savage bras

20 days ootd, day 1: sim’s general aesthetic

ok so, i’m doing this!!! these two are the Delarosa sisters, Madeline on the left and Valerie on the right. who’s older, we don’t know (probably madeline tho), but they’re gonna be doing this challenge. i don’t really know where i’m going with this, but i’m excited. i’ll try to genuinely post every day, but my laptop broke a month ago and i can only play on my bro’s computer (bless) when he’s at school.

madeline: hair @soft-almond / sweater @jordutch / jeans @rusty / loafers @citrontart

valerie: piercings @blogsimplesimmer / jacket @savage-sims / bra  @soaringsparrows / pants (flare pants) @spectacledchic / sneakers @theslyd