Official height chart for the kiddos!! ( if i dont get indecisive again and change it later cough coUGH )

but anYW ay– I’ve been working all afternoon on trying to write stuff down for when i update the about pages, references, and this!
im p happy how it turned out~~ its gonna be a good change imo ovo

im prolly gonna add Gummy tomorrow as well

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Although you're still new to the group, I just wanted to say that from what little you've done, I think you play Lukas very well! I've been really impressed what what I've seen so far. I know it takes a bit to get a muse's voice down securely, but have confidence that you're doing a fantastic job, from an outside perspective. Lukas can be tricky to write, but you're off to a great start. I hope you stay here for a long time to come.

concept : I am laying on the ground and my hair is intertwined with the grass. the dirt is the dirt but it is so much more than just dirt. the sunshine is pouring it’s love onto my face and my body is warm. I am here and I am alive and the world is turning. there are good days and there are bad days but today I chose to remember the good ones. there is love in my heart and for once that’s enough to sustain me for a while. there is sunshine and happy days ahead.

the sun will hit your skin and so soon will there be blossoms and flowers and you will wake up in the morning and see green grass and that’s a pretty good reason to look forward to tomorrow’s

you are your own goodness and the whole heartedly loving thing has never really been your weakness. your weakness is loving so much that you sometimes do not give it back to yourself. but sweet friend you have to learn that it all comes back, it all comes back around and what you give is what you will get and it will come to you in time. you will get this love back and it will make you so proud of all those that have felt it from you and your lovely heart. you should be so proud of yourself. the love is coming. 


the Riverdale Cast replicating iconic memes is something we didn’t know we needed until now. xD gifs for future usage. of course it starts with Cole’s disgust for memes and ended with the Queen of Memes Lili Reinhart haha… her face is a gold mine for memes, seriously. [video]

like I have such big dreams and I wanna do so much with my life??? sometimes I forget about that and day to day life has me being lazy and most of them time I’m trying to just watch Netflix but y'all…I have such big dreams and I wanna do so much?? I have just woken up!! no more slacking. I’m back and I’m going to do something w/ my life. no more of this should have stuff. I’m here to live and live and live and love.