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Someone enlighten me pls

What has gotten into him?

He looks much more mature these days This is just like my expections and it stresses me out

Im never gonna find a way out of him, will I?

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Patch changes.....


I don’t know, my font is all crazy now and tiny.  Thanks for making me feel even more blind, EA!

So…..have you tried it out yet?  I suggest using a test save, drag your saves out of there to protect them and use a copy of one of them.

The first time you launch your game you will see the below (I’ll explain at the end what each screen is by number):

Screen 1:  The first you launch your game, you saves will look like this.  The one in the green is the one that will load (it’s highlighted).

Screen 2:  Showing the option to recover save, since I never do this because I only have a copy of 1 save in my game at time?  Recovering is not something I use.

Screen 3:  Once you have the save you want to play selected (it’s in green), click the arrow (load).

Screen 4:  Save your game, then exit it.  When you go back to the game, the household image will be updated.

After his bath, Pappy gets dressed and shoos his remaining guests out. “Go on, get!” he yells at Bianca, who leaves a green trail behind her as she finally leaves the premises.

Here’s a quick overview of Pappy’s ‘trailer’. I rebuilt it when I routing error made it so he couldn’t get into the bathroom. Turns out it was something silly and easily fixed, but by this point I’d already build him a new one so it’ll have to do.

He goes back to bed to finish sleeping, now that he doesn’t have to worry about his guests peeing all over his home.

last year i had to get graduation photos done, and in the middle of them the girl told me “u know, i didnt expect ur face to light up as much when u smile, its really nice” and as someone who has a resting bitch face it still makes me smile to this day and basically what im saying is this is keith


“Not all lowly people are ignorant”