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The Misadventures of Stiles and Savannah - Tossing A Few Balls

Author: JamieMac

Mature themed - Smutty

“You want me to do what again?” I stood on the lacrosse field, stick in hand, staring at Stiles.

“I want you to throw that ball at me, as hard as you can,” He pulled the helmet down, protecting his face.

I rolled my eyes, “Stiles I am not going to throw balls at your head, that’s stupid.”

“Hadfield, just do it!” Stiles smacked his lacrosse stick against the bars of the goalie box.

“And why did you ask me to do this again?” My hand automatically went to hip in my stance of defiance.

He lifted his facemask, his eyes narrowing, “Savannah, for the love of god just fucking do it already.”

I cocked my arm back and brought it forward with as much force as I could muster. The small white ball flew from the net and soared through the air, aimed directly at Stiles’ head. It zoomed past his ear and hit the back of the goal. Stiles turned his head, watching as the object landed on the grass near his feet.

“Umm, maybe with a little less force next time,” He bent over to grab the ball. He threw it back to me and I ducked my head just in time to watch it sail by.

“Stiles, taking my head off probably isn’t the best way to get this thing started. However, you bending back over, well that would be acceptable.” I smirked at him, running to retrieve the ball so we could continue this little exercise.

“I swear, your head is always in the gutter,” His mask was back in place.

I took aim and threw it again, this time watching as he caught the ball with ease. “I blame you for my head taking up permanent housing in the residence of smutty goodness.”

“Smutty goodness? Where do you come up with this shit? And how am I to blame for this?”

“Because you have to look like that,” I moved my hand up and down. “You’ve got this adorably sexy, nerdy quality about you that I find simply irresistible.”

“And that’s why you can’t seem to keep your hands off of me?” He readied himself again as I threw another ball at him.

I nodded my head, “Yes, because for whatever reason, you get me all hot and bothered, all the time.”

“If you are trying to distract me from my goal of improving my skills, it isn’t going to work. Focus Savannah and throw, hard.”

I did as he asked and threw ball after ball in the direction of his head. I will admit, I was impressed. He managed to catch most of them, but after about an hour, my arm started to ache.

“Stilinski, I don’t think you need anymore improving today,” I rubbed my shoulder as I let the stick fall the grass with a quiet thud.

Stiles tossed his own equipment to the ground and jogged towards me. His hands grasped my shoulder and his strong fingers began to massage the tight knots.

“Oh god, that feels so good…” I moaned under the pressure.

He suddenly stopped and I threw him a questioning glance. His eyes moved down, and I followed their path, noticing the slight bulge in his pants.

“Stiles,” I looked up at him through my lashes, my hand gripping his hip.

“Savannah,” His said huskily.

I ran my fingertips under his jersey, brushing along the skin of his abdomen, “Do you want me to stop?”

He shook his head, and I stepped closer to him. My body was pressed against his, as I flattened my palm to his stomach, slipping my fingers under his waistband. He gasped, and leaned his head on my shoulder. My hand kept on its downward journey, sliding over his dick before cupping his balls. I gave them a soft squeeze and couldn’t stop grinning as he let out a deep moan. I snaked my free arm around his neck, running my fingers up through his locks. He started to kiss my neck, masking his guttural groans. I took his length in my grasp, swiping my thumb over his tip, using the precum to slick my motion. He tightened his hold on me as I began to pump, slowly at first, but I picked up speed  as his breathing became faster. I was thoroughly enjoying the pleasure that I was creating in him, and I captured his lips with mine as I felt him twitch.

“Stop. Stop. Stop,” He suddenly grabbed my hand, pulling it from his pants.

“Stiles,” I questioned, wondering if I had done something wrong.

“I will not cum in your hand, come on,” He started to drag me towards his Jeep.

I tugged back, “Wait, I am not going to have sex in the Jeep.”

“Savannah, you can’t start something and then just not finish,” He stuck his bottom lip out, his eyes getting all puppish.

“Oh good god, fine,” I allowed him to continue to pull me towards his car.

He pressed me up against the vehicle, his lips attacking mine before moving down my neck. He cupped my breast, pulling at my nipple as best he could through my layers of clothing. He detached himself long enough to yank the door open, pushing the front seat forward, allowing me room to climb into the backseat.

“Make sure no one is looking,” I popped open the button, pulling the zipper down as I started to push my jeans down.

“Now would have been a great time to wear a skirt,” His eyes roaming the field, keeping a lookout.

“You. Are. Impossible Stilinski,” I smacked his arm.

He smacked my ass, “Just get in there already.”

“My pants,” I bent over to try and rid myself of my shoes.

“Screw the pants. Just crawl in here and stay on your knees.”

I tossed him an incredulous look and yelped when he pushed on my bare ass. I climbed in, awkwardly, as my pants were binding my ankles, and perched on all fours in the backseat. Stiles scrambled in after me, and I heard the door thump closed before feeling his hands on my exposed skin. The sound of his zipper releasing set that all too familiar fire ablazing. I wiggled in anticipation as I felt him seperate my cheeks, sucking in through my teeth as I felt him enter me. There was a quick adjustment period before his eagerness took over and he started thrusting, faster than usual. His breathing was labored and I felt my walls start to clench around him. He reached around me, his fingers finding my clit and I moaned at the new sensation. He picked up his pace, the sound of skin slapping skin threw me into an euphoric state and the fire intensified.

“Stiles,” His name escaping my lips in a breathy tone.

He leaned down, his chest pressed against my back, the thrusting growing in force. The fire exploded and I nearly screamed his name. My body shook but he continued his pace, his release following moments later.

“Oh god Savannah,” He pulled out, kissing along my spine. “That was…” He sat down, pulling me into his lap, “That was surprising.”

“To say the least Stilinski, to say the least.” I kissed him with passion, loving the feel of his lips on mine. “I like this side of you.”

“Yeah,” He mumbled against me.

I nodded my head, “Yeah. Think maybe we can do something like this again? Or even maybe try something new.”

His grin broadened and he enveloped me, squeezing me to his body, “I think that we can Hadfield, I think that we can.”

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