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Can you imagine a Dystopian YA novel where there is no pre-existing totalitarian government. Where there is no nuclear war that wiped everything out and the descendants are forced to live in a dangerous urban radiation filled landscape. Where there is no class system based government that separates people based on personality traits.  

Instead, imagine a novel that starts off with the world slowly descending into madness. Where governments across the world are collapsing and pure anarchy is running wild. Where there is no laws or structures at all, and its pretty much a free for all. 

And instead of a plucky main character who is the ultimate chosen one and is destined to overthrow the system, there is just a bunch of street kids. 

Street kids who grew up in this lawless world and witnessed countless atrocities. Street kids who are becoming fed up with this survival of the fittest bullshit and set off on a journey to change everything. 

Street kids, who everybody thought would amount to nothing, begin to plan and establish a new government.  A tougher, militarized government, one that restricts people because at this point people are acting more like feral savages. The street kids gain followers and establish their version of a proper society, one with laws and harsh punishment. The street kids mold their chaotic and violent world into a neater and ordered one. And throughout the years, the government seems to be working. And if people are protesting about their lack of rights, well hey what can you do about it? After all it is for the greater good. And the street kids rule with a iron fist, until years later a plucky brunette heroine dares to challenge them and leads a revolution that sends their hard work crashing down.  

And as they stand in the rubble of their established society, with nooses around their necks, and the shouts of relief and happiness from the people who are elated to see the brutal dictators executed for all their crimes against humanity. The street kids make eye contact with the elated heroine who is basking in the glow of the rebellion. And the street kids are no longer kids but adults who only wanted to make a better world. And they tell the heroine to enjoy the praise and the power for now because it won’t be too long before some one else comes along and destroys everything with one touch. 

Can you imagine a Dystopian YA novel that fully reveals the origins of a government and it’s founders.  

Zootopia / Ripper Street AU

Me and my GF are huge fans of the BBC/Amazon Victorian era police show ‘Ripper Street’ so while watching an episode the other night I started to imagine our favourite mammals as characters in Victorian London.

Nick Wilde as Captain Homer Jackson

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Chain smoking, hard drinking and undoubtedly charming Jackson is a former US Army surgeon and pinkerton agent who works as a mortician/muscle for Leman Street Police station. He is cloaked in mystery and the perfume of the many prostitutes of whitechapel but has his own code of justice and will never let evil prevail.

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Judy Hopps as ‘Long’ Susan Hart

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A Brothel Madame and information broker whom all the gangsters and coppers of London respect. God help you if you hurt any of her girls or owe her money as she rarely shows mercy. She believes in education the girls who work at her brothel and spends a lot of her money on helping the poor of whitechapel, She seems to have a secret past with Captain Jackson whom both share a love they kept hidden from all their friends.

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Jack Savage as Detective Bennet Drake

Drake is a former soldier who is deeply scarred from his time at wars across the British empire, he has more blood on his hands than most criminals. Drake is the sort of copper who lets his fists ask the questions but is merciful to the poor of Whitechapel. Underneath his tough guy exterior he is just a man who wants to be loved and he puts a lot of effort into wooing the beautiful Rose.

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Chief Bogo as Inspector Edmund Reed

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A highly educated and skilled police officer who is the head of Leman Street police station, he is never afraid to go out into the depths of Whitechapel to get to the bottom of a case. He is a haunted soul with the shadows of his two greatest failures always stalking him; losing his daughter and never catching Jack the Ripper.

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Skye Winter as Rose Erskine 

A prostitute who works at Long Susan’s brothel, she is whitechapel born and bred and has seen the horrors of what the London streets can do to a person. She dreams of leaving whitechapel behind and becoming a singer in a music hall, Rose has a soft spot for Drake but is afraid to fall in love.

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