save as wwf save a tree

We have a lot of saving to do. More saving than we ever imagined. The bees, trees, bats, tigers, whales, bears, birds, rain forest, ice caps. And so much more. Basically, we really fucked it up this time. The world, our home, our sanctuary. We still have time. Time to solve this, to help us all. It all comes down to a simple thing. If we have the compassion. The compassion to save these things and therefore save ourselves. If we could give a little more and take a little less, we will find what we need. We need to spend more time building nature instead of destroying it to build sky scrapers filled with people staring at screens. We have a lot of saving to do, but we can do it.

Mother Nature by Amy Kennedy


Hug trees, walk in forests, climb mountains. Hug cats, and dogs, and rabbits and any animal you can find that’ll let you. Sing to the birds, salute the magpies. Go vegetarian or even vegan if you are brave enough. Love this beautiful earth you have been put on. Love these animals that provide you with a new warmth in your heart. Treat the world right, and it will treat you the same.

We are nature by Amy Kennedy