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YOU KNOW WHO TOOK THaT PICTURE? M E I DID LOVE ME okay sorry continuing on asdfghjkl Y O U G U Y S !!!! 600 serial killers !!! thats pretty flipping cool !!! s h o o k e t h !!! wouldn’t it be cool if i could hit 1k by my birthday which is in like 3 weeks actually okay but no seriously im so frikking blessed and happy from being in canada and this just adds to it?? SOOO i wanna show my appreciation for all of you serial killers guys

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I just wanted to share a tip for any of you in school and dealing with high textbook costs–one of my grad school textbooks last semester would have cost me $300 if I had bought it. And that is just one textbook.

Your university library will likely have a physical copy of your textbook. Now, they also have copy machines, but they 1. Aren’t in color, which can make visuals less accessible and 2. Have a cost per page that adds up very quickly. Plus, not everyone wants a physical copy if they are doing a lot of work and homework digitally.

I have an app on my phone called iScanner ($4.99) and there are similar ones as well. It uses your phone camera to scan the pages, and can make chapters and documents into digital files like pdfs that you can email to yourself. It goes really quickly with the phone, and I saved $600 in textbooks this year.

You deserve to get an affordable education ❤️

stone-cold-roses  asked:

If you dont mind me asking, how much does owning a snake cost? I really want to get a ball python but im not sure how much to save? Between the vet and enclosure id really appreciate a rough estimate. Thank you!!!

Okay! *cracks knuckles* The BEST tumblr resource you can find is @wheremyscalesslither​ ‘s snake resources, I suggest you find them (Click on Heather’s blog, then its right in the description) and thoroughly read them. At least twice. xD (But seriously… do it)

Ball pythons are kinda like the opposite of a cat or dog - the snake doesn’t cost too much itself (Aren’t cats like… at least 300? or is it 3,000? I forget xD), but the enclosure costs a lot more. I’d also like to let you know that BP’s live for 40-50 years, so they’ll be a pet for life.

Snake: Depending on what morph you want, you can get a BP for 60$ (or free if you know where to look - breeders often give away their extra normals) or anywhere up to a couple thousand dollars. I got my girl for 150$, but you can get morphs other than a normal for 75$ and up.

Enclosure: BPs are actually best kept in sterilite tubs, large ones. I got my large tub at Target, for around 20$ I think. It needs to be large enough for the snake to stretch out, so about 4 feet of length on one side will do you good!

UTH: 20$ (Here’s mine)
RHP or CHE: My RHP is 97$, and I love it, because we didn’t have to cut a hole in the plastic tub lid so we could put it in (we were worried a lot about if the plastic would melt, ect, and then when we actually got some of the wire mesh to glue on the hole it kept popping up. I’d say, if you get a tub, get an RHP. It’s like the compensation cost of a tub - you don’t have to pay 140$ for a good sized tank but the heating costs a bit more. Tanks don’t hold humidity as well anyway xD) CHE’s run at about 10-12$. Don’t buy a red light, they’re bad for your snek :)
Temp Probes: You can buy a combo thermo/hydrogometer at Walmart for around 10$, You’ll need one of those and then another one if your thermostat doesn’t have a temp probe itself (Mine does!! Which is great xD)
Thermostat/Thermoregulator: This is IMPORTANT!!!! You need two: One for your UTH, and another for the RHP. This is also hard, because there’s two types: Off/On and % based. Off/on is cheaper, running at the lowest around 20$, but Off/On works from extremes (Literally, only off and on) and can wear out your UTH which can put your snake in danger of getting burnt if it breaks. The % based controls the% of electricity your UTH runs at, and will have it running at, say, 75% power which keeps the temperature EXACTLY where you want it. These also happen to run anywhere from 150$ (This seems too low, tbh, I have to double check my sources) to 450$.
Temp heat gun: 20$ (mine)
Fake plants: anywhere from 5-20$ at Michael’s
Hides: You can make your own out of leftover food take out containers (check out Noodles or LeeAnnChin xD), buy a rubber dog dish and cut out holes (5? $??? idk), or just buy one at the store for around 15$. (Don’t get those half log things with two holes tho Dx they don’t give a good enough hiding space)
Climbing materials: You’ll need to buy a couple wooden things for your snake to climb on. I got a large dowel at Michales (5$) which I cut to fit in the cage, and ended up with 3 climbing dowels for the snake. I also got a wood platform thing (3$?), which I screwed into the side and created a second level with. You can also buy wooden bird perches (I’m not even kidding - they run at around 3-5$ instead of the snake perches which run at 15-20$, and they’re just as good. And super easy to install)
Substrate: You can get fancy wood chips (5-10$??) or whatnot or just use paper towels. You’ll have to spray the enclosure a bit more with paper towels, but, hey, it’s more time with your snek and that’s a good thing :)
Waterdish: You can buy one for 10$ ish, use a dog bowl which is more of 5$, or just use a serving dish you have lying around at home you never use (LOL guess which one I did xD)
Spray bottle (x2): For misting the noodle. You can pick one up for 5$ (x2, one for water, one for disinfectant) at Home Depot or Target.  
Disinfectant: I use one part white vinegar and one part water. You either have this at home or it’s a couple bucks for a giant bottle :) (I also have the regular disinfectant wipes for myself to use after handling the snake and wiping down my phone, which are? 3-5$?)
Food: A younger snake eats about once a week, which means you’ll be spending 2-5$ on food each week. If you get a snake that eats live, be prepared to feed them live rats, because not every snake switches over well. You’ll need to find a store (or breed your own which is a whole different adventure), and then the rats usually cost around 5$ each. If you can switch your noodle to frozen/thawed food (you can buy it online), it’s can be anywhere from 1-2$ per rat.
Ratto Tongs: If you feed your noodle f/t, you might need to perform a “zombie dance” with the rat. I don’t know about you, but having a pair of tongs makes everything better and minimizes the snake accidentally thinking your hand is the rat xD They’re just a couple bucks :)

I personally haven’t been to the vet yet! My noodle’s been happy and healthy since the day I got her from the breeders, so I can’t give you an estimate of a vet bill. Sorry ^^;

I… think that’s everything. (if I’ve forgotten something, followers, please let me know!) Of course, you’ll need shipping on all the supplies too…

Lighter side/being thrifty on literally everything: 350$ + a ratto/week and shipping
Heavier side: 560$ + a ratto/week and shipping

So, I’d probably save around 600$ for your snake. If you have extra by the time you’re all ready to buy your noodle, you can put it toward getting a pretty morph or stash it for future rat and vet bills!

Good luck, and don’t forget to look at @wheremyscalesslither ‘s snake resources!


▪24. June▪

Since I go to a correspondence school I can plan my books out how I want. And since I don’t wanna pay the two full years, I try to do stuff for the whole year in only a little more than 6 months. I think it won’t stress me out as long as I plan in time for it.
Thanks brain for the english skills…that make this whole experience a lot faster and maybe a bit cheaper.

If I would finish 6 months earlier than expected I would save over 600€ (Yes, I pay for the school). And that’s my goal!

Also: Hi new Followers! Feel free to ask me questions & send me messages. I love to help people with their problems!

Help A Mentally Ill Queer Latinx Move Out of An Abusive Home (donate to me pls)

So I already made this post before, but I changed URLs and I didn’t want it to look like I deleted

General CW for Abuse (all sorts)

So heres the deal folks: I’m currently living with my parents in Virginia and no longer want to be.

As you may have figured my family is and has been complicit in my physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual abuse and I desperately need out. I’d rather not go into details other than my relationship with them is very complicated and for spiritual abuse context: I am currently in the process of leaving the Mormon church (*cough* cult) and can’t fully resign (get my information out of the church records) until I’m out of the house (for safety reasons).

My plan: in October of this year I will be moving into an apartment type situation with my boyfriend @urikhi in Idaho (where he is currently living)

but ! existing alone as adults requires money. Right now he has a job and I am currently working two jobs, but because I do pay for a lot of my own things (as well as my family’s pets’ care things) I’m having a hard time saving so what I need is donations.

my paypal is (or if you’re into phone number it’s 703 635 5648) I am completely sincere when I say that literally any little bit would be hugely appreciated.

And if you’re weird and not into donating, I am also doing commissions, the information for which can be found here and here.

What this money would go to is a security deposit on the apartment, as well as rent and food money to keep us alive and not homeless for a few months while I am looking for a new job in Idaho. Right now I only have about $600 saved up and thats not gonna cut it even with my bf’s own savings.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and if you can’t donate thats ok just please please please boost it so someone else can.

JUST FOR GENERAL UPDATE: We do have an apartment available for us, which my bf has already viewed, this is most definitely happening now and any kind of money would be extremely helpful

And You Will Find Me (Chapter 2)

- In places that we’ve never been.

Bucky x reader Drabble Series - Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 - FINISHED - SEQUEL

Bucky and you are best friends, which no one really knows about, and one day you are kidnapped by Hydra. So, naturally, Bucky tries everything to save you. [~600 words]

warnings (in general): language, graphic descriptions of torture, injuries, mentions of death, violence. (for this chapter): none (I know, right?!)

A/N: putting up two things in a row, because… I can and I want to 🌺

Originally posted by wintertracer

“Okay, so we know that she’s with Hydra,” Steve said. “Do you know where specifically?”

Bucky nodded. “Yeah, it should be the facility I was in the majority of the time. It’s really hard to get in there, though.”

Steve agreed, “and they’ll be awaiting us.”

There was a moment of silence where Bucky tried to come up with something.

“I think we need the others for this,” Steve said carefully, he knew how difficult it would be for Bucky to ask for help like this, considering how long he’d kept you a secret.

“No!” Bucky said firmly. “We are not asking them. Absolutely not.”


“No. They hate me enough already; I don’t need to put them in a situation like this.”

“Buck, listen to me. We are not getting her out safely if we do it alone. We are risking her safety if we do it on our own,” Steve reasoned and Bucky knew he had a point.

“We have to make a plan,” Nat stated the obvious as they were all cramped up in your small living room. “We need to get in and out as quickly as possible without losing anyone.”

“The most difficult thing will be to locate her. We know the facility, but not where exactly she is being held.” Steve glanced up at Bucky, who had been pacing around in the room, deeply in thought.

“Buck, do you have an idea where she could be?”, he asked, but didn’t get an answer. “Buck?”, he tried again. “Bucky Barnes!”

The man in question abruptly snapped his head up and turned around, looking like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. “Sorry?”

Steve stood up, put a hand on his best friend’s shoulder to calm him down at least a little bit. “It’s going to be alright. We’ll get her.”

Bucky nodded, but everyone that he did it just to get the attention off of himself.

Tony didn’t care. The tension between him and Bucky was still heavy after all that had happened. “Well, we have to get inside first,” he said. He had decided that he was willing to – at least temporarily – put their past aside to help save you. You had nothing to do with any of this, you were innocent. And Tony sure as hell wasn’t going to let an innocent girl die. He was an Avenger, after all.

“That shouldn’t be too difficult,” Natasha piped up, “We have layouts of the building. If Bucky can confirm they are still correct, we have a major advantage.”

“Let’s think this through first, though,” Steve reasoned, “They know that he is coming, they’ll probably even make it easy for him to get to her.”

“What are you saying?”, Clint wanted to know.

“He thinks it’s a trap,” Nat answered for him.

“Just- they are planning on keeping him there.”

“Well, that’s not happening.”


“Listen, Steve. This is gonna work. And I know you don’t want to hear it, but I don’t care if they kill me. If it gets her out of there, I am willing to take any risk.”

“This is ridiculous. You don’t have to die on this mission.”

Bucky didn’t care who said it, he didn’t agree. “No, I know I don’t. But she is all I have.”

“Let’s cross that line when we get there, shall we?” Tony said and after that, they went back to making a solid plan that would get everyone in and out without anyone having to die.

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whats in my (book)bag // My semester starts on Friday so I finished shopping (will I ever be finished buying stationary supplies?) for classes today. Most excited addition? My Hydro Flask! 

**tip for college students: rent or buy your textbooks used! I saved $500-600 this semester.**

And You Will Find Me (Chapter 6)

- If you’re lost just look for me.

Bucky x reader Drabble series - Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 chapter 8 Chapter 9 - FINISHED - SEQUEL

Bucky and you are best friends, which no one really knows about, and one day you are kidnapped by Hydra. So, naturally, Bucky tries everything to save you. [~600 words]

warnings (in general): language, graphic descriptions of torture, mentions of death, violence; (for this chapter): none, maybe a cliff hanger

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

“He’s still with Hydra.”

 The words knocked all your breath out of your lungs and hot tears sprung to the corners of your eyes as you struggled to find the ability to breathe again.

As a reflex, Sam slammed the emergency button next to your pillow and Steve cradled you up in his arms, slowly running his hand across your back. You fought to let the action soothe your distress and after a few minutes of hopeless wheezing, it finally started to work.

Or, it could have been because of the sedative a nurse had given you without you noticing it.

“Shh… It’s gonna be okay,” Steve tried to reassure you and those were the same word Bucky had said to you just a day before. Your brain associated them with him and you were still exhausted, so you thought it was his whose arms were.

“Bucky?”, you whispered, momentarily forgetting what had happened to him.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” Steve said, brining you back to your senses, “He’s not here.”

You looked at him tiredly. “Where is he? Is he going to be here soon?”

Steve struggled to find the right words, but Sam stepped in. “He’s on his way,” he said, trying his best to smile. He couldn’t imagine what pain you had gone through and so he thought it would be best to give you at least one night of good sleep to build up a bit of strength before they really had to confront you with the bad news again.

And it wasn’t fully a lie. Everyone hoped that Bucky was going to fight to get out of the hands of Hydra once again. For all they knew, he could already be making a run for it this very moment.

Steve laid you back onto the mattress. He covered you with the blanket in hopes of getting you to stop shiver, although he knew it was not because of being cold.

“We have to do something!”

“We all know that. But, Nat, please. Don’t wake her up.”

“I think it’s too late for that.”

You opened your eyes. Once again, Sam and Steve were in the room, this time accompanied by Natasha Romanov.

It had been like that for the past five days. Every morning you woke up to find a few Avenger in your room. You had developed something resembling friendship in that time and it helped you get better. They supported you in healing with funny anecdotes and kind words so you could temporarily forget how much you missed Bucky and how he feared for him.

“How are you feeling?”, Nat wanted to know with a kind smile.

You nodded in response. “Good, I suppose,” you said and then noticed the looks the people in the room were giving you. It was a mixture of multiple things. Sadness, worry, but pity definitely dominated. “He’s still not back, is he?”

The others hesitated with their answer. You sighed. “You don’t have to say anything.” Inside of you, the confusion you had felt before was replaced with dread. Gone was the bit of hope you had felt when waking up.

“Y/N,” Steve got your attention again. He waited until you looked at him before he spoke. “He is. In this hospital, I mean.”

Surprised, you sat up in the bed, ignoring the pain that shot through your body. “Really?”

“Yes, but-“

“I have to see him.” You moved to lift the blanket, but Steve grabbed your hand, stopping you.

“You can’t.”

“What? Why not?”

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❥ ❥ ❥ LOVE them all. you are amazing hobbit, just bless you never change ❤

Send  ❥ ❥ ❥  if  you’re  enjoying  the  portrayal  of  my  muse.    /    @ofiignition

GINA  HOLY  SMOKES   !      thank   you   so       fucking       much !    bless   your   soul ,    okay ?    my   sweet   daughter !      i      love       you   so   much !   hecking   heck !    you’re   such  a   joy   and   light ..   i   am   grateful   to   know   you !        kisses  !

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37 Percabeth

37: Wanna dance?

Percy takes one look at the party, and immediately congratulates himself on his decision to skip it. Not that he had all that much of a choice in the first place, since he’d been at work, but he gives himself the credit anyway, because he still would’ve skipped it even if he hadn’t been working.

The only reason he’s even here now is a series of nearly unintelligible texts from Annabeth, but that doesn’t mean he has to be happy about it. He makes eye contact with Jason, wedged in some corner looking around the room with an expression of vague disgust. Jason shoots him a flat look that Percy knows to mean: don’t you just love it when all our friends decide to get shitfaced and we have to babysit them? Percy salutes him in sympathy, and wades, reluctantly, into the crowd.

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The Signs As Things My Libra Friend Has Said/Done

Aries: ‘’how about we just drop out in year 10 and move to America?’’  and ends up saving £600 in the bank in about a month

Taurus:  fell off his chair and winked at the teacher while doing so

Gemini: does 0 tests/exams and just writes ‘’pls let me leave, i’m a good human’’ in every single answer

Cancer: ‘’relationships are for texting, not for speaking in real pftt’’

Leo: ‘’i think i’m a lesbian, like..i know i’m a guy..but once my mom told me i look like a lesbian and i’m starting to believe it’’

Virgo: ‘’i’m actually really smart once you get past my 100 layers of dumbness’’ *starts laughing at the word dumbness*

Libra: i mean every single one of these

Scorpio: *asks every teacher how they feel about pete wentz*

Sagittarius: ‘’I’ve only cried twice in my life, because of marley and me and pete wentz. both very important issues’’

Capricorn: ‘’i’m tempted to date our 35 year old male science teacher so i can at least pass one of my gcse’s’’

Aquarius: screams in the middle of class ‘’I’M NOT STONED IT’S JUST MY FACE’’

Pisces: *throws up reading the milk fic*

anonymous asked:

I keep binging, at night especially, and every time i do i think, 'oh well I'm probably never lose weight again' but then after i feel so guilty because I can't even stick to a week without sticking to my calorie limit. I used to be able to control myself, but it's harder now, as it's the holidays, before, i was losing weight because school distracted me. But now, it's torturous. Can you please give me some motivation somehow? Also I want to fast tomorrow

hi honey!

1. Ok, for your binging at night problem, I suggest not saving up your calories for dinner if possible. For example, I used to skip breakfast and lunch, saving my ~500 or 600 calories for dinner. However, this quickly just led to me full on binging during and after dinner. Now, I try to spread it evenly throughout the day so my hunger is a lot lesser at night. I’ll have an apple or a piece of fruit and a rice cake in the morning, (~150 cal) a salad or smoothie for lunch, and then lean meats or a salad for dinner. Also, it’s hard to get started, but I’d suggest sleeping early, around 10 or 11 pm at the latest and eating by 7 ideally. It’s bad to binge at night, but worse to binge so close to bedtime. Also, drink 2 glasses of water before dinner, 3 or 4 glasses of water with dinner, then wait 15 minutes and drink another 2 glasses of water. Guaranteed you’ll feel much more full. 

2. Some distractions I have been working on for the holidays are: 1. a thinspo journal. This can be sometimes more effective than browsing thinspo on tumblr because it’s so easily personalized. I copy quotes and sweetspo/meanspo I see on here, and then I can make my own stuff whenever I want. When I want to binge, or even eat, I make myself read through the whole journal, start to finish, and then I also add a page of what my goals are right now. Many times, that’ll stop me from binging. 2. Pick up a new hobby! This summer, I’m working ahead and starting to study physics before school even starts. I’m watching 1 or 2 crash course videos a day and taking thorough notes. Make a rule for yourself that you have to watch at least __ videos or take at least ___ pages of notes before you can eat. 3. CLEAN! Cliche but true–you feel like a different person in a clean space. I find it personally cleansing to clean out my closet, my desk, or my vanity and clean it. I feel really aesthetic when I’m done (and heavy cleaning burns calories ;) 4. (circumstantial) Reconnect! With all the time I have on holiday, I grew closer to my younger sibling. Having a good relationship with a sibling will provide you with a buddy for anything–spend time with them!

3. MOTIVATION! Hmm, I haven’t really tried meanspo/sweetspo but I’ll give you a combo <3

Sweetie, I know it’s been a hard summer. Summer can get to us, it really does, but this is your last chance to make a change before school starts. You know you’ll see everyone who passed you over during the summer, everyone who thought you didn’t have it in you to make a change. It’s those nights honey, those few hours. Really, you know, they’re no different than the morning. Just pick up a book, snuggle in with a cup of green tea, then hop into bed. The saying is true you know, skip dinner wake up thinner. Just imagine walking into school, the look on your friends’ faces, how shocked they’ll be to see that you did it. You are strong enough.


good luck and stay safe~

Subway Rides (Oh, You Keep Me Wondering)

Character(s) | Pairing: Santana L. & Brittany P. | Brittana

Summary: AU. Brittany takes the subway every day. She often sees a brunette with long, black hair and amazing clothes. Brittany wonders if she likes girls, but her gaydar has never been her strong suit.

Previous Chapters: 

01 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 10 11 | 12 | Interlude

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