"If you're pregnant and don't want the child put it up for adoption!"

Who’s paying for my maternity leave if I’m working? Who’s carrying the child and have to endure physical pain and symptoms of pregnancy as well as childbirth? Who’s adopting the child?

You can’t sit there and tell me I should have a baby and then throw it into foster care with the thousands of other children who are already in it and haven’t been adopted. Instead of screaming about how abortion is murder and that I should save the sack of cells in my body why don’t you go out and adopt a child and save a life that way?

You can’t sit and scream about how planned parenthood is taking your tax dollars to pay for abortion when 1. It’s not, all abortions through planned parenthood are done through donation and 2. Your tax dollars are helping pay for the thousands of children who don’t have homes and are in foster care which none of you will adopt but insist that you must put more children into an already over populated world.

I will never tell anyone that they must have a abortion if the child isn’t wanted, that is up to them. I believe it’s important to keep abortion legal because either way it will happen, but much more dangerously, and it’s always important to give someone the choice. But putting a child up for adoption isn’t always the right choice for someone. Someone could have medical complications in which they can get pregnant but would possibly die during pregnancy. Someone could not want a child. Someone could not believe in the foster care system and putting more children in it. Unless you’re paying for our maternity leave, our doctor visits to check up on the fetus, the hospital stay to have the child, and are going to pick up the kid and adopt you don’t tell me adoption is always the best. You want to save a life? Adopt an already born child who doesn’t have parents or a home. Saving a sack of cells and forcing someone to carry them and use them as an incubator only to be thrown into foster care and them not to have parents or a proper home or the life a child should have, isn’t saving a life. It’s ruining one.

My Aunt told me soon people are going to forget about Leelah Alcorn Please Reblog to show you'll never forget

I’m trying to prove a point to show her how much Leelah was a huge impact

Ladies and gentlemen,
  • Pet stores in the USA are having a ferret sale. Anything for ferrets are marked down. Please do not go and buy a ferret because it's cheap... Ferrets need time, love, space, diet, hunting, social time and more... I just adopted Kairi because I needed her more then she needed me. I adopted her as an emotional support animal, for my depression and anxiety. I had ferrets thanks to my mother as a young teen. I know the struggles.
  • If not cared properly your ferret will smell worse then they do to begin with. They carry a natural pheromone that smells musty. If fed wrong, if to oily, if to dry, if over weight, if to skinny, if depressed, if happy it will get stronger. A lot of people will give up their ferret for this alone.
  • During play they need to be stimulated with hunting, digging, jumping, crawling and more. They are very active, very mouthy, chew on things you will not want them to. It is a snake, Cat, dog baby.
  • Their diet is picky, can't have fruits or veggies since they're carnivores and it's poisonous to them. They live better on a raw meat diet. Or settled kibble.
  • Please know I'm not an expert and I'm in 25+ ferret groups alone. Just in case I need advice. Please I have 3 roommates that will at the least talk to her when I'm not around. I also adopted her from a recuse shelter at the age of year and a half. Babies are worse. If you want a ferret adopt. Don't be part of the negative cycle. Save a life. I have a great shelter you can adopt from with a lot of information. And if for some reason you can't handle the ferret let me or her know about them,we'll help find a home or I may take them.
  • Now please think before getting a ferret.
Cosplay Materials/Tools I Wish I’d Known About Forever Ago

Because I’m just getting this shit recently and it’s all amazing.

Hot Knife - Holy fucking shit it heats up and you can slice and dice anything you fucking want pretty much. And you can get a multitool version of it with interchangeable heads so you can fry different patterns on to your work how fuckin neato is that? (Cut away from you. Cut away from you. Cut away from you. Don’t be me. Don’t slice yourself with a sharp and also vERY HOT blade. Don’t do it. CUT AWAY FROM YOU).

Dremel - Hand sanding is for people with strong arms (not me) and the patience of saints (also not me). Sand shit down at the speed of FAST. Multiple tools can be attached to the spinning doo-hickey and you can cut and grind and buffer to your hearts content.

Paperclay - Forget wall spackle for filling cracks in props, just use fucking paperclay. Plaster can suck on an egg, put paperclay over your props and sand that shit down for a smooth as fuck and sturdy finish. Build little embellishments with it. Build pretty much fucking anything with it holy wow its great.

Dentists Tools - Listen you’re gonna need poking tools. You can either look through the junk drawer for a pencil or pen to poke things, or you can spend 5$ and get a set of sharp metal sticks that bend every which way and are amazeballs for getting in to the nooks and crannies of your costume. They’re so useful please get them.

Clear Plastic Storage Tubs - I know it sounds stupid but I used to store all my stuff in old shoe boxes (my mom buys a lot of shoes). Having big tubs you can SEE THROUGH is a fucking blessing. You dont have to go digging, you’ve got a place to put your shit, stuff is moderately more organized (lets face it we’re all going to be huge messes no matter what), and its easier to keep track of all your miscellaneous junk.


Normally I do not post anything on my blog except for Harry Potter, but this is very important to me. 

Recently, my friend, Carly, was diagnosed with a rare form of  Leukemia. Carly has always been a fun-loving, kindhearted, girl. She loves Disney (especially Lilo and Stitch), One Direction, 5SOS, going to raves, and just having a good time. Her diagnosis was hard for everyone to accept. Nobody imagines their friend or family member being diagnosed with cancer at only 17 years old, when she’s just getting ready for her senior year. To beat this cancer, Carly will need a bone marrow transplant, but since she is Vietnamese, she needs a perfect match for this transplant to be a success. The doctors tested her family but nobody was a match. My school also recently held a bone marrow drive where 80 people were tested to see if they were a match, but so far, nobody has been.

 As Carly’s need for this transplant rises, my friends and I have taken it upon ourselves to help her find a match. We love Carly very much and want to see her get better. So this is how you all can help.

First off, getting tested is 100% pain-free and also 100% FREE. All it takes is a simple cheek swab to check if you could be a possible match. But, to get tested you must be between the ages of 18 and 44. To do this all you need to do is go to bethematch.org and register. It is simple and easy! Even if you are not between 18-44 I encourage you to spread the word by reblogging this, and also using the hashtags #CaringForCarly #E4C #BeTheMatch and #SetonStrong. 

I know someone out there is a match for my friend (or someone else who needs this transplant) and your help could save a life! If anybody has any questions or want to offer messages of encouragement to Carly please feel free to message me! Thank you so much! I love you all and I know that together we can find this match!

You could die,” was all Ig could manage to say at this revelation.
“That doesn’t seem bad to me at all,” Ketsia shrugged and turned from him, but Ig wrapped his fingers around her wrist.
“Don’t say that,” Ig said firmly. “Don’t ever say that.”
Ketsia looked up at him, lips parted in surprise.
“There are people that love you Ketsia,” he sounded pained. “Don’t leave them with all that heart ache.

Take some time to watch this video by Anna Akana. There’s such an important message. 

People love you and people will miss you.

Albania: 127
Argentina: (54-11) 4758-2554
Australia: 13 11 14
Austria: 142
Barbados: (246) 4299999
Belgium: 106
Botswana: 3911270
Brazil: +55 51 211 2888
Canada - Greater Vancouver: 604-872-3311
Canada - Toll free-Howe Sound/Sunshine Coast: 18666613311
Canada - TTY: 1-866-872-0113
Canada - BC-wide: 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)
China: 0800-810-1117
China (Mobile/IP/extension users): 010-8295-1332
Croatia: (01) 4833-888
Cyprus: +357 77 77 72 67
Denmark: +45 70 201 201
Estonia (1): 126
Estonia (2): 127
Estonia (3): 646 6666
Fiji (1): 679 670565
Fiji (2): 679 674364
Finland: 01019-0071
France: (+33) (0)9 51 11 61 30
Germany (1): 0800 1110 111
Germany (2): 0800 1110 222
Germany (youth): 0800 1110 333
Ghana: 233 244 846 701
Greece: (0) 30 210 34 17 164
Hungary: (46) 323 888
India: 2549 7777
Ireland (1): +44 (0) 8457 90 90 90
Ireland (2): +44 (0) 8457 90 91 92
Ireland (3): 1850 60 90 90
Ireland (4): 1850 60 90 91
Israel: 1201
Italy: 199 284 284
Japan (1): 03 5774 0992
Japan (2): 03 3498 0231
Kenya: +254 20 3000378/2051323
Liberia: 06534308
Lithuania: 8-800 2 8888
Malaysia (1): (063) 92850039
Malaysia (2): (063) 92850279
Malaysia (3): (063) 92850049
Malta: 179
Mauritius: (230) 800 93 93
Namibia: (09264) 61-232-221
Netherlands: 0900-0767
New Zealand (1): (09) 522 2999
New Zealand (2): 0800 111 777
Norway: +47 815 33 300
Papua New Guinea: 675 326 0011
Philippines: 02 -896 - 9191
Poland (1): +48 527 00 00
Poland (2): +48 89 92 88
Portugal: (808) 200 204
Samoa: 32000
Serbia: 32000
Singapore: 1800- 221 4444
South Africa: 0861 322 322
Sweden (1): 020 22 00 60
Sweden (2): 020 22 00 70
Switzerland: 143
Thailand: (02) 713-6793
Ukraine: 058
United Kingdom (1): 08457 909090
United Kingdom (2): +44 1603 611311
United Kingdom (3): +44 (0) 8457 90 91 92
United Kingdom (4): 1850 60 90 90
United Kingdom (5): 1850 60 90 91
United States of America: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Zimbabwe (1): (263) 09 65000
Zimbabwe (2): 0800 9102

People love you and people will miss you.


A few weeks ago, resident butthead of the Late Bloomer Club (as he’s affectionately known) Oliver underwent surgery for his overgrown teeth.  This surgery is one that Oliver often needs to curb his dental issues, but it’s complicated by a longstanding, incurable infection near his brain.

In the middle of surgery, Oliver died.  However, thanks to the amazing, brave efforts of Dr. Debra Scheenstra, DVM and her team, Oliver’s heart started up again and he returned to life.  He is now, weeks later, at home at SaveABunny with his LBC friends.

Click photos for more information.

Please be careful!!

There is a new drug on the street, it’s called w-18, it is legal right now in Canada and can apparently be up to 100 times stronger than fentanyl. People are selling it in Alberta as fentanyl, but I imagine it will be a really common buff in heroin as well. Please please please be careful, take a test shot with every new batch you get and try to avoid getting high alone! With today’s technology you never know what could be in it