savage senses

Sun girl

The way you illuminated the room
With your striking vibrance annoyed me
The same way a beam of sunlight falling
On my sleepy eyes, through the blinds, did.
Because I was in love with darkness and
Silence for they promised permanence
While lights flickered with changing colours
And familiar voices faltered with uncertainty.
I thought you, too, with all your luminance
Would disappear like a shooting star,
Gone before hearing my many wishes,
But you were here till my very last word.
I never liked sunny sky and I didn’t like you
But that didn’t stop me fr
om loving you.

Hira // liking and loving aren’t same.

Rare Pair Swap: Kendra/Len fic

Fic: Live Long and Prosper (Ao3 link)
Fandom: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Kendra Saunders/Leonard Snart; background Mick Rory/Ray Palmer

Summary: Kendra wasn’t expecting Leonard Snart to be a sympathetic ear.

Or - and this is more surprising - a fandom nerd.

(she’s always had a bit of a thing for nerds…)

A/N: for @terrayoung for @dccwrarepairswap, for the prompt “Kendra/Leonard; they discover they’re the only ones on the Waverider that like something and bond over it”. I hope you enjoy it!


“Okay,” Snart says, walking into Kendra’s room with two cups and a thermos. “Let’s talk about it.”

Kendra blinks owlishly at him from where she’s sitting on the bed. “Uh,” she says. “I don’t really feel like drinking…”

Snart snags her one chair with a foot and yanks it forward, sitting down and totally ignoring her. He pours out the contents of the thermos, which are –

“Is that hot chocolate?”

“With mini marshmallows,” he confirms.

Kendra makes grabby-hands, even though she knows it’s childish. Mercifully, Snart doesn’t comment.

He hands her the cup.

“So let’s talk about it,” he says.

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Character Primer

Born: February 14, 1994
Nationality: Canadian
Drafted: First round, 2012 to CHI
Current Team: Seattle Schooners
Trade(s): 2013, CHI -> SEA
Stanley Cup(s): 2013 with the Chicago Blackhawks
Trivia: Wants to be a Canadian bad boy, is actually just a bad Canadian boy. Can and will stop game day practices to show everyone a really cute puppy video. Can’t be back on his bullshit because he never got off it.

Born: May 1, 1991
Nationality: Canadian
Drafted: Fifth round, 2009 to SEA
Current Team: Seattle Schooners (Captain)
Trade(s): N/A
Stanley Cup(s): N/A
Trivia: Nelly decided they were friends and he’s been along for the ride ever since. Thinks it’s kind of funny that Nelly accidentally named a dog after him, but if people could stop calling him “human Benji” that might be nice. Designs tattoos for fun.

Born: July 4, 1990
Nationality: American
Drafted: First round, 2009 to LVA
Current Team: Las Vegas Aces (Captain)
Trade(s): N/a
Stanley Cup(s): 2010, 2012 with the Las Vegas Aces
Trivia: Spends half the off-season in Seattle, probably drunk and naked on a yacht somewhere given the startling lack of photographic evidence. Has no less than three matching tattoos with Travis Nelson. Four, if you count the Stanley Cup, but that one was an accident.

Born:  March 10, 1997
Nationality: Swedish
Drafted: Second round, 2015 to SEA
Current Team: Seattle Schooners
Trade(s): N/a
Stanley Cup(s): N/a
Trivia: Called Nelly “Dad” on accident once and acted like it was on purpose. Too committed to the lie to back out now. Hobbies include: singing to Miley Cyrus and flirting with older men at barbeques.

Born: October 31, 1989
Nationality: Canadian
Drafted: Undrafted
Current Team: signed with SEA in 2011
Trade(s): N/a
Stanley Cup(s): N/a
Trivia: Halloween-themed tattoo enthusiast. Very large, hipster-bearded, savage sense of humor. Would’ve probably nicknamed himself Soup if he hadn’t been beaten to it. Calls Bob Zimmermann “Uncle Robert.”

ERIC “BITTY” BITTLE, Support Staff
Born: May 5, 1995
Nationality: American
Hired: Spring 2018
Current Team: Social Media Manager for the Seattle Schooners
Trade(s): Formerly of Providence, RI
Stanley Cup(s): N/a
Trivia: Once baked seven pies for a family skate in the hopes that Nelly’s mouth would be too full to embarrass himself. Has sworn off dating hockey players for good. Yes, that includes you, Travis. Really.

Yallllll omg I’m so tired of seeing fanfic and AU where Yoongi is written to be some cold, grumpy asshole who can’t make friends and likes to be alone all the time because he has no energy and only sleeps. Like, Min Yoongi does not have a mean bone in his body. He has literally said he can’t yell at people. Y'all mistake his bluntness and savage sense of humor for him being rude or cold or irritated. Seriously, Yoongi is such a sweet, energetic, playful guy. Please stop doing him dirty like this.

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jb is mean

strongly agree l agree l neutral l disagree l strongly disagree

hoooooooo boy hold me back its abt to go off lets go!!!!

jaebum was not supposed to lead 6 other members, jjp was just him and jinyoung and he was prepared for that. suddenly, he had 5 other members to look after, all younger than him apart from one which probably caused a bit of discomfort and awkwardness. he had to cement his leadership and position amongst the group, train and improve his own skills whilst also encouraging and looking after his other members (additionally!!! 3 members didn’t even fucking know Korean!!! so he had to somehow communicate w them as well!!!!). jackson called jaebum the best leader (which is completely fucking true by the way!!!!!) that’s a lot of burden on jaebum’s shoulders and he is constantly working to live up to that title

the boys look up to him so much and he has never been “too big” for them. take when yugyeom wanted to go with some trainees after practice and they all complained but jaebum told them off and let yugyeom come with them. do u know how much that meant to yugyeom???? he remembers it years later!!!!!!! and after yugyeom’s hidden camera prank, jaebum just kept hugging yugyeom and saying don’t cry bc he cares abt him and doesn’t like seeing him upset!!! and he took youngjae under his wing and roomed w him to look after him bc he was so new to everything and he has to be serious and responsibile for his members and got7′s reputation and yes he’s incredibly sarcastic and savage but its his sense of humour, he’s joking and the members know this, he’s strict when they’re practicing bc he knows they can do it, he believes in them and wants them to improve, he tells jackson and mark not to hurt themselves doing flips, he tells the vocal line to be careful of their throats, he cares. he loves them like his own family, would sacrifice anything for them, has sacrificed his health for them, has been severely injured bc he was working so hard for them, has had to sit at the side whilst his members performed at concerts, looking lost and not whole and crying their eyes out bc their leader isn’t there. he is the foundation; got7 is built upon the leader who supports and looks after his members.

lastly, I want to direct you to his letter to his members where he talks about his true feelings for them and you will see how caring and loving he is:

im jaebum is not mean. he is a fighter, he is a role model, he is a leader and he is a carer.

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Send me “Ö” and I will tell you what my muse finds most appealing about your muse’s appearance.

“Dominique La'fleur. I initially thought it preposterous to be attracted to a Savage in any sense.” Marius spoke with a subtle shake of his head, turning his attention away to hide the brief smirk that held the corner of his lips. “Her legs, that walk of confidence and determination with each step. She’s a Lancer, so I would have no doubt she could kill a man with her thighs if she so desired. Then again, I’m certain she has already.” - Marius Pyr Septim, the Garlean Knight

[Thanks for the ask: @neekaxiv - Sorry for the late response to the question!]

About Saezuru Ch. 25 (Spoilers)

Althought I’m VERY happy that Yashiro has had a taste of how a healthy relationship should be thanks to precious and caring Doumeki, I’m still scared of what is going to come. Is evident he didn’t overcome his trauma, but this is an important step.

Yashiro is (possibly) going to separate himself from Doumeki for a while because he’s afraid of losing him (as he has already said), and Yakuza world is a dangerous water well. Add the fact that he’s starting to remember and feel his past in a painful way when he’s with Doumeki and compares. Not joking, not a facade.
In Yashiro’s trembling and almost healed hand I see a metaphor of how Doumeki is changing him, and helping him overcome his past. Ofc, he’ll have to process all this, Doumeki does not do the entire job. It’s necessary that Yashiro comes to terms with his feelings and life, and healing takes time.

He thought the possibility of “firing” Doumeki before indeed, but now that he seems to have acknowledged that Doumeki is truly important to him (that final page of him looking so serious and tired at the same time says things to me), well: The more scared he is by now.

Plus he still considers himself not worthy of Doumeki’s affections, not worthy of anyone “pure”. He thinks he can not love anymore.

Yashiro is such a broken but strong character that I’m amazed myself of how well Queen Yoneda Kou is writing his trauma. How she, without any kind of dialogue shows us so many emotions, and over all: suffocating pain. Just a panel with a facial expression and an empty/white background.

She’s savage, in the best sense of the word. Thank you, sensei.

PD. Also, the translation is not entirely out, we might learn more things when we read it :3

Cheer up, Bonkamily! - Have a Tumblr Exclusive Fanfic:

“cutting myself on angel’s hair and baby’s breath”

|| AU: All human, high school/graduation, modern day, age adjustments ||

Summary: To Kai, summer nights are blazing up, pining after his best friend’s super-hot-and-way-outta-his-league (ex?) girlfriend, and doing his best to ignore the hollowed out ache in his chest. Kai-centric.

Word count: 12,776 (aka, long af)

Ships and Warnings: BK vs BJ vs KJ. Background SE and CT. TWs: Recreational drug use, cheating, gross sex talk, mentions of adult-minor relationships, mentions of suicide/character death (not a character active in the story). Depression and grief. Relationship testing.Teen angst and smut sound tracked by grunge/90s rock. Grunge trash Kai in general. Pining!Kai. Kai is both an amazing friend and a shitty friend, depending on how you look at it. Not as bad as the TWs make it seem. Deliberate, but relatively mild OOCness if that bothers you. No beta, expect mistakes.

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