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Royalty Prompts

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  • -My parents are hosting a royal ball with neighboring monarchs and you noticed me, heir to the throne, shoving food into a bag to steal 
  • -I’m the royal adviser but I might as well be a royal babysitter because holy shit you are such a handful… Wake up ALREADY!
  • -I’m supposed to inherent the throne but really I’d rather own this tiny bakery with you
  • -I was tasked with rescuing this royal family member but I found them waiting for me to pick them up
  • - This royal peace meeting sucks want to just… leave?
  • -You’re a royal guard and I’m always pestering you because you’re hella cute and getting you to smile makes my day
  • - Tripped down a large staircase, broke like everything, and now you’re suck taking care of me and I’m a royal pain in the ass.
  • -Explain to me how if you’re my guard why I’m the one always saving your life?
  • -You sneak me out of the castle sometimes to do fun things like play on the beach or ride horses.
  • -When I took up the job as Royal Pet Caretaker I didn’t expect to be taking care of literally 10 cats. Why do you have so many?!
The Story of Purim via Twitter


AchashveiroshAdvisor1@JewsofShushan PARTY AT THE PALACE!

KingAchash: @AllAdvisors Bring Vashti ASAP #ShowOffTheWife

QueenVashti: @Advisor2 I ain’t goin’ nowhere…

KingAchash: Time for a new wife!

AchashveiroshAdvisor1: @WomenofShushan All the single ladies must come to the palace #UglyNotIncluded

HadassahEsther: I’m not going.

Royal Guards: @HadassahEsther You must come with us.

Heigai: @WomenofShushan Makeup counter is to your left.

KingAchash: Picked my new wife! #Esther

HadassahEsther: : (

MordiJew: @HadassahEsther I am sitting by the gate #WatchingYou

Bigsan&Seresh: Guess what we’re up to!?

MordiJew: @HadassahEsther Bigsan and Seresh out to kill your hubby

HadassahEsther: @MordiJew Will let him know, thanks.

KingAchash: Mordechai saved my life #Chronicles

KingAchash: @Haman You’re gonna be my right-hand man

Haman: @KingAchash Sweet! Everyone is going to have to bow to me now #Power

MordiJew: @Haman Not gonna bow #JewsDon’tDoThat

Haman: Problem solved #GetRidofJews

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A Love For The Ages: Chapter 1 - Chance

Submitted by: you-make-me-wander

Description: Lydia Martin is the princess and heir to the throne of the kingdom of Beacon Hills and Stiles Stilinski is the son of the Queen’s most trusted royal advisor. Because they grow up together, Stiles and Lydia become best friends, inseparable at all times until the little girl is kidnapped when she’s barely even seven years old.

The kingdom looks for her for years but with no luck, and eventually life moves on and Stiles grows up to become a knight, following in his father’s footsteps and working close at the Queen’s side even at his young age. Several years pass before Stiles is sent out on a mission to the edge of the kingdom and is shocked to find a familiar strawberry blonde haired girl working out in the fields as a peasant. Determined to save her, Stiles risks both their lives to escape her abductor and take the princess back home.

As they embark in a journey neither of them could have foreseen and as they start to learn about the other what they missed in the years that went by, Lydia struggles to find her place in a Court she doesn’t really fit in while Stiles tries his best to help her without overstepping his bounds. And even in all their misfortune and rough life, as they begin to grow up together again as fated, they can’t help but to fall hopelessly in love with each other.

Rating: M

Genre: Action, Romance, Medieval!AU, Princess!Lydia, Knight!Stiles

All Chapters

Author’s note: If you missed the prologue, go check it out first before jumping right to this. You can read it here.

Also, beware of a character’s death on this chapter (background character, you won’t even know who it is until later, though I’m sure some of you will guess!).

Please remember that this is a Medieval setting and that it was a bloodbath back then. It’s necessary for the story and I won’t refrain from it. I want it to be somewhat true to facts, though I won’t make it too graphic.

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