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No matter what you thought of these shows, you have to keep in mind that every single team and creator worked hard on these productions.  And nothing hurts more to them than seeing their show crashing and burning right before their eyes.  The Great Comet is a show that never deserved this treatment.  It’s a show that pushed creative boundaries on what you can do on Broadway in music, stage and cast.  It’s a show that is truly unique in every which way and it hurts my heart to see the actors, the creative directors and especially Dave Malloy expressing disappointment and pain from what has happened in the past 24 hours.  Go support the team and the cast in any way possible so we can see the possibility of more shows like this pop up in the future.

Zach Jett  

191/365. Endless Finally, new work.This is a self portrait I took last week when I was visiting Savannah College of Art and Design. I absolutely fell in love with the city and the school there. Seeing the vast beach at night made me feel like I could walk out into that endless space forever.To address my long absence here:I’ve spent the past three months or so without a working camera or computer, which has been recently resolved. I’m back to shooting on the regular, and I hope to branch out more and explore how I can grow and change while still maintaining a style.

Collegiate Confession #82

During my freshman year there was a blood moon sighting that everybody went nuts over. There was a bridge that bonded two freshman dorms with each other, and there were so many people coming out to try and see the blood moon.

One of my roommates came running in and was like, “THERE’S A GIRL DOING A SATANIC RITUAL DOWN AT SMOKER’S BRIDGE HOLY FUCK.”

The next morning I walked down and there was actually a summoning circle drawn with red chalk on the bridge, along with melted chunks of candles.

Art school is fucking weird.

- Savannah College of Art and Design

This winter sky, how can anyone sleep?

There was never such a night before,

I feel like putting my arms around my knees, 

And squeezing as tight as possible,

And flying away like this

This was the most challenging The Great Comet drawing that I have ever made but I’m so happy on how it came out.  No One Else is one of my personal favorite songs from the show and both Phillipa Soo and Denee Benton’s voices complement these amazing lyrics and orchestrations by Dave Malloy.  Keep on spreading the love and support for the show so we can keep the magic alive.
Papi's Bakery
Papi's Bakery is my senior thesis film at Savannah College of Art and Design. It is a semi autobiographical story about a daughter who loses her father…

Here’s my senior film! I completed it about a month and a half ago and I just now finally got around to posting it. Please let me what you guys think of it! 


Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, fleeting OCs,

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: mention of bullying, implied smut (very very light)     

Word Count: 2200ish

A/N: This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: Summer

I could share some thoughts with you I had pre writing this fic, but I’d rather let you read it and form your own opinions and maybe share my thought process later if any of you should be interested.

Betaed by my sassy sweet lil sis @mysupernaturalfics 

 ***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You had been tossing and turning all night long. Usually this day of the year was spent crying your eyes out, knowing that you would hardly see him again until next summer, but this year you had spend it thinking about the life you had and the life you could have.

Jensen Ackles had been your friend and protector all through life. In middle school you were the girl that liked to sit and draw rather than go play sports with your classmates. In high school you prefered to sit alone in the cafeteria in listening to music, sketching in your notebook, while he was the boy that was always surrounded by a huge group of people. He was a popular kid, but not mean because of it.

Actually, you were sure he was the sole reason why you got through your school years without ever really being bullied. Having him wink at you as he passed your table, where you always sat drawing and listening to music, keeping away from the noise that was high school. He stopped and talked to you by your lockers or teamed up with you in the classes you were in together whenever the teacher demanded you to do group work. You weren’t sure if he knew what he was doing, keeping you safe by interacting with you, or if it was simply just who he was.  

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By popular request, here is how I approach watercolor!

Some points I also want to mention:

  • PAPERS: The main one I use is hot press which is great for artists who work more with crisp shapes and lines. If you like using more washes and texture in your work, go with cold press! I prefer buying papers no less than 140 lb, it’ll warp horribly if you don’t stretch it! (I hate stretching watercolor paper so I don’t mind spending a few bucks more).
  • How I paint with watercolors is fairly similar to gouache, so this tutorial can also work with that medium as well.
  • I have ink listed as my materials because it’s great to mix with other paints to get a darker color while keeping it a pigmented liquid.
  • White watercolor can also be substituted by white gouache as well since they are practically the same thing.
  • I highly recommend keeping your leftover paints on the palette when you’re done. It looks dirty, but the beauty of watercolor is that it’s so easy to rehydrate with beautiful pigments! Plus you can save money by using less of the tube, hooray!

Let me know if you found this helpful! 

Tools used: Prismacolour blue pencils/Copic biros

Notes: Sketch drawings of Kraglin and Yondu from GOTG. It’s been awhile since I’ve inked anything and this felt so good.

The Problem With Wanting

Pairing: D.O./Do Kyungsoo x Reader (female)

Word Count: 16,112

Rating: (M) - NSFW

Part three of the Exodus Mall series. (Can be read independently or in order)

A/N: The name of the pizza parlor, Barada, comes from my shoddy attempt at Romanizing the Korean word for hope/want/desire - 바라다 - it felt fitting 😊 And the title of the story is a quote from the incredible Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo: “The problem with wanting… is that it makes us weak.”

January 21, 1997

An incessant buzzing wakes you from sleep and you groan, rubbing your hands across your face. You slap the alarm and roll over in bed, gathering the covers back around you.

A few minutes later the sounds starts again and you sigh, reaching over to turn it off. When you see the time your eyes go wide and you throw the covers off.

“Nine thirty?! Oh God,” you exclaim to the empty room and hop out of bed.

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The story of an alien stuck in an abandoned world who is trying to figure out this strange planet called "Earth". My senior thesis at the Savannah College…

I am excited to finally be able to present my SCAD senior film “Vagabond”.

This film was very close to never being made. There were a lot of complications along the way and I remember wanting to quit on it a thousand times. After hearing so many encouraging words I pushed through and I am so glad that I did. Seeing my film on the big screen at the SCAD Animation Juried Showcase was one of the best feelings I could have had. To have it play next to incredible films and hear the audience’s reaction made me overjoyed and I hope that everyone who worked on it felt the same pride as I did.

This whole year has been an incredible journey and I would be nothing without the wonderful people who helped me bring this film to life. I hope you all enjoy it!!