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I like to imagine Neil giggles a lot when he gets tipsy. Imagine: Andrew and Neil sitting on the roof, sharing a bottle of whiskey, Andrew’s bitching about Kevin and Exy and Neil is just lying with his head on his lap, staring up at his stupid face and losing his shit. Andrew alternates between glaring at him and shutting him up with a kiss. 

I’m struggling out of this art block


And what better way to get out of art block then with this little angel <3 

If Castiel had had a female vessel since the beginning, Destiel would have been canon. And there’s not a single freaking thing about this that is not true!
You know it!
I know it!
They know it!

Dean’s body language

So this is supposed to be a few weeks after Castiel left to search for Kelly Kline. Castiel and Mary doesn’t know that Dean was hit with the forgetting curse because Dean forbade Sam from telling either Mary or Castiel.

But Dean knew that he was close to death and he forgot Castiel. He forgot his best friend and the angel who saved him from hell. The first two GIFs show Dean getting out of the car. He sees his mom and a random hunter and he acts normally like it isn’t a big deal. But we as the audience know that it is supposed to be a big deal because Dean forgot his mom and his own name recently. So the lack of any major reaction upon seeing his mom is very obvious in its absence. When Sam gets out of the car, he acknowledges Mary right away by saying “Hey, Mom.” But when Mary greets Dean, he just nods in her direction and shakes Wally’s hand first. He is very distant with Mary. 

Next, let’s observe Dean’s reaction when Castiel enters the scene. Dean turns the moment he hears Cas’s footsteps. He acknowledges Cas even before Cas joins the group. He greets Cas unlike his mother (who he doesn’t say anything directly to this whole scene.) In the first GIF above, Dean turns his body to face Cas. He literally takes a step in the direction of Cas. Meanwhile, you can see Sam and Wally just turn their heads to look at Cas. 

Already it is obvious that Dean orients himself to Cas when he approaches. But, in the second GIF above, see Dean taking ANOTHER step in the direction of Castiel. He further orientates towards Cas. This is the first time Dean is seeing Cas after forgetting him in the last episode. We can clearly see Deans desire to be closer to Cas, to re-memorise him, the way he looks and the ways he talks. He is much more affected by Castiel’s presence than by his own mothers.

So, here’s the clip below if you want to watch the whole scene and see for yourself.

At this point it is important to notice that after Dean escaped from prison in first blood, he called Castiel and wanted to see him before he sacrificed himself to Billy. He sat in the back seat with Castiel and was closer to Castiel than his own Mother.