savage pirate

some more Rebel!Savage sketches! I actually remembered his robotic arm, its a miracle.

Essentially, thanks to some residual nightsister magic, Savage survives the fight with Sidious and goes on to join the rebellion after the clone wars. Eleven years after his revival, he meets Maul again.


So like, me and @mama-sally have made a hobby of making up AUs… Like a new one every day and then I draw some scribbles of em.

Here we have the Pirate!AU, where Judy joins Captain Savage’s motley crew of miscreants on a treasure hunt in the magical Devil’s Basin after Nick and Gideon fish her out of the ocean. 

Of course there’s also some stuff like Gideon and Nick’s childhood as slaves on a sugar plantation, and Judy needing to go by Jude to avoid the unsavory aspects of being the only woman on a ship full of men at sea.

Its all fun and games until someone (Gideon) loses an eye. Now we just gotta choose who gets the peg leg.


Black Sails Meme: [4/5] Quotes
↳ 2x09 - VXII.

I understand you hold in your possession ten pardons for whomever was to deliver you Captain James Flint. I wonder if I can’t do better, this is Eleanor Guthrie, the trade boss of Nassau, the woman who lorded over a savage pirate kingdom as if it were a plaything, and without whom it cannot function. Imagine, sir, how London would react to the arrival of the queen of thieves. Imagine the spectacle of her trial. Imagine the celebrity that’ll be heaped upon her captor.