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Rare Pair Swap: Kendra/Len fic

Fic: Live Long and Prosper (Ao3 link)
Fandom: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Kendra Saunders/Leonard Snart; background Mick Rory/Ray Palmer

Summary: Kendra wasn’t expecting Leonard Snart to be a sympathetic ear.

Or - and this is more surprising - a fandom nerd.

(she’s always had a bit of a thing for nerds…)

A/N: for @terrayoung for @dccwrarepairswap, for the prompt “Kendra/Leonard; they discover they’re the only ones on the Waverider that like something and bond over it”. I hope you enjoy it!


“Okay,” Snart says, walking into Kendra’s room with two cups and a thermos. “Let’s talk about it.”

Kendra blinks owlishly at him from where she’s sitting on the bed. “Uh,” she says. “I don’t really feel like drinking…”

Snart snags her one chair with a foot and yanks it forward, sitting down and totally ignoring her. He pours out the contents of the thermos, which are –

“Is that hot chocolate?”

“With mini marshmallows,” he confirms.

Kendra makes grabby-hands, even though she knows it’s childish. Mercifully, Snart doesn’t comment.

He hands her the cup.

“So let’s talk about it,” he says.

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Brave New World: John Savage [INFP]

Dominant Introverted Feeling (Fi): “But the tears are necessary. Or But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.” John, in the novel, is the character with the strongest morals. His strong moral compass makes it impossible to conform to the society. He also cannot fathom a world without feeling because he feels so deeply. 

Auxiliary Extroverted Intuition (Ne): “I wanted to know what it was like being crucified. Hanging there in the sun…” In the novel, John continues to try to find possible solutions to stop the immoral teachings and doings of the society. He tries to think of all possible ways to do the right thing. He also has a romantic imagination. 

Tertiary Introverted Sensing (Si): “My own experience has given me the conviction that, quite apart from any such terrors or imaginings, the religious sentiment tends to develop as we grow older." John has a strong sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the old and antique, contrary to others around him. He loves Shakespeare and comparing how much more beautiful life was during Shakespearean times than the modern times he lives in. 

Inferior Extroverted Thinking (Te): "I’m claiming the right to be unhappy.” It is important for John to continue to up hold his morals and beliefs objectively despite his feelings and he holds everyone to these standards. This leads to John’s vicious self-hatred and self-harm. John strives to shape himself through discipline.

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Hello, I was wondering if you could list all of the privileges that white people have today. I also have a friend who thinks that black people aren't oppressed. Thanks in advance!

No problem! 

Here we go:

1. White people are not hindered by stereotypes because they are not damaging. They are not presented in the media or thought by other people as criminals, inherently violent, inherently ‘unintelligent’ etc. White people can choose to represent themselves as individuals and be judged by their behaviour. There are no strong preconceived biases based on their race that will prevent them from being able to sell or buy goods, participate in the system, get a job etc. etc. 

2. White people get majority if not all of the representation in films, TV shows, on the 6 o′clock news, novels and in all sorts of media. And they also get to have complex narratives that do not solely revolve around stereotypes. Yet again, they are presented as individuals. 

3. Our society’s beauty standards are white and Eurocentric. White skin including tans, big eyes, European facial structures, straight/wavy/curly, fine hair, blue/green/light brown eyes, blonde or lighter hair colour etc. Most models we see for make-up and fashion. are white. There are more make-up products for fair skin than for darker skin. The default ‘nude’ colour has always been the nude according to white skin. 

4.  White people are trusted more than black people. No matter what a white person wears (and obviously if they do not act suspiciously) they can walk in a store and no one will assume they are stealing anything.

5. Most of the time they will be treated with respect by police and they face low threats of suffering at the hands of police brutality. Protests that have majority of white people are encountered by less police and less aggressive police force. 

6. There are actual papers out there attempting to suggest white people are more intelligent than black people. (I know disgusting)

7. White people don’t have racial slurs used as a form of violence against them

8. White history- The history you are taught in school is predominantly white people doing white things. Forget about Indigenous people and POC. Nope, they never existed until now. But white people certainly did! Getting credit for everything! /sarcasm

9. White cultures are the ‘norm’. Everything else is exotic. Non-white and European cultures are and have been described with words such as exotic, primitive and ‘savage’. There is a sense of ‘othering’. Most white people only understand their culture to be the default for life and existence itself. This delves deep into philosophy more than anything but it is something to be considered. 

10. When a white person ends up in the media for a crime they get to use pictures that present them in a good light and allude to innocence. If they commit an atrocious crime such as mass murder the media and people in general are quick to suggest ‘mental illness’.

11. Politically or religiously motivated attacks by white people do not usually get referred as terrorists attacks and are deemed to be a ‘mentally ill lone wolf’. 

12. White people can afford to ‘not see colour’ and devalue the experiences of POC by claiming that colour or race doesn’t matter- it is easy to say or hold this view because white people don’t face racial oppression so they get to ‘ignore’ the concept of race for their own conveniences.

This is a very general list, not the most eloquently written but I am trying to mix a concept and an example in a very summarised form and I could go on and on. I think you get my point where I am trying to imply how the way society is structured to benefit and fit around white people while being exclusionary to black people as well as POC . This is not an extensive list and just some notions of white privilege. 

People are welcome to add more to my post. 

Have a great day anon! xoxo

Okay so I went to see suicide squad again

My Harley Quinn headcanon is even bigger now. I’m 98% sure that Harley was pregnant with the jokers kid before she went to jail and had a miss carriage. I mean you can see the baby clothes in the background at the part when the joker is in his circle of weapons talking about getting Harley back and in her dream that she wanted she had twins. Also whenever someone talking about children I noticed Harley would get a bit savage. That would make sense for someone who just had a miscarriage. Then my friend swears she saw a ultrasound machine in the quick flashes at the first part of the movie when Harley was shocked. I know this may sound weird but I’m serious. I think she had a miscarriage or her and the joker were trying to get pregnant or something…

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jb is mean

strongly agree l agree l neutral l disagree l strongly disagree

hoooooooo boy hold me back its abt to go off lets go!!!!

jaebum was not supposed to lead 6 other members, jjp was just him and jinyoung and he was prepared for that. suddenly, he had 5 other members to look after, all younger than him apart from one which probably caused a bit of discomfort and awkwardness. he had to cement his leadership and position amongst the group, train and improve his own skills whilst also encouraging and looking after his other members (additionally!!! 3 members didn’t even fucking know Korean!!! so he had to somehow communicate w them as well!!!!). jackson called jaebum the best leader (which is completely fucking true by the way!!!!!) that’s a lot of burden on jaebum’s shoulders and he is constantly working to live up to that title

the boys look up to him so much and he has never been “too big” for them. take when yugyeom wanted to go with some trainees after practice and they all complained but jaebum told them off and let yugyeom come with them. do u know how much that meant to yugyeom???? he remembers it years later!!!!!!! and after yugyeom’s hidden camera prank, jaebum just kept hugging yugyeom and saying don’t cry bc he cares abt him and doesn’t like seeing him upset!!! and he took youngjae under his wing and roomed w him to look after him bc he was so new to everything and he has to be serious and responsibile for his members and got7′s reputation and yes he’s incredibly sarcastic and savage but its his sense of humour, he’s joking and the members know this, he’s strict when they’re practicing bc he knows they can do it, he believes in them and wants them to improve, he tells jackson and mark not to hurt themselves doing flips, he tells the vocal line to be careful of their throats, he cares. he loves them like his own family, would sacrifice anything for them, has sacrificed his health for them, has been severely injured bc he was working so hard for them, has had to sit at the side whilst his members performed at concerts, looking lost and not whole and crying their eyes out bc their leader isn’t there. he is the foundation; got7 is built upon the leader who supports and looks after his members.

lastly, I want to direct you to his letter to his members where he talks about his true feelings for them and you will see how caring and loving he is:

im jaebum is not mean. he is a fighter, he is a role model, he is a leader and he is a carer.

About Saezuru Ch. 25 (Spoilers)

Althought I’m VERY happy that Yashiro has had a taste of how a healthy relationship should be thanks to precious and caring Doumeki, I’m still scared of what is going to come. Is evident he didn’t overcome his trauma, but this is an important step.

Yashiro is (possibly) going to separate himself from Doumeki for a while because he’s afraid of losing him (as he has already said), and Yakuza world is a dangerous water well. Add the fact that he’s starting to remember and feel his past in a painful way when he’s with Doumeki and compares. Not joking, not a facade.
In Yashiro’s trembling and almost healed hand I see a metaphor of how Doumeki is changing him, and helping him overcome his past. Ofc, he’ll have to process all this, Doumeki does not do the entire job. It’s necessary that Yashiro comes to terms with his feelings and life, and healing takes time.

He thought the possibility of “firing” Doumeki before indeed, but now that he seems to have acknowledged that Doumeki is truly important to him (that final page of him looking so serious and tired at the same time says things to me), well: The more scared he is by now.

Plus he still considers himself not worthy of Doumeki’s affections, not worthy of anyone “pure”. He thinks he can not love anymore.

Yashiro is such a broken but strong character that I’m amazed myself of how well Queen Yoneda Kou is writing his trauma. How she, without any kind of dialogue shows us so many emotions, and over all: suffocating pain. Just a panel with a facial expression and an empty/white background.

She’s savage, in the best sense of the word. Thank you, sensei.

PD. Also, the translation is not entirely out, we might learn more things when we read it :3

Cheer up, Bonkamily! - Have a Tumblr Exclusive Fanfic:

“cutting myself on angel’s hair and baby’s breath”

|| AU: All human, high school/graduation, modern day, age adjustments ||

Summary: To Kai, summer nights are blazing up, pining after his best friend’s super-hot-and-way-outta-his-league (ex?) girlfriend, and doing his best to ignore the hollowed out ache in his chest. Kai-centric.

Word count: 12,776 (aka, long af)

Ships and Warnings: BK vs BJ vs KJ. Background SE and CT. TWs: Recreational drug use, cheating, gross sex talk, mentions of adult-minor relationships, mentions of suicide/character death (not a character active in the story). Depression and grief. Relationship testing.Teen angst and smut sound tracked by grunge/90s rock. Grunge trash Kai in general. Pining!Kai. Kai is both an amazing friend and a shitty friend, depending on how you look at it. Not as bad as the TWs make it seem. Deliberate, but relatively mild OOCness if that bothers you. No beta, expect mistakes.

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I was originally a Brian stan, but Jae's amazing vocals and savage sense of humor keep calling out to me. IM SO TORN :(


No but in all honesty, I feel you. But in the end, you don’t pick your bias, your bias picks you. Follow your heart, young blue bird ;))))) <3333

keep me company???

“…Magizoologist remain confused at the origins of the North American ‘Pukwudgie.’ Though resembling many members of the Homo Terrus family (which includes the Gigan, Troglodytae, Americanus, Himalayus, and, despite the protest of the International Collegium of Goblin Scholars, Cobalus families), the Pukwudgie exhibits a sort of magical power uncommon to other members of the species. Though far from purely malevolent, the Pukwudgie have a truly savage sense of humor and a set of social norms and conventions that have completely baffle Magianthropolgists. Friendly overtures to Puckwudgie individuals have been met with everything from scorn to outright violence for over three hundred years.

Those few Wizards and Witches that descend from Wampanoag tribe native to the North Eastern Region say that attempts to deal fairly with these mischievous denizens of the swamps and deep forests is an exercise in pointlessness. They claim that the Puckwudgie are, indeed, descended from the might Giants that once roamed North America, shaping the mountains and chasing the great mammoth herds that dwelled here. Unlike their European and Asian counterparts, these giants were largely a peaceful and benevolent race, and in the ancient days they were allies of the People of all Tribes. But as time went on, the Age of Great Things passed, and soon all the massive beasts that were once so common began to vanish. The fate of the great North American Giants differs depending on which tribe you talk to. Some say they went to sleep in land that had spawned them, becoming great hills and small mountains until the day would come when it was time for them to awake once more. [1] Other tribes are more practical in their assessment of the fate of the Giants, claiming they simply began to die out when their natural prey, the mammoths, began to go extinct and the world began to warm.

The Wampanoag Tribe, however, don’t believe that all the giants died or went into deep sleep. One giant, named Maushop, was a powerful sorcerer in his own right, and while he could do nothing to save himself, he could save his children. Maushop cast a powerful spell, which was meant to transfigure his children into smaller things, but Maushop miscalculated. His seven sons and seven daughters crumbled before his eyes, becoming 98 demonic Pukwudgie. Maushop, who had guided the tribes for centuries, told the Puckwudgie to live amongst the tribes, and look after them while they were gone. But in growing so small and breaking so thoroughly apart, the Puckwudgie had also become jealous and resentful. They hated that they had been made to change, they hated that they were now smaller than the humans, and they hated their father for making them that way. So the Puckwudgie became tricksters and demons, each a little crueler than the last. Eventually, a powerful witch named Squanit, who had learned much of her craft at the knee of Maushop, was forced to take steps, defeating the strongest of the Pukwudgie in combat and forcing them into sacred vows that they would no longer plague the Tribes.

This, the Native Wizards claim, was Squanit’s only folly, for while they were prevented from harming the tribes directly, the arrival of Europeans only stoked their savagery. They are still consumed with spite, and while much of their viciousness has been dulled over the centuries. their magical powers are still as sharp as ever. They can pass unseen, and create blinding mists, summon fire, and craft cunning illusions. Magizoologists working in the field in New England, and especially the Muggle state of Massachusetts are advised to avoid the little creatures whenever possible.”

-Magical Species of the American North East, by Hazel Goode, 2007.

[1] Some scholars of Native American History and Magical Practice claim that the famous Ghost Dance attempted in 1890 was a call to these slumbering Giants, as tribal sorcerers sought their aid in defeating further European encroachment. The violence with which this ceremony was put down and its participants dealt with by both Muggle and Wizarding authorities was supposedly a testament to the fear the magical community felt at the potential success at such a ritual…and some claim the MRD maintains the last remaining notes on how to complete the ritual somewhere in their Dark Files.