have a “quest”, but is also being spoken of in the present tense. The New Jersey Overseer said Visæ was “no longer with us”, but that could be interpreted in many ways - which is why the slippery bastard chose his words carefully. If the Order knows where he is now, they are keeping it secret, but this centenarian cult member is still active according to Scriniarii, and he’s done enough harm to put Scriniarii through great suffering. Who knows what else he’s yet to do.

There’s one more point I wish to make note of, because if I don’t, others will. Henka Visæ is almost a perfect anagram for Kevin Haas. In this case, keVin Hæs. Is this relevant? Is this meant to indicate the involvement of the Observer? Some say this points to Henka Visæ being a prior vessel for the Observer, but I feel it is too large a leap in logic. We’ve never heard of a Collective member requiring more than one host body - they’ve been happy to puppet a single one through the timeline. I feel this is either a coincedence - after all, it doesn’t fit EXACTLY, or something designed intentionally to confuse and mislead. We need to focus on what we know, not what we are guessing.

So when it comes down to it, Who is Henka Visæ? We don’t know. We can guess, yes. But we simply do not know. And those that do? Are not telling.

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Hey! This kind of stems from the whole sugar allowance thing but like, do you ever get scared that they just won't ever pay you? Do you ask upfront or something? As much as I'd like to casually meet up first, most of these guys on SA are about an hour away so I'm really freaked about someone trying to not pay, you know? And also one guy just wants to take me shopping and stuff (prob so it's less like prostitution?) and idk if that's a good idea omg pls help me I'm a dummies tryna be safe 😩😩

Hi hi. With both escorting and sugaring any sort of payment is received up-front. Escorting’s a lil more straightforward bc the client forks over the cash before any touching happens or clothing gets removed. For daddies what usually happens (for me) is receiving the allowance on the first date of every month, or bimonthly in the case of R. Can also be PPM (date-wise) for a while until trust is established on both ends.

With the SA POTs it can be tricky bc there’s no guarantee for receiving money on the first date. One thing you can do is express wanting to receive a gift for your time, will also help you gauge what the specific dude’s approach is. Traveling an hour is kinda extensive as well so it’d be perfectly appropriate to suggest he compensate you for that (gas money or uber). 

And you’re not dumb at all, gift daddies are absolutely a thing. I’ve never had one of those specifically but a couple of SDs (who were paying an allowance) took me shopping on occasion. Was mostly M paying for online orders, also swindled him into ~supporting~ a major Lululemon binge in Miami which felt bomb haha. As for you I’d decide what exactly you’re looking for, if you prefer/need cash or if you’re okay with the shopping. If you’re able to have the shopping/gift daddy in addition to one who’s doing straight cash that could be nice. Furthermore, with the shopping, you could use that to pick up items you’d be saving money on in the long-run (that you’d be spending your own money on anyway) to gain that type of benefit. So yeah, overall it’s up to your personal goals. Whichever route you go is perfectly cool, high-five and happy wallet rinsing! Xo

Desert Ship (Part 1 of 2)

For generations, my family line has been bless with the ability to control sand. “It’s our gift.” my father told me over and over again whenever he was around.

My ability first appeared when I was thirteen years old, when I managed to lift a single grain of sand in the air. I quickly tossed it around between me and my half-siblings. For the next few days I just ran between the communal tents, throwing sand around and making shapes in the sand with my siblings and friends much to the enjoyment of my mother and the annoyance of everybody else in the tribe.

That saturday, when my dad arrived to pick me up for his week of custody, I showed him my abilities. I was already able to move a mound of sand the size of a small vase. He was impressed, but he had a devious smile on his face. He asked me if I wanted to come on a trip with him in order to test my powers for real. I obviously accepted.

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