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The worth of a man is in how he picks himself up after a fall... or *cough* after "capsizing” (Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.02.2017)

When Sho-kun does not appreciate being volunteered.

Sho (to Hatori-san): You’re just saying whatever you like to say aren’t you.

But still cutely gamely playing along.

Though when he “overturns” and manages to “resurface”, there are only good-looking onlookers nearby.

Upsy-daisy and here we go.  (notice the displaced position of the equipment)

And the adorable chipmunk just looks ADORABLE!!!

The proud proclamation of “What good waves there were today ne~”

└ Trust Sho-kun to look mecha mecha kakkoi while being bullied. (^_^)

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.02.2017

wasure-arashi replied to your post: (puts on my tinfoil hat) Ok but what if Kled and…

I always thought they were tbh, really close siblings that were torn apart by the idealisms of two conflicting nations with very different ideals, yet parallel in the end. Demacia, paragons of justice, and Noxians, those who see strength as salvation. Also, I agree with your scarf theory, that Kled’s sash and her scarf are simply two parts of a torn whole, just like them.



The way ahead, there’s the continuation of our unchanged miracle. I thought it was a meeting by chance, because we were seeing the same dreams at this season. - 花

Happy 17th anniversary! 

Confession: Honestly, I am really missing those days when they were younger, stupid and fun. Those D, G no Arashi and Arashi no Shukudai-kun era. Now they are adults and they are not as hyped and stupid as before. But as a true fan, I can understand this. People age, and change. It makes sense. You can’t expect a 30 y.o. man to do what a 20 y.o. man did. Regardless, Arashi saved me through my hardest time, and I will forever be their fan and support them. My love for Arashi has exceeded any possible reason. It is an unconditional love.