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Omfg I'm laughing- what if when all the commanders are on break (if ever), they're all comparing whose lieutenant is most loyal when suddenly, across the room, they see Sendak with Haxus carrying both of their paperwork stacks- and they all shut up.


They’re all chatting in the break room and suddenly Sendak walks by with Haxus behind him carrying all their paperwork, being like “no, sir, I can’t believe it either” while Sendak is bitching about some menial, irrelevant thing.

Haxus is probably also like, balancing coffee on top of it or something.

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Do you have any tips on hitting the 80,000 damage in the latest challenge event trial? It was already a struggle for me to reach 40,000 in the last one, ahaha. Thanks!

Medals with 1-Hit and above 2.8x 5-dot Multiplier:

  • Illust Yuffie/Cid/Aerith: 2.83x
  • Mickey (BC): 2.94x [doesn’t benefit from type+]
  • Hag: 3.36x [needs paralyze]
  • Marluxia: 3.8x
  • Rock Titan: 3.93x

The bags have a defense factor of ~3.25. Assuming you use a type-strong medal, you’d get a 1.5x boost; you’d need to do about 160000 dmg (80000 * 3.25 / 1.5). So you want y >= ~160000 damage. Note this formula is approximate, you may need slightly more or slightly less.

y = guilt% * STR * multiplier * KeybladeBoost * TypeBoost * GenBoost * SkillBoost * TypeAdvantage / DefenseFactor

if y >= 80k, attempt!

  • guilt%: 1+(%/100). 100% guilt would be x2, 50% guilt would be x1.5, 0% guilt would be x1.
  • STR: Typically, ((6☆LV1 STR)*1.2977) + 1000 [if you have a medal, just look at its STR]
  • multiplier: listed multiplier, likely 5-dot
  • KeybladeBoost: whatever boost the slot your medal’s in
  • Type Boost: 1.0x, 1.22x, 1.38x, or 1.55x [for +0, +1, +2, or +3]
  • Gen Boost: 1.0x, 1.22x, 1.38x, or 1.55x [for +0, +1, +2, or +3] 
  • Skill Boost: 1.0x, 1.2x, 1.4x, or 1.6x [for no skill proc, Atk1, Atk2, or Atk3]
  • TypeAdvantage: 0.66x, 1.0x, or 1.5x [weak, same type, strong]
  • DefenseFactor: arbitrary bullshit, approximately 3.25 for these bags

example: Type+3 and Gen+3 are 1.55x each, or ~2.4025x together. So 2.4025*1.5*y / 3 = 80000, y = 66597 needed base damage (guilt*atk*mult*key). Let’s try with Marluxia. Marluxia has up to ~8105 STR, on Divine Rose LV25 gets 2.6x boost, has a 3.8x multiplier, and has guilt up to 100%. With no guilt, he can net about 80077 dmg; with full guilt, twice that, about 160155, waaay more than enough. Basically what I’m saying is Marluxia is Golden. A 98% Marluxia w/Atk2 and Spd+3/Gen+2 netted ~134k damage against the bags. With this formula, it should’ve hit about ~138k, so it’s pretty fuckin close. B)

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Inspired by your latest answer, can you just imagine Hwasa as a witch??? She (like you said) has 30 cats (all black) and she sings "I Put A Spell On You" to tell you she's a witch and puts a protection sigil on everything you own, because you are her honey bun. She also puts luck charms in your snacks before your exams. Sorry, this is so long put I love witches and Hwasa. Have a nice day!!

i !!!!!!! love this!!!!!!!! my witchy gf who loves cats and protects me???? i support this concept thank you for sending this to me?????? 

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tbh tho hs michael helping you calm down after an important test and you're hyperventilating bc you think you failed and he just sits you down in front of him and wraps his arms around your waist and he says "babes i can feel your heart beating like crazy, try relax for me" and he's kissing your neck but not in a comforting way and running his fingers over your hands and rocking you backhand forth and you end up leaning back against his chest and he's just so happy he could help slightly bye



Things I have learned since becoming an Adult™

-don’t tell ur coworkers jack shit. You might think they’re your friends but they will sell you out for a paperclip
-everything men tell you is a lie
-store brand vanilla ice cream is better than name brand
-pregnancy tests from the dollar store work just as well as $20 ones
-don’t lie to your doctor
-seriously don’t
-at some point your card will get declined for $6 and nobody but you will care. It happens to everyone at some point in their life
-you will become bffs with your mom (unless she’s a mean person, then skip this one)
-you’ll wish you took the advice adults gave you when you were younger, even though it annoyed you at the time
-people you went to high school with will become teachers, doctors, etc but they will still do drugs and it will be weird. That’s life, my dude
-never underestimate the power of new underwear

tip for having fun

go to sleep with your socks on. in the morning you won’t be wearing the socks anymore and you have to find them in your bed. it will be like a treasure hunt. good luck

Hi guys!! I’m super pumped for the new school year, so I decided to make school related posts.

So this is my first post for back to school 2016. 

I decided to do a general one before going in depth to specific classes/subjects.

Saving money:

  • make a list of all the supplies you have, and then a list of the things you will need to buy
  • before you buy anything, look for the best deals in various stores/websites. There are probably tons of back to school sales going on
  • bring your lunch to school instead of buying it on campus (I spent wayyyyyy too much money on food last year, not making the same mistake again!)
  • pay your bills on time so you don’t have to pay late fees
  • if you can, walk or use public transportation instead of driving your own car (bus/train passes are cheaper than gas for the whole month, and you’re also being environment friendly)


  • here is a masterpost with free textbook websites
  • if you can find the textbooks in pdf format, definitely use them because free 
  • if you happen to have a tablet or iPad, that’s perfect because you can read the textbook in it.
  • if you don’t have one, don’t worry! You’re probably only going to work with a few chapters anyway, so you can print them out recto verso and write on them during class
  • in case your professor actually says you’ll need the whole book, you can go to a photocopy shop to print it out. They usually charge a couple to a few cents for each page.
  • and of course, if what you pay for printing out the book is almost the same as buying it, it’s not worth printing it out
  • in that case, try to borrow/rent textbooks instead of buying them (note: if the price for renting a used book is really close to buying a new book, you might as well buy it so you don’t have to worry about writing/underlining)

Pens and pencils

  • Bic pens are quite cheap (I saw an 8 or 10 pack on the Target website for like a dollar) and they’re my favorite!
  • if you like wooden pencils, good for you because they’re cheap as hell
  • if you prefer mechanical pencils, there are tons you can get for all kinds of prices. I like the Uni-ball ones, and am currently using a Kokuyo one, but honestly you can’t really go wrong with any mechanical pencil

Other stationery

  • if you live in the US, or anywhere that has Target stores, you are in luck. 
  • go to the Target dollar tree/section and you will find the cutest stationery ever for sooooo cheap (yes, I’m extremely envious)
  • go to a dollar store or anything similar to that where you live, and you will surely find cheap stationery
  • AliExpress has incredibly cute stuff and, most importantly, cheap and with free shipping most of the time (obs.: check the little “free shipping” box, and select “price low to high”, to make your job easier)


We all love the idea of being organized, but how do we actually get there?


  • before starting the new school year, it’s very important to clean our study area (I will post a video about this soon, when I clean out mine)
  • take everything out and off your desk and clean it
  • clean each object before placing it on your desk again, so you don’t get it dirty after having just cleaned it
  • get organizers for your drawers: I use a flatware/silverware tray from IKEA, it cost me like 2,99$ and it’s great because it’s plastic, so you can just wash it in the sink
  • you can also make an organizer with little boxes you have lying around, or even with cardboard
  • use cups (any kind) for your most used pens and pencils, so they’re always on hand
  • use the organizers for storing all your stationery, such as post its, paper clips, washi and scotch tape, stickers, etc
  • if you want, maybe get a bulletin board where you can pin a calendar or anything you want to be visible (you don’t have to nail it to the wall, you can just set it on your desk so it stands!)

Before class

  • 5 things to do every Sunday night post by a fellow studyblr
  • skim through the chapter you’ll be working on, so that you’re not hearing the material for the first time in class
  • if you have extra time, maybe you can even make a little summary of what you read
  • eat a good breakfast!!!! It’s very important because if you don’t eat well, you won’t be as focused and productive in class as you could be 

After class

  • store any papers you were given in class in your binder/folder
  • eat something when you get home if you’re gonna start studying, etc so your brain is “fed”
  • do your homework as soon as you can
  • some people work better after relaxing a little when they get home, and others work better if they do all their work right when they get home, and only relax later - figure out which method works best for you
  • if you have a planner/journal, get to planning and writing down any tasks you need to get done and, if possible, do them right away


There are tons of different methods out there, and I will soon make a post about different study methods. As for now, here are some posts on different methods:

Time management

  • have a planner/bullet journal/a weekly or monthly calendar printed out where you can see exactly what you have to do each day + what is coming up
  • break everything down and organize what you have to do into tasks
  • avoid procrastination with all of your strength
  • here’s a post about it
  • this post introduces an app that organizes your time for you
  • in case you have multiple activities, such as work or a sport, you will want to make your study sessions more productive to save time, so use the Pomodoro method when studying, and eat some good snacks while you’re at it (post coming soon *wink wink*)

What to keep in your locker aka first aid kit

  • deodorant (trust me it’ll come in handy)
  • gum (very important)
  • band-aids
  • pads/ tampons (at least 2 or 3, and if you use one, replace it asap)
  • chapstick
  • tissues (trust me you will need them. carry a pack in your purse/bag with you as well)
  • TISSUES!! I can’t tell you how many times they’re saved me. If you buy food to take away and forget to bring napkins, tissues. If you go to the bathroom and only realize there’s no toilet paper when you go reach for it, tissues. If it’s hot as balls and your forehead is looking oily, tissues. I could go on…
  • moisturizer (Nivea has small little versions of theirs, they’re perfect for this)
  • nail filer
  • razor (in case you missed a spot when you shaved; totally optional)
  • a toothbrush and some toothpaste (what I do is when a tube of toothpaste at home is close to being empty, I throw it in my bag - not too heavy, still enough for a few uses)
  • a clean pair of underwear (you probably know what for)
  • a clean t-shirt (in case you spill something all over yours)
  • if you’re a makeup user, maybe a concealer, powder and a colored lip balm, like a BabyLips or something along those lines
  • dry shampoo or baby powder (they do the same)

Some of these are not as essential as others, but you can probably fit all of them in a makeup bag! Except for the t-shirt probably :/

You might want to also have a hoodie and a tiny umbrella in your locker, in case you dress totally inappropriately for the weather one day and need to protect yourself from the cold and rain. Don’t forget to put both back in your locker the next day!!

Extra tip (feat. tissues): if you forget to put on deodorant before you leave the house, and you’re feeling smelly, try quickly washing your armpits in the bathroom when no one’s around, then gently dab a tissue on them to dry (because sensitive skin and toilet paper in schools can be rough surfaced) and then put on some deodorant. Fresh again!!

Where to get all the studyblr supplies

  • all of the MUJI supplies can be bought at MUJI stores, on the MUJI website or on Amazon
  • washi tape: Amazon, office supply stores, grocery stores, AliExpress (where I get mine)
  • Staedtler and Stabilo fineliners: pretty much every store that sells office supplies, Amazon or Jetpens
  • Zebra mildliners are a bit tricky to find in physical stores, especially in Europe (at least in Portugal), but you can buy them on Amazon (reasonably priced), or on Jetpens (nice price, but shipping is kind of expensive for European countries)
  • Pilot G2 pens: office supply stores, Amazon or Jetpens
  • Pilot Juice pens: office supply stores, Amazon or Jetpens
  • Moleskine and Leuchtturm1917 notebooks can also be bought on office supplies stores, on Amazon, or on BookDepository (Moleskines)
  • if you have El Corte Inglés in your country, they sell Moleskines as well!!
  • here is a masterpost with some supplies
  • here is another one
  • if you want cheaper alternatives to all of these, this masterpost and this masterpost will help you

Alright guys, I think that’s all of my general tips for school. I’m planning and working on a few other posts, so be on the lookout for them! 

If you’d like, you can inbox me suggestions for posts you’d like me to make (e.g. how I study; how to organize your desk; etc). You can also leave me feedback!

Thank you so much for reading, hope you liked it!! ❤️

stop looking for this romantic love. real love will come when you’re not looking this hard. it will happen. take a deep breath, step back, keep on living your life and being true to yourself. it will come. they will find you.

not everyone is going to like you and you gotta be okay with that!! it’s not you and sometimes you just don’t vibe with people. it’s okay. don’t be so hard on yourself.

for all the friends I’ve lost and the lovers that don’t love me anymore.
for the love that people don’t want me to give them.

I am sorry.

I’ve been so busy all my life giving away the love I didn’t think I deserved, I never had time to forgive myself for the mistakes and sins I’ve made.

I am sorry.

I forgive myself.
I forgive myself.
I forgive myself.

I am not my mistakes, I am my lessons learned and moving forwards.

I am sorry.

I forgive myself.
I forgive myself.
I forgive myself.

I am no longer sorry, for I have changed and become, I am more me than ever before and I will radiate love in everything I do. I am free.

—  I forgive myself