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Part 2 - anime girls

I was thinking about Mindful Education, specifically the song “Here Comes a Thought” and how the butterflies represented the problems of the characters-

-Ruby gets bopped in the face, literally, by a butterfly and promptly throws a major hissy. While that is a little amusing, I realized; because it actually, physically, hit her in the face it probably represented a real event that really happened. Ruby being Ruby stayed frustrated over it for a while, first upset that whatever it was happened, then upset that she couldn’t change it (she kept yelling at the butterfly, but that didn’t really accomplish much).

Then there is Sapphire-

-she is surrounded my hundreds of butterflies. They seem to consume her, but don’t really touch her. Sapphire can see possible future outcomes, so all the butterflies are probably bad events she has seen, and she is too overcome by fear to think about ways to avoid them. She is having a panic attack, and anxiety attack, all about things that haven’t even happened but she thinks they will.

Connie’s butterflies came out of her backpack; she was mostly upset about what she did at school, how she hurt a kid. That was the catalyst, but all her other butterflies were connected to her backpack too… how much she has to study, how she doesn’t have a lot of friends because she moves around a lot, her parents putting pressure on her to work hard. Her home life and her school life, and she carries all these problems around with her, like a burden she can’t let go of. Steven first sees one on his mom’s sword… obviously, he has complicated feelings about Rose and how he doesn’t know her, can’t be just like her, and doesn’t know what to think of her… but that is also the sword he gave to Connie to use. Connie is the one he is training to sword fight and be a knight. Steven was also the one telling Connie not to think about her problems, to ignore them. Now, Connie has faced one of the sources of her fears and is doing a lot better, but Steven still doesn’t want to think about his. Connie being triumphant reminds him that he is failing in a way. When they fuse, Stevonnie sees all the other fears Steven has; poofing Bismuth, hurting the Rubies, not being able to help Jasper, and finally his mom… she is strong and beautiful, she saved the earth, but she also kept secrets and shattered a Diamond.

In both cases, Ruby comes to Sapphire’s aid, and Connie comes to Steven’s. They had different problems, but similar solutions; they needed somebody to be there for them.

Green Witch??

“I am a Green Witch, and I have been asked “What is a Green Witch?“  Alot!

Here are a few other questions I have also been asked.

“Is Green Witchcraft a pagan or wiccan religion?”

“Do you cast spells?”

“Do you curse people?”

 "Do you worship the devil?“

A Green Witch is normally someone who pratices Natural Witchcraft. Someone who works with the Earth and the Universe around them.

A Green Witch also works with the energies of natural objects like stones,gems,herbs,animals,and the elements. 

Some folks say that Green Witchcraft is not a religion at all. Just a practice of magick, and then some people believes it is a very religious craft, a way of living their life.

Now,I believe it is as religious as the person who is practicing it. What I mean by this , is that if you want it to be a way of life and you want it to be your religion, then by all means live the way of the Green Witch.

 Green witches may worship many different Goddesses and Gods at any given time. Some only worship one or two. Which is fine, your way is the right way. There is no right or wrong way with how many Gods/Goddesses, you worship, or pray to.

 The Green Path is close the the Native Americans religious path.What I mean by this , is that we say thank you to the spirits of whatever plant or animal we use. Whether it is for food, or for healing prospects. We also believe that the plants,animals,gems,and other natural elements have a spirit or soul”. 

We were also Green Witches ,before the word Green became so popular with recycling and saving the planet. We have always been around ( in secret mostly) trying to save Our Beautiful Mother Earth.

Whether or not you are Green Witch,or just a regular human, Please Recycle, Don’t Litter and Please Love Our Mother Earth! She can use all the Love we can give her!!!


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