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10 Movies with LGBTQ Main Characters Directed By Women

Appropriate Behavior dir. Desiree Akhavan (2014)
Bound dirLilly & Lana Wachowski (1996)
Fire dir. Deepa Mehta (1996)
Heartbeat dir. Andrea Dorfman (2014)
Life Partners dir. Susanna Fogel (2014)
Priest dir. Antonia Bird (1994)
Puccini for Beginners dir. Maria Maggenti (2006)
Saving Face dir. Alice Wu (2004)
Tomboy dir. Céline Sciamma (2011)
Your Sister’s Sister dir. Lynn Shelton (2011)

i can’t be mad that sarah won, because she really did deserve it out of the three. it’s just so funny that she literally copied tony’s technique (with much more grace), and she still had to fight a semi-bitter jury to secure her win. i mean, i would have rather had andrea, cirie, michaela, hali, aubry, or malcolm win, but that’s cool i guess.

Always With Me- a Richonne FanFic by Lauren Avila

This is an idea I’ve had for awhile. I finally wrote it out before something happens on the show that may make this idea pale in comparison. So here is my fanfic about an Andre reveal:

Always With Me

Even first thing in the morning, Rick couldn’t understand how his love could look so radiant and beautiful. He watched her for a minute while she dressed. He thought the way she checked her hair in the mirror was cute. He loved seeing the girly traits that Michonne only let him see. He brought her leather vest over to her and helped her slip it on. Michonne closed her eyes and relaxed into his arms. He kissed her shoulders and graced his lips along her neck.  He stopped at the chain of her necklace. He traced its circumference with his finger. He found her chin and turned it toward him. He pressed his lips to hers. He whispered in her ear “What’s the M stand for?”

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Hello there guys, here you can find 155 medium/small gifs of Phoebe Tonkin begin pregnant or holding a baby. Full credit goes to the original makers and there shouldn’t be any repeats. I’m probably going to update this once there are new gifs. Please like and/or reblog if this helped you in any way!

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greenerovia  asked:

top five desus moments you'd LIKE TO SEE if it were to go canon on screen (could be the briefest scene or moment, and something they'd for sure air :P)


  1. i just,,,, need to see them opening up to each other???? i want daryl to tell jesus about merle and growing up in a neglectful abusive home and jesus to tell daryl about growing up in a group home, maybe explaining what his home life was like pre-group home
  2. this is the corniest shit ok but daryl!!! watching jesus pull his hair up into a bun!!!! like half asleep and jesus is yawning as he does it but it’s still, it’s like an art in and of itself and daryl’s just like how the fuck
  3. a concept: a stranger comes in, someone who isn’t familiar at all with anyone. and he sees jesus the Welcoming Wagon all polite and warm, and then they see daryl who is The Opposite and he’s aloof and cool and then later, when everything’s cooled off a bit, the stranger sees them together and it just????? feels right like it makes sense
  4. i need jesus to reveal he’s a nerd okay i need this like i need air. imagine him talking to tara about harry potter or lord of the rings and daryl’s just like “i can’t believe i fell for This Guy”
  5. an extension of #1 but omg….. just????? one big campfire, but it’s one of those campfires where it’s like 3am and no one’s filtering themselves and everyone’s just baring their souls for all to see but you know that in the morning you’ll all ignore all of it so team family is talking about everyone they’ve lost, and jesus is hearing about lori and t-dog and hershel, and how morgan saved rick, and how andrea saved michonne, and it’s just. one big happy family moment except it’s not really happy per se, they’re just all getting to know each other on the DL and ugh i just need this to happen

Hello there guys, here you can find 81 medium/small gifs of Kaya Scodelario with babies or pregnant belly. All those gifs that you’re going to find below this cut are made by me, so please do not repost them and claim them as you’re own. There are a few which aren’t mine, they are already noted into the gif hunt yet credit to their makers. I’m probably going to update this once there are new gifs. Please like and/or reblog if this helped you in any way!

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