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I want to be a hoe. I want to go out and have fun with my friends. Dance on a few guys. Kiss whomever, whenever, wherever. Get take out for date night. Have squad gatherings in a modern art museum. Dye my hair a funky color. Get a few piercings. Reinvent my image. Let my ass get fatter and my skin clearer. Buy cute well fitting bras and panties. Invest in nice sheets. Build sand castles. Go on a ghost tour. Wave at tourist. Collect men’s athletic wear from my lovers. Read one book a week. Sing in the shower. And most importantly love myself.


Guys, I finally got to start the college of dreams (Savannah College Of Arts & Design) traveling all the way from Nigeria (Africa) and yet I’m finding it hard financially because of the recession back home. I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you could commission my art or even just reblog someone might like my style of art. But please do share I will really appreciate it and it might help me more than you think…
PLEASE… this will mean the world to me.

Jennifer Morrison to Be Honored at aTVfest

Jennifer Morrison, star of ABC’s hit fantasy series “Once Upon A Time,” and Jenna Elfman, who’s top-lining the Alphabet’s upcoming new comedy “Imaginary Mary,” have both been tapped to receive the Spotlight Award at the fifth annual aTVfest in Atlanta.

Christina Ricci, who stars in Amazon’s “Z: The Beginning of Everything” about Zelda Fitzgerald, will receive the Vanguard Award on Feb. 4.

The television festival, which is presented by the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), also announced that the cast of “Underground,” including Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Aldis Hodge, and Christopher Meloni, will receive the cast award for outstanding achievement in television. The second season of the WGN series is set to premiere in March.

The festival will be held Thursday, Feb. 2 through Sunday, Feb. 4, and features premiere screenings and panels of several of TV’s top comedies, dramas and animation features at SCAD venues throughout midtown Atlanta.

On the aTV fest lineup currently are panels and screenings for: Amazon’s “Z: The Beginning of Everything”; ABC’s “American Crime,” “The Catch,” “Imaginary Mary,” “Once Upon a Time,” “Quantico,” “Scandal,” and “When We Rise”; CBS’ “MacGyver” and “Superior Donuts”; FOX’s “24: Legacy” and “Star,” Freeform’s “Beyond” and “Shadowhunters”; HBO’s “Animals,” Brillo Box” and “Cries From Syria”; HGTV’s “HGTV Dream House 2017″; NBC’s “Taken” and “Trial and Error”; OWN’s “Greenleaf”; and WGN America’s “Underground.”



Hi everyone I was involved in a contest hosted by the Savannah College of Art and Design’s contemporary animation society. My team and I were tasked with making a short animated film within 24 hours based around a randomly chosen theme (The theme for this year was the phrase “Open It.”) Our team got together and created this short film called “Beezle.” Credit goes to my friends who worked on this film: Deandre Reid, Jasmine Alzayer, Eloïse Leibnitz-Armstrong, Connor Lucier and myself Mike Mancuso.

Collegiate Confession #82

During my freshman year there was a blood moon sighting that everybody went nuts over. There was a bridge that bonded two freshman dorms with each other, and there were so many people coming out to try and see the blood moon.

One of my roommates came running in and was like, “THERE’S A GIRL DOING A SATANIC RITUAL DOWN AT SMOKER’S BRIDGE HOLY FUCK.”

The next morning I walked down and there was actually a summoning circle drawn with red chalk on the bridge, along with melted chunks of candles.

Art school is fucking weird.

- Savannah College of Art and Design


By popular request, here is how I approach watercolor!

Some points I also want to mention:

  • PAPERS: The main one I use is hot press which is great for artists who work more with crisp shapes and lines. If you like using more washes and texture in your work, go with cold press! I prefer buying papers no less than 140 lb, it’ll warp horribly if you don’t stretch it! (I hate stretching watercolor paper so I don’t mind spending a few bucks more).
  • How I paint with watercolors is fairly similar to gouache, so this tutorial can also work with that medium as well.
  • I have ink listed as my materials because it’s great to mix with other paints to get a darker color while keeping it a pigmented liquid.
  • White watercolor can also be substituted by white gouache as well since they are practically the same thing.
  • I highly recommend keeping your leftover paints on the palette when you’re done. It looks dirty, but the beauty of watercolor is that it’s so easy to rehydrate with beautiful pigments! Plus you can save money by using less of the tube, hooray!

Let me know if you found this helpful! 

yamsalaguchi  asked:

Yo!!! I just saw you go to SCAD that's so cool! I want to go there, how to you feel about attending there? You can answer this in ur art account if you prefer!

Hi!  I wrote an essay, so bear with me.  I am an Illustration major and have only been here two years, so keep in mind that I am not fully in the swing of graduation prep yet, and I don’t know much about other majors!

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Another Fashion Film I directed


”When the Edwardian Era comes to an end and the Roaring Twenties emerges, a young woman must choose to either hold on to the routines of the past, or embrace the uncertainty of change.”

After the long wait, here is my senior film I completed at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2014. Thank you so much for everyone who was involved with this project. I couldn’t of finished it without your help!

This film represents who I am as an artist and my passion for the edwardian era and the roaring twenties. I hope you guys enjoy my first 2D animated short!