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Would you trade this war to make it so? It is some kind of hell to be forced to choose one irreplaceable thing over another.


I got Odin one of those slow feed dog bowls! I figured it would be a neat way to provide him some enrichment during feeding time. Also he figured out rather quickly how to get the worms out!

consider the Sole Survivor: 

  • incessantly making pre-war pop culture references that no one understands 
  • telling their companion(s) stories and they think they’re just a really creative person who’s making them up but really they’re just retelling the plot to one of their favourite tv/radio shows
  • getting cravings for food that doesn’t exist anymore and complaining about it for days or trying to make dishes by substituting in stuff from the wasteland and it coming out absolutely horrible but eating it anyway because in some small way it reminds them of their mother/father and/or spouse’s cooking
  • teaching their companion(s) card games they played pre-war that were otherwise lost in time
  • just trying to balance who they were before and who they are now by not living in the past but bringing little pieces of it to the present so they don’t completely lose themselves to life in the Commonwealth 

Went to Savannah’s local comic-con yesterday and picked out these beauts!!! It was a lot of fun and happens to be my first con!!!

The best part was meeting Tracy Yardley, the penciller for the Archie Sonic comics!!!!! He gave me some great advice and has me super pumped to get some more work done!!!

The Sonic comics are what got me interested in art and storytelling in the first place, so I owe a lot to them!

Have a good day everybody and don’t forget to keep on smiling!!!

Do you remember that Peter Ashe sent Abigail to Savannah in 2x10? To some spooky person named Mr. Ashford, where she had to stay “for a few days”.

External image

Do you know where Savannah was at that time? Well, yes, it was nowhere, it wasn’t established yet, but we’re talking about a fiction after all. So, Savannah was situated in the north of Spanish Florida because there was no Georgia at that time.

External image
(it’s year 1803 tho, almost 100 years after the Black Sails, Savannah was established in 1733, the Province of Georgia in 1732)

Do you know what else was in the north of Spanish Florida apart from Savannah and spooky Mr. Ashford house? “An estate in the wilderness”, where lived “a reform-minded man … who found it profitable to offer his services to wealthy families … with a need to make troublesome family members disappear”, as Max told Silver in the beginning of season 4.

External image
External image
External image

Those are facts. And these are theories:

– What if Mr. Ashford and the reform-minded man is one person? So Abigail was sent to him?

– What if “deceased” Thomas Hamilton lives in Mr. Ashford house too?

– What if Thomas Hamilton is Mr. Ashford, who gives shelter to exiles and humane job for convicts?

It would mean that Thomas knows who Flint is (via Abigail), and he knows what happened to Miranda. Abigail has probably outrun news about Charles-town massacre, so Thomas (not for long but still) knows about James and his death by Peter Ashe’s hand.

Also, do you remember where Maria Aleyne was heading when Flint attacked her? To the New World. Why would Alfred Hamilton and his wife travel incognito to the New World if not to visit their son?

Ah, Savannah. You know, that place where Flint dies according to TI. All roads lead to Savannah.

(sorry in advance for my english, i’m not a native speaker and i’m nervous as heck about the finale)

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is it possible for my tabby kitten to have some savannah in her? She's thin and very chatty, which my friend said are savannah traits? Or could those be traits of any breed?

uh i would say it’s extremely unlikely, as savannahs are extremely expensive and very carefully bred. a siamese or oriental mix would probably be much more plausible o:

The Special Phone Call / Drabble

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Words: 2,725
Pairing: Luke Alvez / Penelope Garcia
Characters: Penelope Garcia, Luke Alvez and Derek Morgan
Requested by: @marialovesdean - she gave such a cute prompt so I hope I gave it justice by writing this little cute drabble (:  and here is the link of the same drabble on FF ^^

Luke leaned against the elevator as he closed his eyes for a few seconds. He spent the weekend playing with Roxy at the dog park for most of the time. With his body aching all over, he’s not exactly sure if he is up for another case that might take weeks to solve. The sound of the elevators arriving to the BAU’s floor and opening caused his eyes to open. Clenching onto his backpack, he exhaled deeply before exiting and making his way toward the bullpen. “Hey.”

JJ looked up from her phone. “You look tired.”

“Roxy was really hyper this weekend,” Luke put his backpack down on top of his desk and chuckled. “I changed her diet in the last few days, I think that’s why.”

Spencer leaned against his seat. “She’s not on the raw diet anymore?”

Luke shook his head. “She wasn’t feeling well when she was on the diet.” Settling into his seat, he sighed. “I was suggested to change the diet and see what happens.” He glanced around the bullpen. “What’s the case?”

“I don’t know,” JJ answered. “Both Emily and Penelope haven’t left the office yet, they’ve been discussing something for the last twenty minutes. And Rossi hasn’t arrived.”

“Maybe it’s not that bad,” Spencer suggested. “When we do have a bad case, we’re all huddled around the conference room instead.” Taking a book out from his drawer, he started opening it to read.

“Conference room.” Emily called out for the team as she slowly made her way over with Penelope following behind. “We have a case in Chicago. Double homicide, the third one in the last two weeks.”

“A serial killer?” JJ looked up at the screen just as Penelope brought up the pictures.

Emily nodded her head. “Rossi won’t be joining us due to personal issues but the case is simple. We just need to fly over there and try to help out the local officers.”

“Alright.” Spencer stood up. “Wheels up in 20?”

“Actually, with Rossi not being with us, I thought we needed another hand.” Emily suggested.

JJ knit her eyebrows together. “The case is simple? I think the four of us can handle the case.”

“Yeah,” Penelope agreed. “But you wouldn’t know Chicago as much as the guy that’s joining us.”

Luke arched an eyebrow. “Who is coming?”

Derek knocked on the door and smiled brightly at the team. “Agent Derek Morgan is joining you to Chicago.” He winked over at Penelope. “Baby Girl.”
Penelope smiled. “Welcome back.”

Luke glanced between Penelope and Derek as he collected his files in silence.

Penelope moved around comfortably on her chair around her office as she took a sip of her tea. Checking the time on her watch, the team should be looking over the crime scenes right now. Her eyes adverted over to her little figurines on her desk, landing particularly on the newest member of the family. The little cat stress toy that Luke had given her a couple weeks ago. The longer she looked at it, the wider her smile became on her face. She blinked her eyes in confusion when her phone started ringing. Getting into tech analyst mode, she pressed the button and cleared her throat as soon as she saw the caller ID. “Newbie.”

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Writing Prompt #7: Sparks

Requested by the lovely @jaseys-cm-fics 7. “This is my favourite song!” (Reid x Reader). It got completely out of hand… 1261 words. Oops! I hope you enjoy it! :D

Morgan was off dancing with Savannah on the other side of the dance floor. Garcia was at the bar chatting with two gorgeous men; she kept eyeing you whenever they weren’t paying attention to her and motioning for you to get closer so that you could get your chance at that eye-candy of a wingman. He was good-looking, sure: bright blue eyes, dark hair, but too… muscly. She was beckoning you because he was pretty much what you would describe as your “type”. If only she knew that was just a big fat lie.

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