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some more Rebel!Savage sketches! I actually remembered his robotic arm, its a miracle.

Essentially, thanks to some residual nightsister magic, Savage survives the fight with Sidious and goes on to join the rebellion after the clone wars. Eleven years after his revival, he meets Maul again.

A Good Catch

Henry Turner

Mild shock, fluff

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request: “Could you write a Henry fic where the reader is floating on a piece of driftwood and they pick her up but when she wakes up she’s a real badass and like accidently hits Henry and cute anf full of fluff and stuff”

Word count: 746

gif is not mine.

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These Savage Seas, Pt. 1

Pairing: Will Turner/Mermaid!Reader
Words: 713
Based on this imagine.

Imagine the kraken trying to get to you and protect you.

You grunted as you shook the bars that encased you in your prison. Iron, more solid and covered in grime than the dirtiest seas. You ventured they’d been forged at least twenty something years ago. It was no match against your weak arms.

You were so weak outside of the water - above the water. But of course they knew that. It was why they had hauled you out of the fishing net, twisted and tight, and then took one look at the tail that was replacing your lower half, and watched as it faded into human legs. The leering looks were ones you could have done without.

But the confinement, being unable to stretch your legs, or smell the freshness of the salt seas (instead smelling the stench of unbathed men that climbed between above deck to below the level you were staying in) made it unbearable.

And the ship rocked, causing you to hear men rushing to the deck.

Something was happening, something large and enough to rattle them. Something to make the seas rise and the canon-fire be useless.

Something no living man would escape on the seas.

Death itself.

The victory you felt tasted sweet and rich on your tongue as you stepped from the bars, sitting on the bench. Biding your time. These fools of men did not realize how much danger they had found themselves in in taking you captive. They did not even realize that their deaths would have been prevented if they had released you immediately.

But you knew that Will would not have given up looking for you, even if the Seven Seas ran dry and fire replaced the water.

It made you grin at a passing pirate as the ship gave a violent jerk.

It had come.

The Kraken

You heard men give hollers, canon-fire. And then the sound of men’s screams, so sweet to your ears that you wondered if she would give them a quick death. Or if she would let them suffer as you had in your days on dry surfaces.

The sound of wood cracking, the ship being torn apart board by board could be heard around you. And then you could see the tentacle of the Kraken curling around the bars that made up your window. As it yanked with the force of a thousand men, the entire side of the ship seemed to give way, exposing an exit for you.

Rising from your seat on the bench, you could see not just the bodies of men lost at sea in the water, but her. The one you swam with and loved more than most creatures of the sea. And just a few hundred meters in the distance, you could see her master. The Flying Dutchman’s tattered sails and the barnacled ship were the source of your rescue.

The reason the Kraken had been ordered to come and tear this ship apart until you were found.

A tentacle swept your feet out from under you, hauling you out into the morning sky as if you were one of the savage pirates. But as you dangled in mid-air, your heart in your throat and your eyes staring at the ship, as people were jumping aboard to be free of their deaths, or men were pulled into the air much like you were, their life squeezed from them or their bodies flung into the water.

“Let’s go home, girl,” you spoke softly, and the tentacle around your foot loosened, sending you plunging to the depths of the sea, where your tail was restored, and your lungs expanded with the salt water that tasted of the earliest memories you had.

Beneath the surface of the water, your sisters were gathered, mermaids from many different seas, just like you, luring men into the depths for themselves. For the captain of the Flying Dutchman to take on as crew members. For themselves, and their starving bellies.

And for yourself, for revenge of taking the one the captain of the Flying Dutchman had claimed as his own.

You turned towards the only ship you set foot on willingly, the only place you lost your tail and donned legs to stand besides its captain. The one place Will Turner could be for a decade on end.



So like, me and @mama-sally have made a hobby of making up AUs… Like a new one every day and then I draw some scribbles of em.

Here we have the Pirate!AU, where Judy joins Captain Savage’s motley crew of miscreants on a treasure hunt in the magical Devil’s Basin after Nick and Gideon fish her out of the ocean. 

Of course there’s also some stuff like Gideon and Nick’s childhood as slaves on a sugar plantation, and Judy needing to go by Jude to avoid the unsavory aspects of being the only woman on a ship full of men at sea.

Its all fun and games until someone (Gideon) loses an eye. Now we just gotta choose who gets the peg leg.

anonymous asked:

Do you take nsfw prompts? Can you make a nsfw fic where Richelieu has to spend one night with some foreign ambassador for political reasons? w/o Treville knowing. Thanks!

Congratulations, anon ! You made me produce a textbook example of “ficlet gone mad”, meant to be a 800 words thing, ending up at 3am with 4500 words and the salty feeling of lost control.

There you go then, a fat slice of porn with plot.Because yes, I take the porn prompts. 

This Man is an Island. 

(Also on AO3)

Because the 17th century is also the last days of piracy, and I always wanted Armand to meet a fierce, savage pirate once. 


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Black Sails Meme: [4/5] Quotes
↳ 2x09 - VXII.

I understand you hold in your possession ten pardons for whomever was to deliver you Captain James Flint. I wonder if I can’t do better, this is Eleanor Guthrie, the trade boss of Nassau, the woman who lorded over a savage pirate kingdom as if it were a plaything, and without whom it cannot function. Imagine, sir, how London would react to the arrival of the queen of thieves. Imagine the spectacle of her trial. Imagine the celebrity that’ll be heaped upon her captor.

anonymous asked:

Kid looking down at his sleeping GF, having contradicting feelings between his personality and love dove feelings for her c:

Kid is such a tsun-cutie and I fear for his life *sigh* You reckless baby. Just don’t die. Please at least just don’t die (´Д` ;)

Female pronouns because of specified request. What is plot. How do you write fluff. How do you write fluff and Kid in one sentence. This dork probably turned out so OOC, I’m so sorry (; ω  ; *)

He fixed the stray hair that seemed to be tickling you, touch unusually tender and careful to not wake you from your deep slumber.

It’s surprising how gentle he would behave whenever you were around and when the mood was right, in contrast to his brash and ruthless personality that made his name known throughout the world. Even you actually never saw this side of him, but he had decided he would rather swallow a metal pipe whole than showing this ‘weak’ side of him to you – or worse, in front of his crew. Well, maybe you had seen glances of it a few times, but he made sure that you thought it was your imagination by covering it up, mostly with trash-talking or swiftly changing the lovestruck silly grin into a lecherous smirk instead.

His hands itched to caress your face, but he knew you would wake up and caught him in the act. That would be embarrassing. He really didn’t want to wake you up right now, especially when he was still in the middle of enjoying the peaceful picture of your cute sleeping face. Not to mention he was sure he would act too out of character if you really did woke up now, because for some reason he was overwhelmed by this strange warm feeling in his chest today and he couldn’t keep the loopy grin off his lips.

No, no, he was supposed to be a badass, cruel, savage pirate who crucified his enemies! Not some… Lovesick idiot who would ogle and stare at his girlfriend’s face like a creep. Which is what he was doing right now.

He adjusted his position on the bed cautiously, fiery red eyes never leaving your form. Kid didn’t need anyone to know about how fixated he was with you. He hadn’t even believed it at first and when he finally accepted it, he realized he had fallen too deep. When you expressed that you felt the same, he was beyond ecstatic. You were something – no, someone, whom he loved, whom he would protect at all cost even if he had to put his life on the line.

You could be his biggest downfall someday yet he couldn’t find himself to care.