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GTH is definitely one of my favorites when it comes to what I consider the “newer” games. Here’s why:

  • The ambiance created by this game is absolutely beautiful
  •  It has that basic “ghost” concept that every ND fan loves, except the game really takes that idea and puts its own spin on it
  • The plot has so many elements and twists to it
  • All the characters are unique themselves, but they also have interesting connections to one another that add to the story line
  • There technically is a culprit, but not exactly in the way we are expecting to find one as we believe it will be someone who kidnapped Jessalyn 
  • The tangled web of the Thornton family that we as Nancy get to sort through is so captivating
  • Charlotte’s “ghost” is so beautiful and intricate
  • There’s a crazy lady in the basement
  • There are crypts and a graveyard
  • Savannah Woodham is back
  • Nancy can drink as much tea as she wants 

Savannah Woodham was scared away from the ghost-hunting business. While on one of her investigations, she overheard something she shouldn’t have. She was scared into silence. What she overheard was so dangerous, she knew that if she repeated it to anyone they’d both wind up dead.

Logan Mitchell, proud Cathedral operative, was sent undercover as her assistant to find out what she knew. They became close, but every time he tried to ask her about why she stopped ghost-hunting, she goes silent. He becomes annoyed and bored with his mission, only finding thrills out hanging up on people.

They’re in Kyoto, and Logan gets a call. It’s some random girl whom he proudly hangs up on. But then he realizes who he was speaking to. That was Nancy Drew, daughter of Kate Drew! He reports it to Cathedral immediately. They take record of the encounter.

It’s not too long before a certain terrorist group starts up again, and all agents out in the field are called in to fight them. Logan “quits” being Savannah’s assistant and goes to fight a secret war to save Scotland, and the world.

Savannah always suspected that Logan was more than what he said he was. When he left, she knew she’d never see him again. And she was right. According to Cathedral records, Logan M. was shot and killed after a run in with a terrorist cell.

The ex-ghost hunter was left without an assistant by the time she got the phone call from Wade Thornton. A few weeks later she sees the news story about the attempted attack on Glasgow, and all the pieces finally click into place.

Savannah Woodham wasn’t scared of a ghost. She was scared of Revenant.

three / apple martini

UNI AU co-written with @ineffably-styles

a story of late nights, unorthodox household plants, and a trip to Vegas that changes everything

Harry groaned. “Please don’t start a war with him,” he begged. “The last time someone started a war with Louis we all ended up spending the night at the police station. I still haven’t heard the end of that from my dad. He banned me from seeing Louis for two weeks afterwards. I was twenty. My dad grounded me when I was twenty because of Louis,” he frowned. “Maybe he had the right idea banning me from seeing him.”

chapter two / story page

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Stir Crazy, Part 3: A TRR Fanfic (Drake)

Tippy’s note: This is part 3 of Stir Crazy.  This took me a hot minute to finish.  Sorry about that.  This part is primarily spent in Drake’s head and I was worried about messing that up.  I spent a lot of time really thinking about how to work through Drake’s thoughts in a way that made sense and felt true to Drake. So I hope I did well there. I have to give a special thanks to @lizzybeth1986.  She held my hand while I worked through my thoughts on Drake for an AU OTP request that I was also stummbling through.  That help really made finishing this fanfic possible. Thanks, Lizzy!

You could read this as a stand-alone, but for the full experience you should read part 1 and part 2.

Words Counted: 3,232

Rating: PG (minor depictions of violence)

Pairing: Drake x MC suggestions, Liam x MC (Halle)

I know the Choices people own TRR and the parts of it I reference for this fic (Drake’s diamond scene at the Coronation ball in book 1).

Summary: Drake’s mind after the assassination attempt and his unresolved feelings about Halle and Savannah.

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