savannah spirit


These are just a few of the photos I captured of the historic & haunting Bonaventure Cemetery located in America’s most haunted city- Savannah, GA.

It’s Savannah’s largest & most visited cemetery. The burial site was built in the 1800’s & incloses thousands of tombstones & statues, some dating back as far as 1846. Bonaventure was also featured in the popular novel & film “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”.

Hauntingly beautiful, the expansive property is full of live oaks, palmettos, & wild flowers. Silvery, delicate Long Moss hangs from tall oaks & rests on gravestones.

Bonaventure Cemetery closes at 5 PM daily, & with good reason, being one of the most haunted burial grounds in the US.

“You don’t think a novelist could have that great an imagination?” 

“Nancy, repeat after me: truth is stranger than fiction.”

Any building that’s been standing for over a century is bound to garner quite a reputation, and the Stanley Hotel is certainly no different. Situated amongst the scenic Rockies, the Stanley’s creepily isolated atmosphere and bizarre history of accidents and deaths was enough to inspire prolific horror tycoon Stephen King to craft his pièce de résistance, The Shining. From the eerie giggles of phantom children on the fourth floor to the spectral strains of Flora Stanley’s beloved piano on the ground level, the place is supposedly stuffed with spirits. 

Savannah Woodham has called in her favorite skeptic to join her and her team on an exclusive ghost hunt of the infamous lodging. With a massive blizzard approaching, they and a select few staff comprise the entire population of the place-those still living, at least. 

Join Nancy Drew in her next case: Horror at the Hotel