drvelociraptors asked:

is there a particular reason for your dislike of kevin or...

Yeah, a few actually.

This is my opinion, you savage beasts.

  • He’s not funny.

He’s just not; compared to the other Grumps, he’s just awkward and out of place.

  • His ‘awkward’ charm isn’t charming.

Same as the other one.

  • He’s not a good editor.

I’ve seen more mistakes out of him in 8 months than Barry or Jon ever did. I know, no one’s perfect, but seriously? Jesus, man.

  • He’s not a good camera operator.

The Grumps keep making Kevin the camera operator in videos, ending with the (already not great videos) turning into shaky messes.

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  • me:</b> *sighs* i wish someone would message me :c<p><b>message box:</b> (1)<p><b>me:</b> yes, finally! someone sent me something<p><b>anon:</b> Good Afternoon! I made a game not to recently and I would really appreciate it if you could click the link on my profile and check for glitches. It will only take a sec c: Thanks!<p><b>me:</b> *solitary tear* savage beast.<p>

the sadness lives in me like a savage, smoldering beast.

years ago, 
before i knew how it felt
to be damaged,
it wandered into my life
and begged me for a shelter to sleep,
a place to rest its weary bones.

i said yes,
because young girls
are not taught to say no
and besides, i have never been one
to turn away a stray.

now it sleeps restlessly
some of the time,
wakes in the night 
to claw at my mind–
so hungry for comfort
i cannot provide,
so desperate for a peace
i can never seem to find.

the sadness lives in me like a starved, shivering beast.

i would ask it to leave
but, oh, i no longer know
the person i would be
if this pain were not a part of me,
if my heart did not hold such misery.

—  poems i can only write in the dark, Amrita C.

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