“I’m an ignorant savage, a beast, a wild animal, a murderer, criminal, I’m a two faced liar, a cheat, a scoundrel, a disgusting vile creature. I’m what children have nightmares about, I’m the eyes that watch you from the bushes in the forest. I’m a blood thirsty killer, a mutt, a stupid dog….But I’m also a father, a lover, a king, and a leader. Men and women follow my every move, and head to my every call. I am the chosen one, I am the leader of the fucking pack, and with a raise of my hand or a snap from my jaws I can end your pathetic life…So don’t poke at the wolf…It may be the last thing you ever do.”

10 Reasons Why Bashful is OP

-Can teleport when he hides
-Can hide so well nobody can find him
-Can find anyone who is hiding from him
-Can camouflage perfectly so that he is practically invisible
-Can tame the savage beast
-Can ride on bulls easily
-Can have everyone, including those that live with him and know what he looks like wearing only a towel, not recognize him by showing his hair and wearing a cape even though his outfit is basically the same and the same amount of his face is revealed
- Can sing really well (now also outside of the shower)
-Can be absolutely adorable at all times