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tbh i love shipping the gryffindors with slytherins just because it’s so fun to see the slytherins roll their eyes when their gryffindor counterpart does somethimg stupidly heroic but they cant keep the fond smile of their face because theyre so fucking charmed but the others being an idiot so they have to stick with them to make sure they dont get hurt trying to save the world

or alternatively, slytherins and ravenclaws

like one of them comes up with a meticulously thought out plan and is like “idk tho it may be too much of a dick move” and the slytherin to be like “nope it’s perfect.”

or slytherins and hufflepuffs where the hufflepuff is like “but we’ll be nice about it wont we?” and slytherin’s like “yeah ofc bby” and once the hufflepuff is gone the slytherin goes “but not really.”

slytherins are so goddamn shippable


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Eavesdropping is the artificial Christmas tree of script writing – it’s easy to set up, it doesn’t make a mess, and people have become so accustomed to it that nobody even notices it’s fake anymore. For instance the entire Back To The Future trilogy is held together by a bunch of convenient eavesdropping that occurs in Back To The Future Part II. Jennifer hides in the closet of her future house, overhearing a discussion about a car accident that ruined Marty’s music career. Armed with this knowledge, she is able to save Marty from the accident in Back To The Future Part III. Later on, Marty is hiding under a table at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, where he overhears Biff’s cronies threatening to beat up the Marty on stage, which allows him to spring to action and save his alternate self from a history-destroying ass beating.

6 Insane Coincidences You Didn’t Notice Are In Every Movie


Content Magazine did a pretty awesome video of our CD Release set at San Pedro Square Market’s Daydream Nation.

There’s a bit of an interview intercut with engaging in some serious rawk.

Please share for to enjoy!

Brisbane quartet Cub Sport will be releasing a debut album titled This Is Our Vice come March 4th. Today, they share album single I Can’t Save You, a wonderfully hooking swirl of gooey synthpop and hazy dance rock. Its plucky, bassline gives This Is Our Vice an irresistibly funky bounce, while plenty of searing steam rise from Cub Sport’s sultry vocals. Cub Sport’s upcoming full length will be filled with mercurial topics such as self-doubt and self-immolation, crafted into an expanse of shimmering harmonies and sticky melodies.