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I got Odin one of those slow feed dog bowls! I figured it would be a neat way to provide him some enrichment during feeding time. Also he figured out rather quickly how to get the worms out!


Recently I was talking with another reptile keeper about reptiles and scents. They said that some reptiles are repelled by the scent of superworm beetles (Zophobas morio). I do not know if this is true or not, but as stinky as these beetles are when you mess with them I could definitely see some reptiles or some animals in general being repelled by the scent of them!

So today I decided to test this info out and see if Odin is repelled by the beetle stink! As many of you know Odin and beetles do not mix well! To remove the risk of Odin eating a beetle I decided to risk my sense of smell and harass some of my adult superworm beetles with a napkin to get the napkin nice and stinky for this test! The answer ended up being NO it doesn’t matter how stinky these beetles are Odin still wants to eat them!!!!

Also for Odin taking the time to participate in this test he got some treats from the bug bin immediately afterwards!  

You Make it So Easy to Fall So Hard (Sonny Carisi)


Request for anon: Maybe one where they’ve grown up together and always slept together and had feelings and stuff and they were each other’s first kiss so they would “be good for their bf/gf” and then as you get older people comment about y'all being cute but you’re not together and it’s all full of feelings and stuff. Idk, hopelessly in love sonny just makes me happy lol

I’m sorry idk what this is. It started out as fluff and then it went to angst and now I don’t even know. 

BUT a huge thanks to @am-i-right-counselor and @moresvuheadcanons for all of their help! And as always @ventixx for being my proofreader.

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Keeping with tradition, you and Sonny set off for your yearly road trip.

It was something Sonny had started when he got his first car in high school. Every summer, you would make it a point to drive somewhere you had never been before. It would not matter whether you two stayed for a few days, a week, or simply made the drive and then turned around (like the summer of ‘02 when Sonny just HAD to see Mount Rushmore. God, what a waste of forty-four hours). Still, just the time together, making memories was enough for both of you. It was something for you to look forward to every year, and you hadn’t even missed one. You and Sonny had been to Cape Cod in Maine, beaches in Florida, music festivals in Nashville, and museums in Chicago, among many other destinations. This year, you had decided on Savannah for the food, the ghost tours, and the Southern charm.

You loved being with Sonny like this. Just the two of you, on the road with tons of snacks and mix CDs, though in the past few years those had turned into Spotify playlists. It was always so easy, you next to him in the passenger’s seat, him talking about things he had researched about the place you were going. It was always the same thing, each trip, and over the years you had fallen quite hard for your best friend. 

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If you're still doing them, breakdown ship Chris/MC.

Sure! I love this couple, I think after Kenna/Diavolos they are my favorite Choices ship (yes, even ahead of Liam/MC).

How did they meet?
They literally ran into each other on the first day of school, knocking each other over. Then they discovered they were suitemates.
Who developed romantic feelings first?
It was pretty instant for both of them. They would later tell their kids that their eyes met and they knew they were meant for each other, though in reality it was more complicated. Even though they both felt the connection, Chris wasn’t ready for a serious relationship so he kept pushing her away.
Who is their biggest “shipper?”
Zack. He thinks they are just the cutest couple ever (sorry Tyler and Abbie)
When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances?
The night they met, after playing truth or truth. When the other went to bed, they stayed on the roof talking and then they kissed.
Who confessed their feelings first?
They both admitted to falling for each other, but then Chris pulled back. He was the one who told her that he had been wrong to run away from his feeling and that he was crazy about her.
What was their first official date?
The winter formal.
How do they feel about double dates/group dates?
They are fine with them. They frequently do couple stuff with Tyler and Abbie or go out with Darren and Amara.
What do they do in their down time?
Savannah writes. Not just for the paper, but for pleasure. She writes poetry or in her journal. Chris relaxes by playing video games, but between student council and football, he doesn’t have a lot of downtime.
What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?
After their road-trip, Chris spends a couple days with Savannah’s family. Her parents like him immediately. Her mom thinks he’s adorable and embarrasses Savannah by loudly saying so. Her dad is a big football fan, so they bond immediately. Savannah meets his mom during Christmas break of Sophomore year when she stays for a few days. His mom loves her immediately and comments how good she’s been for Chris. 
What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?
As an official couple? Her hacking into Sebastian’s computer. She made him pancakes and apologized and they moved past it.
Which one is more easily made jealous?
Chris. It bothers him sometimes how guys are always checking her out, but she assures him that he has nothing to worry about and he’s the only one she’ll ever want. She’d be jealous too, since girls are constantly flirting with him, except Chris is actually really oblivious to it and never notices.
What is their favourite thing to get to eat?
Chris loves breakfast food. Pancakes, waffles, etc. Savannah loves Thai food.
Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position?
They both are. They cuddle constantly, on the couch, in bed, wherever. If they’re not snuggling, he has his arm around her shoulders or his hand on her leg. She loves sitting on his lap, her head resting on his shoulder and he likes it too.
Are they hand holders?
How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances?
About a week. They slept together the night of the sorority party and they both really regretted it afterwards. Chris walked away from her and told that he couldn’t do this and then started dating Becca. He really regretted hurting her and Savannah regretted rushing into it. They would both rather pretend that the night of the winter formal was their first time as it’s a much better memory.
Who tops?
They take turns. They are pretty playful and athletic in bed and there’s a lot of give and take.
What’s the worst fight they’ve ever gotten into?
The one where she ran off to L.A to see James. They were both scared by how close they came to breaking up and how they had stopped communicating properly and after that, they made an effort to talk to each other about their problems.
Who does the shopping and the cooking?
Savannah does all the shopping. She’s learned that if she sends Chris, he’ll text her 20 times needing clarification, so it’s easier if she goes herself. They both like to cook and take turns.
Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness?
Savannah. She’s bit of a neat freak. It was why she couldn’t handle living with Rachel. She likes everything in its place.
Who proposes?
Chris does. On their last night at Hartfeld, during a game of truth or truth with Zack, Abbie, Tyler and Kaitlyn present.
Do they have joined Bachelor/Bacheloette parties or separate?
Joint. Their friends (mostly Kaitlyn and Zig) protest a bit, but Chris and Savannah remind everybody they’ve had the same circle of friends since Freshman year and that it makes no sense to separate by gender, so they do a co-ed night out.
Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids?
Abbie is Savannah’s maid of honor. Kaitlyn, AJ, Maddison (they got really close) and one of Savannah’s cousins are bridesmaids. Zack is Chris’s best man, Darren, Zig, Tyler, and Chris’s brother are the groomsmen.
Big Ceremony or Small?
Moderate. About 100 people.
Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?
They do. They rent a cottage on the coast and spend a week on the beach, enjoying the quiet and each other’s company.
Do they have children? How many?
They have three kids. They wait a couple years to have kids until they are more settled in their careers, but then they have two girls and a boy.


Guess who turned 23 yesterday I did! I celebrated with a slice of cake that my best friend surprised me with the day before! Also no matter how much Mr.Odin begged he didn’t get any cake but he did get a plate of worms so he wasn’t left out of the birthday celebration too much!