save a hoe foundation

Pro Tip: good old l'oreal true match

You want to look snatched for hours on end? But you don’t want to spend $50 for that Dior foundation because you got bills?

This L'oreal true Match liquid foundation has not budged in 10 hours. And I didn’t use primer.

Normally foundation starts sliding off my face after 6-7 hours. But nope, most of my face is looking semi matte with a slight dewy glow where I put my highlight. It looks even better than when I first applied it. HOW?!?!!

It slightly oxidizes so get a shade up from what you think you are. My pores are invisible 😱 just don’t let anyone touch your face, that shit will transfer.

Had this foundation for a year and forgot about it. Learned my lesson. Save your coins for expensive lipstick not expensive foundation

I would like nothing more than to

Take you away from your problems. Make you genuinely smile. make you fall in love with me. have a story book ending. Be perfect in every way.

But sometimes I derek like I creep you out. So I trend to quit talking to you months at a time. But then I just can’t help myself from commenting on your pictures on facebook… Oh how I wish I could. But I won’t. For at least a year… So i'l leave you alone again. sorry if I destroyed you out at all lol.

-love- -the distant stranger-