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Brick and Savannah

I hope I wasn’t the only one who looked at Brick crossing his arms and saying; “I guess the world will just have to live without the cure to the common cold for another 100 years.”, as a tantrum.

Is it just me, or was he really childish about the fact Cavendish and Dakota got them thrown out of the party?

He was downright sulking.

And when he threw his keys at Savannah; “You were supposed to catch them without looking we worked on this!”

And Savannah said; “I thought you were just throwing things at me.”

I think this speaks to really poor communication between these two. It sounded almost like Brick expected Savannah to just read his mind and understand his intentions; rather than saying, “Hey Savannah, you know what would be cool if we practiced? If I toss things without looking like we’re in a James Bond movie…” etc. etc.

I think their problem is that they are the stars of their own movie, never taking others into account and just expecting that things will go their way.

When things don’t go their way? They throw a tantrum. They just can’t abide set backs, and that’s going to be something they’re going to have to work on.

At least Cavendish and Dakota are willing to take set-backs in their stride.

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Aaa I have a savannah warrior cat as well, her name is Lady (weird name but that's what her owners named her) she is a kittypet that joined a clan in the woods. Lady is pretty chill but everyone is afraid of how tall she is

OOOH cute…i love intimidatingly tall ladies and sounds like this Lady would be no exception ;o;


I got Odin one of those slow feed dog bowls! I figured it would be a neat way to provide him some enrichment during feeding time. Also he figured out rather quickly how to get the worms out!

i made a sequel of this classic qm post @blackbird-brewster what a throwback